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[Godrics Hollow] Mama McGonagall

Lilly, Active Player

The sound of a baby crying roused the father from his uneasy slumber. He cracked one eye open, followed by the other, and blindly felt around the nightstand for his glasses. Sleep had been difficult to come by the past few weeks for the young parents. Their baby, normally a well behaved and quiet child at night, was teething and putting anything into his mouth that he could possibly manage.

“Sleep,” murmured James, placing a loving kiss to his wife’s freckled cheek. “You got him last night. It’s my turn.”

Forcing himself to leave the comfort and warmth of his bed, James shoved his feet into his house slippers and shuffled his way across the hall. He stopped in the doorway of his son’s nursery. There, in all his naked glory was baby Harry standing with his mouth on the bars of the crib. James cracked a smile. Harry, however was still crying as he munched and crunched on the white wooden bars, fat tears streaming down his unhappy face.

“I’m pretty sure you were dressed when we put you to bed,” yawned James. He moved closer to the crib.

“Harry, what did you do with your-“ he happened to look up as he was yawning and spotted the dragon footie pajamas in question. They were hanging from the ceiling fan. “-pajamas.”

James blinked. “Well done, Son. Sirius would be proud. Though I don’t think your Mother would approve. I did the same thing last week and she still won’t let up on it.”

Harry gave a giggle, his face breaking into a momentary smile before the pain registered and reduced him to tears once more.

James reached down to pluck Harry from the crib. Harry, however, had other plans and refused to unhinge his jaw from the bars. The more James tried to pull the harder Harry bit down. “Harry...” father pleaded to son through gritted teeth,” let...go...please.” Harry did and father and son went tumbling to the floor. James fell on his back protecting Harry at all costs from the fall by holding him out with arms fully extended like they did during play time when they played the “Pretend Harry is a flying dragon “ or as Lily preferred to call it “Pretend Harry is an airplane.” It was Harry’s favorite game; secretly it was James’s favorite game too; secretly Lily knew.

James groaned as he recovered from up and off the floor. Harry giggled. “Enjoy that did you?” He felt tiny hands fiddle with the frame of his glasses and tried his best to ignore it as he searched for replacement pajamas for his naked child.

Hopefully they would stay on for longer than half an hour this time.

Suddenly, he felt tiny teeth bite down on his earlobe. “Ow!” James momentarily glared at the tiny culprit whose bottom lip was trembling violently.

“I know...I know...” he said sympathetically, “I’m trying, Harry.”

Five minutes later a frustrated father was trying to wiggle his thrashing son into a pair of snitch patterned footie pajamas. It took him twenty additional minutes of comforting Harry before he was able to make his way down to the kitchen.

Hopefully he could find something suitable to ease the baby marauder back to sleep. After searching through the entire kitchen, James was able to find a cold pack for Harry to chew on. Harry accepted it without hesitation and settled immediately into his father’s arms. Exhausted and grateful for a moment’s peace, James leaned back against the counter for support. He had dark circles under his tired eyes and his hair looked a mess even for his standards, but the undying love he had for his son reflected in his eyes as he gazed down at the teething one year old in his arms. Hazel eyes connected with emerald green as baby Harry laid his head down on his father’s chest and happily chewed away at the cold pack in relief.

“There, now everything is going to be okay, you see? I’ll always be here when you need me Harry.”
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Kay, Active Player

Minerva McGonagall half-blood witch, stern professor of inclusive values, friend of blood traitors prided herself of all the epithets she carried that would make the Death Eaters snicker with disgust. Not that it took much these days to imply that you had chosen a side. The mere fact that she had been a known friend of Albus Dumbledore had been enough.

A friend of Albus, but not a member of the Order, the professor had been recruited by the Ministry to serve as a spy. She was doing her part, whatever she could to help. In the form of a tabby cat she hid in the darkest of corners, sneaking through the smallest cracks to spy on the most dangerous of souls, those driven by powerlust. She would then relay the information observed to Aurors.

Most nights were long and tiresome, far from the stories told in novels. She never allowed the dullness to affect her. Always alert, never missing a single moment she sat on a the high ceiling beam of a broken down stable. Whispers of a name seized her heart and muscles. Before the hooded figure’s sentence was over she had started running along the beam towards the nearest escape.

Disregarding her orders to report back to the ministry, Minerva apparated along the empty streets of Godric’s Hollow. Turning back into her cat form as soon as she could, she ran towards the small cottage that belonged to her former students. Cautiously she approached the home as she made sure no undesired presence could be detected. She jumped on a window sill and peered inside the kitchen. Relieved to see James, she meowed and used her paw to tap on the window offering the innocent sight of a family pet wanting to be welcomed inside.
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Lilly, Active Player

Without looking up or removing his eyes from Harry, James shuffled his way over to the window. He opened it with one hand and without hesitation. It was not an uncommon occurrence at the Potter house for a cat to be crying at the window for they owned a very large, very intelligent, smushed face ginger cat.

