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Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★ Transfiguration Professor
She was reminded of a parody of marriage; a husband would bring flowers to the wife he had slighted. While she was not bringing flowers or attempting to mend an impaired marriage, she was carrying a gift that she hoped would aid her attempts to pacify her relationship with Amelia.

That morning, their interactions had been tenuous, to say the least. Minerva had left for Hogwarts hoping a few hours apart might allay the tension between them. As she had been sitting at her desk, catching up on correspondence, the dreadful weight in her stomach had made her realize that her wish would not be fulfilled.

Not inclined to change her position, Minerva was at a loss. How was she to proceed without compromising Amelia's safety? She had been staring out of a window, in the general direction of her cottage, thinking about the woman who resided in it, when Albus had found her.

The conversation that had ensued had been veiled in paraboles that she had yet to fully decipher, but he had managed to make her admit that she would have been as determined as Amelia to join the Order. To restrain her would likely exacerbate her conviction.

It is as a result of her conversation with Albus that Minerva brought home a small file.

As she walked into the cottage, Minerva pretended to be oblivious to the chilling residue of the previous night's confrontation. She sent her cloak towards the cupboard and approached her guest. "How is your back?" She inquired as if she had forgotten about the tension between them.
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Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Member of The Order of The Phoenix
Amelia spent most of her day pottering around Minerva's cottage and reading her book. Her back ached and at one point it burned so bad that she had taken off her shirt and laid on her designated bed with her front pressed into the mattress. She'd tried applying the ointment herself but had eventually given up when her shoulder had started to ache from the way she was stretching it. A numbing charm had worked for a little while, but it really only took the sting out of the burn and did nothing for the ache. The bones in her back seemed to be bruised all over and any movement caused her to hiss in pain so eventually she had no choice but to sleep.

She woke around three in the afternoon and had slipped into a loose sweater made out of french terry and made herself a sandwich since she had slept through lunch. It was another three hours later when Minerva walked through the front door, and after a trying her hardest to ignore the previous nights argument, everything seemed to come back in a wave of fury. How dear Minerva try and control what she did with her life. She wasn't her mother, she wasn't her wife, so the woman had no right. No right at all. This was Amelia's choice and like she had told Minerva, she needed this. She needed to something to keep herself busy otherwise she would go crazy because who knew how long she'd be cooped up in this cramped cottage with nothing to do. She would loose her mind. She would.

"Fine," She responded in a monotone voice. Amelia made to get up from where she sat perched on the couch, intending on spending the rest of the night in her room.
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Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★ Transfiguration Professor
Realizing Amelia had no intention of sweeping their disagreement under the proverbial rug, Minerva gathered her patience. "Amelia," she pleaded in a tone that was all too reminiscent of her well-fenced insecurities. Quick to wipe the moment of weakness from view, she cleared her throat. "I have something for you," she made sure to display the file of parchment she had been holding before she sat on the sofa her friend had just vacated.

Looking over her shoulder, she let it known that she was offering an olive branch.
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Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Member of The Order of The Phoenix
Stilling from where she stood at the end of the couch, Amelia stared longingly at the door that would take her down the hall to her bedroom. Away from this conversation, away from Minerva. Amelia recognized however the olive branch her friend was extending and she found herself unable to continue walking.

Sucking in a breath, she turned slowly, pulling self-consciously at the bottom of her sweater. It rubbed against her back and she winced but managed to hold in a gasp.

"What do you have?" She asked, willing to bite.

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Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★ Transfiguration Professor

"Sit, please." There was much to discuss before she addressed what was in the file.

Force of habit or a weak attempt at luring her friend, she flicked her wand and called upon a fresh kettle of tea.
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Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Member of The Order of The Phoenix
Sniffing, she reached a hand down and used the sofa arm to lower herself until she sat rigid on the cushion she had just vacated.

"I'm tired Minerva," She said in way of making the woman get on with whatever she had to show her.
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Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★ Transfiguration Professor

"Of course," she acquiesced.

Minerva had spent most of her night having an imaginary argument with the blonde and she had no doubt Amelia had spent a great deal of hers doing the same. Not to mention the discomfort and pain she must have felt. Needless to say, sleep had been scarce if existent.

"The file contains your first assignment from the Order. Albus said you would understand," she presented. Hand placed above the file that rested on her lap, she made sure it remained there. "But before you open it, I would like to tell you something." She paused. How was it that she could run towards armed Ministry Officials without hesitation, yet when the time came to discuss certainly things courage seemed to completely eluded her.

"You'll have to forgive me. I'm not quite certain how to express this," she silently cursed Albus for asserting that she should. "As I tried to express yesterday, the thought of you putting yourself at risk worries me."Lips pinched she contemplated her admission with disdain.
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Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Member of The Order of The Phoenix
Recognizing that Minerva was trying her hardest to express herself without angering either one of them, Amelia sat still and kept her mouth shut, even as her gaze flitted down to the file and remained there.

She understood Minerva's worries of course, especially considering what she just went through, surviving an assassination attack at the hand of Voldemort himself and all that, but she needed something! Something to pass the time because to the rest of the world, Amelia Bones had succumbed to her wounds four hours after escaping the attack and because of this, she had lost her job, her home, her life essentially and she just couldn't handle it, if Minerva took the only thing she had going for her away.

"It's only research gathering Minerva. I won't be out in the field like the rest of the order. I will remain here, in the safe confines of your home while doing what I can to bring that--that bas--wizard down!" She looked up from the file to stare imploringly at her friend. "I acknowledge you worry, but it is not needed. Truly."

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Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★ Transfiguration Professor

A dull ache started deep in the pit of her stomach. She took no pleasure in denying her friend, but that displeasure palled in comparison to the prospect of what was to come. While she appreciated Amelia's acknowledgment, she did not feel as though the blonde understood the extent of her statement.

