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 #30755  by Kay
Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★Transfiguration Professor

The lengthy incantation was accompanied by intricate wand movements. Other than a small vibration from the tip of her wand, there were no other signs that the barrier surrounding her cottage had been breached. Following Amelia's tentative pace, the two women defied the deep dark night.

Given the strategy that he been chosen to protect Amelia, their movements had taken place under a veil of discretion. As far as the wizarding world was concerned Amelia was their latest fallen hero. Other than a few privileged Order member, their community was grieving the most powerful witch of their time.

Feeling the weight of her friend against her side, Minerva was currently holding the most powerful witch of their time up. A bundle of suitcases followed them along the short pathway leeding them inside. "We are almost there." She encouraged. "Home," she added feebly. This cottage had not felt like home in years. She did not believe it would feel like home ever again.
 #30791  by Alatariel
Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Amelia was ashamed to admit that it really hadn't taken much coaxing from Minerva to convince her to come stay at her home in Hogsmead and as soon as Amelia was well enough to leave hospital, Albus Dumbledore and Minerva whisked her out of there in the middle of the night.

They had bid the old wizard goodbye near the Forbidden forest and then Minerva and she had made her way to the woman's home under an Disillusionment Charm. When they got to the door, Amelia let her friend open it and then usher her in. She'd gotten feeling back in her legs the day after she'd had the muggle injection on her back and she had refused to have it done a second time. Amelia had allowed them to slather her back with potions and concoctions, wrapping it with bandages and covering her with numbing spells. Whatever Voldemort had done to her back wasn't going to be healed by magical means and only time would tell whether her back would heal.

"Thank you," She murmured when Minerva began to help her take off her jacket.
 #30794  by Kay
Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★Transfiguration Professor

Gently, she pulled the coat off Amelia's shoulders. Once the coat had been hung, she sent Amelia's suitcases into the small first floor room she would occupy.

The ambers in the chimney and the book left open on the tea table implied the cottage was inhabited but in reality, it had been unoccupied until the previous day. Minerva had spent the night pulling on the old dusty sheets she had laid on her furniture and dusting. The cottage she had left when she had become a widow, looked just as it did before her husband had passed.

Low ceiling, walls made of stone, quaint wooden furniture; a typical Scottish cottage if anyone were to describe one. Of course, there were also distinctive attributes. The bookshelves were stocked with an extensive collection of transfiguration publications. The two sofas before the fireplace were upholstered with a green tartan pattern, Minerva was known to appreciate. Very few pictures had been placed on the mantle. One of her and Elphinstone taken while they had been attending a Ministry function. One of she and her brothers, laughing while jumping from a haystack. One of her parents, standing still surrounded by faded edges.

"Let's eat a proper meal," she invited as she offered Amelia her arm.
 #30816  by Alatariel
Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Stomach rumbling at the mention of food, real food, Amelia nodded and leaned against Minerva as she lead them into the kitchen. Taking a seat at a small oval table, she managed to hold back a hiss as she back connected with the back of it. She leaned forward to prevent it from happening again, her front nearly draped over the surface of it, "The only good thing to eat at that place is the jelly, so I think I'll be happy if you gave me a frozen dinner honestly."
 #30854  by Kay
Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★Transfiguration Professor

While they did not see eye to eye on the quality of hospital jelly, Minerva did not dispute the matter.

While she did not often use culinary magic, the movements of her wand somehow felt familiar. She thought it might be due to the comforting nature of the meal she had chosen but as her eyes kept drifting to her guest, she realized it was Amelia's company that she found comforting. After worrying about her, being able to oversee her recovery felt appeasing. Or at least that is the reasoning Minerva imposed on the sentiment.

"Leek and tattie soup," she presented as a bowl settled gently before her friend.
 #30856  by Alatariel
Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
"Thank you," She murmured, reaching for the spoon and dipping it into the meal. Amelia blew on it before bringing it to her mouth and swallowing. Immediately Amelia felt as if she could eat a horse.

She moaned in hunger and spooned herself another bite, "Oh wow, this is lovely."
 #30858  by Kay
Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★Transfiguration Professor

"Thank you," she responded once she had swallowed her own spoonful. "My mother used to prepare it for us when we were under the weather." Malcolm still requested it from her at times, though she suspected it was merely an excuse to visit his older sister.

