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Artemis Browning

Artemis Browning, Active Character

Artemis Liane Browning
Yeah with every broken bone I swear I lived
The Taker
AKA: Artie
Birthdate: July 17, 1977
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Place of Birth: Ottawa, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Current Residence: Chicago, Illinois

School Attended: Royal Canadian Academy of Magic, class of 1995
Certifications: Charms Adept, Flying Adept
Financial Position: Upper Class
Languages Spoken: English, French

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown, long
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Traits: A few good scars

Father: Jason Browning, b. 1953 (Politician)
Mother: Cecilia Porter, b. 1952 (WES Archaeologist)

Older Sister: Hestia Browning (d. 2002)
Twin Brother: Apollo Browning
Younger Sister: Demeter Browning

Species: Human
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Father's Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Mother's Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Wand: 9” Holly, Wampus Cat Hair
Patronus: Lynx

+ Warm, Creative, Confident
- Reckless, Stubborn, Impulsive
Zodiac: Cancer
Celtic Tree: The Ruler
Temperament: Choleric
Enneagram: The Enthusiast
Boggart: Apollo dead
Loyalties: Apollo, her family
Interests: Music, Adrenaline stunts
Talents: Flying, Singing, Dancing
Notable Possessions: Her broom

Happiest Memory: Winning her first trophy
Worst Memory: Hestia’s death
Accomplishments: Becoming a well known stunt flyer
Important Life Events: WIP

Era Information
Reformation: Racer, Broom Racers Circuit

Template Credit: Tee
Character PB: Camilla Luddington
Lyrics Credit: I Lived - OneRepublic

Played By: TyrellRose
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Re: Artemis Browning

Artemis Browning, Active Character

Business Tracking
I'm looking for Artemis to start a broom making business!

Thread Tracking
In Progress
  • Nimbus Extravaganza - Artemis tries to sneak in some market research while attending a Nimbus press event

  1. I've Got a Crazy Idea- Artemis shares her idea to create a business with her brother

Played By: TyrellRose