Fingers crisping above the file she was guarding, Minerva gathered her House's notorious courage and looked into her friend's eyes. "Though it is tempting to let this moment pass, I can pretend no longer. My admission was not a mere expression of concern. The extent of my care for you pierces my soul. It is as hopeful as it is agonizing. I almost lost you and the burden of that has been with me ever since. I don't think I could survive you, Amelia." Her stiff hands twitched as she was tempted to reach out to the blonde.

Minerva had suffered more loss than one should toll yet her resilience had never faltered. Losing Amelia would be different, it would be as though she lost a part of herself. The part that contained the very purpose of her will to fight.
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Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Member of The Order of The Phoenix
Staring at Minerva, Amelia swallowed thickly as the butterflies in her stomach, the long forgotten butterflies began to flutter wildly. Minerva had been her best friend, her confidant for as long as she could remember. The day she had met the woman was still engraved in her mind, and whenever she felt particular low, she would pull up that memory and use it to brighten her day. Amelia had watched her friend fall in love, marry and then grieve. She had done her duty as a friend and comforted her the best she could all while pushing down the stirring in her chest. A stirring she had been denying since the beginning of their relationship. A stirring she hadn't been able to put a name to until later, much later.

Her love for Minerva went beyond friendship and that was...dangerous. So dangerous. Minerva was her friend, and she was having inappropriate thoughts and feelings, and that just wouldn't do.

This conversation, Minerva's words, however seemed to be dancing the very fine line Amelia had constructed all those years ago and the ex-Ravenclaw prepared herself to watch it all fall to ruins.

"I don't--Minerva..." She shook her head, "I don't understand. What are you saying?" If Minerva was saying what Amelia's mind was hoping she was saying, she would need the woman to tell her plainly, least she embarrass herself and make that leap on false pretenses.
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Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★ Transfiguration Professor

Lips pinched, the Scottish witch attempted to remain impassible. Short of using the word 'love', Minerva felt as though her declaration had been clear.

Her hand finally left the document it had been guarding. She placed it over Amelia's. "I am saying," a thick swallow hampered her tentative smile. "And please feel free to rebuke me, as this feels like complete insanity," she took one last pause, hoping Amelia might finally realize what she was attempting to say. "I am saying, you are my one true love, my one and only thought."

Relieved yet still so very nervous, she laughed. The laughter died away as the last rays of golden sunlight faded away, leaving the cottage in the dimmed glow of the red sunset.
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Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Member of The Order of The Phoenix

At a loss for words, Amelia could only stare at her friend as her brain did it's best to process her words. Minerva loved her. Minerva was in love with her and that was...that was impossible. After all these years, all these years of unrequited love, Amelia had thought she was alone and she had come to peace with that, had accepted that she would only be Minerva's friend.

For years she had been suppressing her feelings for the woman in front of her, and she had gotten quite good at it. Her heart still skipped a beat whenever the woman touched her, but she had gotten very good at hiding it all. Or so she thought.

"I--I--Minerva..." Mouth suddenly feeling very dry, she swallowed thickly, "You love me?" She asked, voice sounding rough even to her own ears.
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Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★ Transfiguration Professor

Yet again the greatest witch of their time requested clarifications. Her mistake suddenly became glaringly obvious. Albus and his foolish romanticism had convinced her to do something so very out of character and she would have to reap what she had sowed.

"I am sorry," the proud witch apologized as her eyes fell to her lap. "You are right," she relented, as she agreed with her friend; what she had done was incomprehensible, if not unforgivable. Amelia was her dearest friend and she had jeopardized it on an uncharacteristic romantic whim.

She presented Amelia with her coveted file. "Forget what I said," she pleaded. "You can focus on your assignment, I will prepare us something to eat," she evaded as she quickly got up from the sofa.
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Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Member of The Order of The Phoenix

"Wait!" Amelia blurted out, grabbing hold of Minerva's wrist with lightening speed, afraid that if she let the woman leave, this conversation would end here and that would be it. They would go about their life and never discuss this again, and Amelia didn't know if she could deal with that. For years she had convinced herself that the feelings she felt were one-sided but apparently she had been wrong. So very wrong.

Gazing dropping to the limp she currently held, she very carefully slid her hand down until she could thread her own fingers with Minerva's, "I'm sorry, I just..." She shook her head, unsure what she could say that would make Minerva understand. If Amelia admitted her love for her friend, her best friend, then losing her would only be harder. They had both suffered so much loss, and Amelia didn't know if she could survive losing Minerva, especially if things changed. If they...If they...

"Minerva," She tried again, lifting her head and waiting until the woman looked at her, "You don't know how long I wanted...how long I've been..." Amelia shook her head, feeling tears beginning to build in the corner of her eyes, "I just don't know what I'd do if I lost you, Minnie. And this--" She waved her free hand between the two of them, "This makes everything just so much more complicated and the loss...the loss would be much worse."

Amelia prayed that the woman understood what she was saying.
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Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★ Transfiguration Professor

As much as it comforted her to hear that her feelings were reciprocated, it pained her to realize what her friend had endured; years of silence during which Minerva had caused innumerable aches. Yet, never had Amelia failed to be supportive.

"Do not apologize," she admonished in a hush. It was Amelia who deserved an apology, but Minerva couldn't find words to repent. How was one supposed to acknowledge decades of unintended ill? Hopefully, she would someday be able to express her regrets.

"My gracious friend," a sad yet grateful smile accompanied her response. Ever so slowly, her hand moved to cup Amelia's cheek. "You are right," it pained her to admit. "There is already so much to lose, it would be foolish to put even more at risk." She swallowed thickly. "Though I will admit, I am not quite sure how I am expected to proceed now that I know." She looked at her friend expectantly.