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Vyreia, Active Player

Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
Kyle glanced to the side briefly. Just how much information could he give away with this? Maybe just saying a bookshop would be okay; who cared if it was magical or not? He didn't need to specify...not that this man would need it specifying at all but still.

"Yeah, I'm a sales clerk, but I like it. It's good fun. I like seeing all the new book available." He smiled. "As for what I like to write? I like romantic histories...period dramas, that sort of thing. Do you have any hobbies? anything fun?"
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Peyton, Vaultkeeper

Gap Guy/Jeremiah • Muggle • 18
"what they don't know, they shouldn't know"
Thinking for a moment, Jeremiah shrugged. His hobbies included drinking coffee, watching tv, putting together outfits, and playing at the beach. Maybe he could go with that last one and not sound like an idiot.

"I really love the beach. Something about the salty air and the breeze and how cool the sand is on your feet when you go out in the morning before the sun really can warm it up a lot. I also love coffee. It's almost a weakness, really. I think writing is a way cooler hobby than looking at scenery though. It takes talent."