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 #21  by Arkady Vasiliev
Name: Arkady Nikolayevich Vasiliev
DOB: February 2 1895
Character Type: Wizard and Werewolf
Era: Expedition Era
Birth Place: St Petersburg, Russia
Current Location: New York City, USA
Workplace: Menial textile factory worker at Adler Textiles

What is the concept for your character:
A used, betrayed, and defeated outcast still loyal to the former Royal Family. He avoids anyone with Russian ties for fear of his life, lying low in the poor parts of town when once he was used to fine living.

Character Appearance:
His face is sallow-faced and gaunt, full moon or no. Tall and muscular, bygone habits still gives him the posture and stride of a military officer, though his head now always hangs low, shadowed by his second-hand cap. He has a strong nose, with brilliant blue eyes and dark hair tightly curled. On a healthier face these features may have been quite handsome, but no longer. Long ugly scars snake up his back, and deep claw marks rake along his shoulders, chest, and face. No amount of magic can hide them, and so he hides himself with heavy clothes and dark shadows.

Where can we find your character when their story first begins:
Arkady moves from low-paying job to low paying job, from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. As soon as he finds people from his homeland, or as soon as rumours of his transformations appear, he drops everything and leaves. Thank God on High that New York City is so large. He has recently purchased a used balalaika, and plays it on the street corner for a handful of cents to go towards his next supper. An icon, incense for a small shrine, and a framed miniature of the Royal Family, and a larger framed photograph of his own are his few prized possessions. The miniature hangs in an old locket around his neck, and the photograph of his family remains in his rucksack, carried wherever he goes. He trusts nobody but the most ignorant of Americans. He has only recently managed go gain employment a the local textile factory, and only recently found shared lodgings in a dingy part of the city.

What was life like for your character one year before their primary era?
Arkady was bitten in 1918, the year when everything fell apart. His family was still reeling at the deaths of the Royal Family when they stormed his family’s dacha. He watched his father fall, and his elder brother. His sisters and mother were dragged off, whether alive or dead he still doesn’t know. They could see he was young and fit with military training, and demanded that he fight for the traitors. When he refused, he had never felt such pain. When he awoke in the forest, devoid of clothing, and with no memory of what had happened (or what he had done), he could only cry. He cried for himself, for his family, and for his people. He found relatives, and joined the White Army. When his condition was made known, the Army used it to their advantage, assigning him a high position in the Army’s new werewolf division. They were glorified beasts. They were trained as beasts, made to fight like beasts (their wands were snapped so that brute force was their only weapon), and whipped as beasts. When the White Army fell, and St Petersburg dominated by the Reds, Arkady fled to America. From there, he vowed never to be used by anyone again.

A year ago Arkady had just arrived in New York City with nothing more than the clothes on his back and a rucksack on his shoulder. He knew only some English, had little money, and no knowledge of the city in which he had arrived. Being a werewolf in a large city was even more difficult to manage, and to hide. Even now he struggles to find a safe place to transform.

Who is someone from your characters past who influenced who they are today?
His father, who taught him to always push through adversity, and the Royal Family, who gave his world order.

Strongest and weakest traits:
Strongest traits: Unswerving loyalty to his family and to his people. Strength of arm and will, and the ability to survive tragedy and move on and on. Weakest traits are undiagnosed PTSD (Arkady has no words for what it does to him), the tendency to give in to despair when he recalls the high class life that he lost in Russia.

What is something your character wants but does not have?
Sanctuary. Freedom from his curse.

Current short term and long term goals:
Survive in a foreign country. Obtain a better grasp of the language. Eventually start a new life in safety and peace.

What is your character doing now to work toward their goals?
Exactly that. Work. Work to make ends meet, work to save money, work to find freedom.