Up until Harry’s first birthday when he nearly killed the family pet with his toy racing broom the cat had strictly lived indoors. The little demon kneezle beast loved Lilly, hated James, and tolerated baby Harry, thus earning the name Crookshanks from James.

James waited until the cat was inside before he closed the window. It was only then that he looked up. “You’re not ours...” Dark brows furrowed in confusion. He stared at the tabby cat with a calculating gaze. It took him all of three seconds to realize who it was. His eyes nearly budged out of his head in shock. “Professor??”

You never forgot your first professor turned cat....especially when you run up to give it pettings and cuddles on first day of your first year in Hogwarts.

Oh the memories....

“What are you doing here? How did you find us?” asked James, looking and sounding alarmed as his one year old restlessly squirmed in his arms.
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Kay, Active Player

As soon as he registered who she was she turned back into her human form. There was no time to explain how she had found them. How she had taken it upon herself to keep an eye on his friend Peter. The most cowardly of her lions. The one she had gone to whenever she didn't have the time to taunt the information out of his three compatriots. She hadn't known until tonight that Peter had been their Secret Keeper, not until the very moment when he had revealed their location to a silent hooded figure who had instilled dread and fear around him.He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

"Peter told Him." She spoke just above a whisper as if not to scare the oblivious child. "He's coming."
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Lilly, Active Player

McGonagall’s words struck James like an ice pick to the heart. The world around him stopped moving and fear and silence crept its way in. His face fell very white. He opened his mouth to speak, to ask her how she knew, but the distinct sound of the front door lock sliding open made him abandon any and all thoughts but one.

“He’s already here,” said James as he forcefully shoved his son into his old Transfiguration Professor’s arms.

“Take Harry. Go!” His wife was sleeping upstairs and there wasn’t enough time for James to save both mother and son. The chances they’d all make it out alive were slim to none. “We’ll meet you at the Order’s safe house!” He lied “I’m not leaving Lily behind. Go, Minerva” James pleaded. “If anyone can keep Harry safe...it’s you...Just like you did for me all these years.”
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Kay, Active Player

Big green eyes, stared up at her as the child chewed on his sleeve. She knew those eyes. She had grown accustomed to them looking at her, almost scrutinizing her every movement as if absorbing everything she taught and then more. Already putting up a fight against a world that seemed determined to cart him around, the little boy wiggled in her arms.

"As soon as I make sure she's awake." She would then flee with the child. She would do as James had asked. She would go against her nature and leave rather than fight, because she had been given the mission of saving their child. James and Lily's son. She would do it, but not without making sure Lily was awake.

But she didn't even reach the stairs.



She was a mum now and while her husband and graciously allowed her to remain in bed, a mum never quite managed to sleep soundly. It took her a bit, at first she thought it was a dream. An nostalgic one too, one she used to have as a student, a dream during which Minerva McGonagall came to the dormitory to wake her in the middle of the night to chastise her about an subpar transfiguration essay. Except something was off. The professor wasn't screaming, she was whispering which made the dream all the more frightening.

Her eyes shot open, she sat squarely in the middle of the bed. A dreadful sense of loss unexplainably washed over her soul. She had to go downstairs.

She darted down the stairs, barely registering the cold ground against her bare feet. Minerva McGonagall was the first person she saw, it seemed as though the professor had been heading her way while carrying her son. "James?" Her husband's name was all she could muster when she stepped inside their kitchen.
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Lilly, Active Player

“Professor, you have to go. Now!”

The panicked expression on his youthful face betrayed the brave and authoritative tone in his voice. Never before in his twenty one years of life had he felt such fear.

Lily’s sudden appearance in the kitchen made James jump. “Lily!” He wasn’t entire sure who was shaking when he took her hands into his; perhaps it was both of them. “Peter betrayed us.” James gently squeezed Lily’s hands as he looked into the eyes of his young beautiful wife. “He’s found us.”

“You and Minerva take, Harry. I’ll hold him off so you three can get a head start.” James pressed a closed mouth kiss to Lily’s lips in the same loving fashion he expressed on their wedding day. He felt a lump rise in his throat, a heavy pressure in his chest as he knew without a doubt that this would the last kiss he’d ever get to share with her. James broke the kiss already feeling the sharp scissors of fate drawing near, ready to cut the invisible thread of life, his life, that would remove him from this place, from his family.

