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 #33245  by Arthur Villiers

i laugh alone like nothing's wrong
four days has never felt so long
if three's a crowd and two was us
one slipped away
Name Arthur Theodore Leo Villiers
Birthplace Surrey, England
Residence Surrey, England
DoB 23rd January, 1985

Bloodline Half-Blood
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian English
Species Wizard
Marital Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual

FC Lennart Richter

Patronus European Pine Marten
Wand 13 Rowan, phoenix feather, springy
Amortentia bubblegum strips, rose shampoo, strawberry shortbread

Occupation Stock Clerk
Education Hogwarts Slytherin '03
Career Undetermined

Notable Relationships
Oliver Theodore James Villiers, Sr, father
Alice Violet Eloise Villiers nee Calvert, mother
Oliver Henry James Villiers, Jr, older brother
Tamsin Vera Henriette Villiers, older sister
Margot Charlotte Alice Villiers, older sister
Eliza Amelia Lucy Villiers, younger sister
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