"Keep room for the main course," Minerva teased as she noted Amelia's expeditious pace.
 #30874  by Alatariel
Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Realizing how much she looked like a starved animal, Amelia slowed as a blush began to creep up from beneath the collar of her robe. It colored her cheeks and she cleared her throat as she began to feel the heat there.

"I don't--this is...this is fine, Minerva, really. I don't need more than this." She clinked her spoon against the ceramic bowl. A thought came to her as she did her best to prevent her friend from doing too much for her. Eventually she would need to bathe, and other than the numbing spell placed on her back, she wasn't allowed to use any other magic on it. Anything else made it worse or prevented it from healing naturally. The color in her cheeks intensified.

Swirling her spoon around in the soup, she swallowed thickly, "I was hoping however, to bathe before bed, and I may--" Amelia paused and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth in a self-conscious move, "I ahh, I may need some help." She refused to look up at her friend as she spoke.
 #30939  by Kay
Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★Transfiguration Professor

Lips pinched, the stern professor dismissed her friend's assessment. "Don't be ridiculous," she chastised gently before a bowl of fuming stew came to rest before the blonde. She was about to eat her last spoonful of soup when Amelia broached a different topic.

Despite having been warned by the nurses, Minerva did stiffen when Amelia mentioned needing assistance to bathe. "Of course," she responded despite her modesty being challenged.

Eyes darting towards her meal, Minerva focused on the fuming stew.
 #31005  by Alatariel
Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Finished with her soup, she reached for the bowl of stew, doing her best to avoid looking at her friend.

"Albus said he would call in tomorrow evening. We are to discuss my...disappearance." She frowned as she spoke, still not happy with what they had all decided on. The decision to hide her away from the wizarding world, from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named left a sour taste in her mouth. There would be an article released in the prophet tomorrow about her disappearance and then they would wait. Amelia would do what she could from Minerva's home in Hogsmead while working along side The Order of the Phoenix, a secret order only heard about from her brother, but had never been directly involved in. Though Amelia did have to wonder whether Albus was only allowing her to join because she was essentially jobless.
 #31022  by Kay
Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★Transfiguration Professor

Minerva's loyalty towards Albus had not faltered. When he had mentioned his intent to hide Amelia from the hostile world, Minerva had let out a breath of relief. Yet when Amelia had resisted, and he had presented her with the opportunity to work with the Order, the stern professor had not been able to hide her disapproval.

"You need to focus on your recovery," Minerva snapped in the same tone in which she presented her students with their homework. "I shall remind him of that," she promised, clearly advising against taking part the Order's matters.
 #31092  by Alatariel
Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Amelia looked at her friend as her back began to warm, the numbing charm applied a few hours ago was beginning to wear off.

"You don't approve of Albus inviting me to join the Order?" Stew forgotten, she placed her hands in her lap. Amelia needed this, even if she was too stubborn to admit it, but joining the Order would give her a semblance of norm and she needed that. Edgar had been a member and now it was her turn. Her honor. If she couldn't work, this would do.
 #31095  by Kay
Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★Transfiguration Professor

He Who Must Not Be Named had intended to kill her and though her heart was still beating it seemed he had managed to take her life from her. Her career, her liberty, her dignity, her independence, all of it gone. Minerva could see that the Order represented a single thread of hope and yet she couldn't let her friend take that risk. The beating heart in her friend's chest, while it did not seem to appease Amelia, was all that mattered to Minerva.

"You could have died," she accused as though she was addressing the culprit of Amelia's aggression. "Being in the Order, no matter how small your part may be, will put you at risk." Minerva shook her head. "I can't, I won't..." She clenched her fists as her fragmented explanation drowned in her inability to express the extent of her fears.
 #31187  by Alatariel
Amelia Bones ★ Witch ★ Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Sucking in a breath at Minerva's rather uncharacteristic emotional response, Amelia did her best to ignore the pain slowly spreading across her back. She wanted to comfort her friend, but she was also not willing to let her take the only thing she had left away from her.

"I know you believe my decision to be reckless, but it is my decision, Minerva and I want to help as much as I can. I can't-- I can't do my job while he...he-" Amelia swallowed thickly, the burning sensation on her back was beginning to intensify. "But I can do this. I need to do this." She looked at her friend, imploring her to understand. To accept.
 #31302  by Kay
Minerva McGonagall ★ Witch ★Transfiguration Professor

"It is imprudent, irresponsible and negligent," the professor reprimanded as her nails dug into her palms. Frustrated by her friend's tenacity, Minerva dug her heels. "You have to recognize that it is ill-advised."