“Go. I’ll be right behind you,” he said with a smile, his boyish charm shining through the obvious lie. “I love you, Lily Potter.”

“Well isn’t this touching?” Hissed a cold voice belonging to a tall cloaked figure standing in the livingroom as he peered into the kitchen where they stood embracing.

James took immediate action in shoving Lily behind him and taking a protective stance in the doorframe between the living room and kitchen. When he saw the long boney fingers of his attacker withdraw a wand from the long sleeve of his robe James knew it this was it.

“You should have taken my offer young Potter. I was gracious enough to extend it three times. Tsk tsk. So unappreciative. Severus was not wrong about you.”

“You still would have tried to kill Harry,” said James venomously.

Voldemort chuckled darkly, amused by the young man’s attempt to buy time. It made no difference...the result would be the same in the end. “Ah, yes, but you would have lived.”

“Go to hell,” growled James.

A wickedly nasty smile slithered its way into Voldemort’s face. “Any last words ,Potter?”

“I hope your nose falls off.”

Voldemort’s lips curled upward. He raised his wand. “Avada Kedavra!”

James didn’t look away from the oncoming spell, the flash of green light being delivered to him by death’s lending hand, striking him directly in the chest at the same exact moment when the light diminished from his hazel eyes. Precious memories flashed before him like a flip book picture show.

And then....there was nothing.

What felt like a minute for James was only a spilt second for the rest. His body collapsed to the floor, the lenses of his glasses shattering from impact. His eyes once full of mischief and love were staring lifelessly ahead.

James Potter was dead.
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Kay, Active Player


They had been betrayed, she knew it as soon as she saw her husband's face and stupidly courageous James Potter seemed intent on sending her away and fend off their tormentor on his own. They had thrice defied Voldemort already, they had managed that together and James should have known better than try to send her away.

He leaned towards her, his lips pressed against hers. It was a kiss like many others they had shared. She even put her hand on his chest like she usually did, resting it just above his heart. She felt it thump against her palm, an obstinate beat reminding them that they needed to fight.

"I love you and I'm not leaving you." Lily told him unwaveringly. She turned towards Minerva, who held their son protectively. "Go!" She ordered their old professor as she took a little foot and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I love you, Harry." She whispered before she turned towards the intruder.

She stood tall behind James, making sure she was blocking Harry from view. Why wasn't Minerva leaving?

Severus. Another betrayal. One she felt guilty for. He had been her friend and in many ways she had abandoned him. Like she had abandoned Petunia, but she had learned. Never would she abandon those she loved. James had taught her that.

The green light hit James right in the chest. She didn't yell she didn't cry. Despite the immense pain she felt as the best half of her fell to the ground, she remained rooted to the floor; a solid shield standing tall in front of her son. Never would she abandon him.

"Shame." Voldemort observed as he looked at the body that laid at his feet. "But blood traitors have to learn don't they?" He asked Lily as if proudly sharing a thesis.

He snickered as he studied her, clearly taking pleasure in taking his time. "And now for the last obstacle before the pièce de résistance. Any last words?" He offered his wand already aimed at her.

Lily looked into his cold, dead eyes. "One day our son will defeat you." She promised before the green light hit her. Never did she waver, never did she let go. The love she had felt for and from James and Harry, true unconditional love, it seemed that even when everything turned black the love remained.



They had begged her to leave and she was still there looking at their lifeless bodies. When Voldemort's eyes fell on her she knew she wouldn't get the decency of a conversation. Right away his wand was on Harry.

The green light came as the room started swirling. Even in shock, even in grief her unwavering mind brought her exactly where she wanted without splinching she or the little boy she held closely against her chest. The green light had hit him. She had apparated too late. She had failed them.

Clutching baby Harry against he chest, she felt her knees hit the ground, a silent sob escaping her mouth. Kneeling in front of Sirius Black's home, she remained paralyzed.
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Lilly, Active Player

Bright emerald eyes widened in uncertainty with all of the commotion taking place. He had no earthly idea what his parents were saying or why this strange lady, who smelled of delicious ginger biscuits, was holding him, only by the tone in their voices could he tell that something wasn't right. He was quiet, distracted from his teething troubles, and still in the biscuit lady's arms as he watched on. Harry's tiny hands opened and closed as he reached out to his mother. She grabbed his foot. It made him giggle as he looked up at her with a smile.

That smile vanished when a scary voice spoke. He couldn't see the person it belonged to but he could hear quite clearly.

Daddy sounded upset with this stranger.

A terrible green light flashed from the living room and Daddy fell to the floor in the kitchen doorway. Harry's bottom lip trembled. He didn't like this game. He didn't like this game that Daddy was playing. He wanted Daddy to get up and retrieve him from the biscuit lady's arms. He wanted cuddles and reassurance that everything was okay.

