A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #35126  by Vyreia
Charlie had to think for a moment; it felt like the longest moment he'd ever experienced based on the sheer amount of options and opportunities he had to explore in his mind. Was this even the correct form or action, or was this just something to do in lieu of doing anything useful? It was something - anything. Just to say he'd made some general action toward the final result. Although, if it was a negative consequence, was it worth it doing an action at all? He genuinely considered attempting to leave her again, to explain to her that she would not make it, even if he wasn't positive about that.

But he didn't marry her for that. He'd always been selfish, and based on his previous actions in the night, it was very clear he had not changed much. He bit his lip, looking up at the ceiling, as though calling upon some higher power to try and save his damned soul. Of course, Charlie was not even a religious man, but desperation had a synthetically seductive tone.

"It's been a long life..." He mused, particularly morbid in his tone. Perhaps he was being punished for all his misdeeds, and maybe, just this once, he should consider what Natalie wanted despite the screaming urge to defy her wishes and attempt to escape. If she was going to die, then why not in comfort? "Let's get you upstairs." He finally said, and then began to help ease her up the staircase with a grim expression on his face.