But Daddy didn't get up...

Harry's tiny hands opened and closed as he reached out to his mother. "...momma."

She wasn't turning around. She wasn't reaching back out to him. Her voice sounded firm and sure, like it had when she was protected him from the scary imaginary monster hiding under his crib.

Is that what she was doing now? Protecting him from a scary monster? The voice certainly sounded like it was coming from a scary monster.

The monster was dressed in black, Harry could see now. The monster was raising a stick, like the ones Harry found himself playing with in the backyard, like the one Daddy had that Mommy yelled at him for playing with.

Another flash of green light and Mommy fell to the floor with Daddy.

Baby Harry squirmed violently in the biscuit lady's arms. He wanted Mommy. He wanted Daddy. He wanted to cry but the inner anguish refused to bubble up to the surface.
And now the monster was coming towards him... the same flash of green light that took Mommy and Daddy away.

Harry felt the biscuit lady pulled him closer, felt the green light as it made contact at the same very moment he was whisked away in a whirlwind of blurr and color until he saw nothing but darkness.

"You have beatutiful teeth" said the older wizard.

"Yeah?" asked the younger with a smirk as he flipped the hair out of his grey eyes.

"Yes. They remind me of a song"


Both men glanced up at the sudden sound of someone apparating just outside. They exchanged looks before the younger one rose from the table. "I'll check it out," he gruffed, earning the older wizard's nod of approval.

Sirius Black made his way to the front door with wand in hand, ready to use it at the first sign of threat. But all he found was Minvera on her knees clutching something very small to her chest.

"Professor?" As Sirius approached her he realized what it was she was clinging to. "Harry!"

He fell to his knees in front of his old transfiguration teacher. "What happened?! Minnie, please! Please tell me," He begged, his voice frantic, eyes watering at the sight of his Godson nearly lifeless in her arms. "No...No...NO!"

The angry cry startled the one year old into waking. Baby Harry let out a loud wail as big fat tears rolled down his face.

Sirius let out a breathless laugh, not in humor but relief, smiling as he allowed his own tears to fall. His godson was alive. Harry was alive. But the joy quickly fled.

If Harry was here with them....then that meant....

Sirius nervously wet his lips. " And James?....Lily?" he whispered, staring wide eyed at Minerva for reassurance that they too were alright.
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Kay, Active Player

Clutching the lifeless child against her chest, Minerva blinked repeatedly. Why was her vision so blurry? Had her glasses been damaged? Was thick fog surrounding her? It took the stern professor a few seconds to realize that tears were obstructing her square glasses. Unwilling to let the small child go she moved her head to the side in a vain attempt to wipe her tears on her shoulder.

Hearing her old student's voice was as much a reassurance as it was a brutal pull towards a tragic reality. "Peter betrayed them." Her voice was weak, nothing like the confident voice that usually filled her classroom. "They are dead." She had been too late, she hadn't saved them.

She looked down at the crying child. How was it possible? How had the boy survived a spell sent towards him by the most powerful dark wizard? Completely dumbfounded her shaky hand wiped the tears from the child's cheeks. "I'm sorry," she whispered. The words were for the orphan as much as they were for Sirius. Both had lost the two most important people in their lives and she was to blame for that.
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Lilly, Active Player

He was suddenly unable to breathe, unable to think, left with only a single course of action to keep him grounded to reality. Barely an adult himself, Sirius Black extended his arms out to McGonagall for her to hand over the wailing bundle of responsibility. "Give him to me," he said, his voice raw , "I'll look after Harry. I'm his Godfather."
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Kay, Active Player

Black was Harry's godfather, he was indeed the one Lily and James had trusted to raise their son in the heartbreaking event of their untimely death. While he mind knew Sirius was trying to respect his best friends' wishes, however, her broken heart could not find the strength to let go of the orphan. Black was a young vivacious and grieving Gryffindor who even on his calmest days was known to make impulsive and at times hazardous decision, her better judgment could not let her leave the child with him. Not yet.

The professor straightened up, looked at her former student as if he was still sitting in her classroom. Child clutched against her chest, she made no movement indicating that she was about to pass Harry to his godfather. "Wait," she ordered with a gentle strength that reminded her of the tone she usually heard from her colleague Professor Sprout. A tone Minerva had come to associate with a more maternal approach.

She knew she was asking a lot of him. Her fire tempered lions were not known for their patience, especially not when friends or family had been hurt, but they had to regroup. Make a plan as to what to do next concerning Peter and come up with the best option to keep Harry safe.