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 #9592  by TyrellRose
Location: Madrid • Date: June 5, 2008
Time of Day: Midday • Weather: Bright and Sunny

Izzy Warren

Izzy groaned. Her fingers hurt from putting together the flower arrangements, but they needed to be done by the end of the day. Jaime had been very specific. Ever since she had opened her florist shop in Chicago, she had known that this day would come, the day she would be sitting in an apartment surrounded by flowers and floral foam and ribbons. She had just thought it would be one of her sisters ordering her around, not her brother's fiancé. She could handle her sisters. Jaime was a whole new breed.

Thankfully, she had enlisted the help of her sister in law to come help put the finishing touches on the arrangements. At least Isa knew her brother better and would be able to tell her if she was on target or way off.

Izzy sat back, admiring her handiwork, then glanced over at the door, expecting a knock any second. It wasn't that she wasn't happy for her brother or her future brother in law. In fact, she was over the moon, delighted that her brother had found someone to love. She just hated bridezillas, and a groomzilla was proving to be just as bad.
 #9632  by Fae
Isa Reyes

Isa always knew that her brother was going to... overbearing when he got married. All those years not being able to do much besides watching movies and reading books. Not to mention the limited choices he had for these activities. Isa remembered counting at least ten books involving a wedding on the shelf. Though, she never realized that he would become this much. She almost felt bad for his fiancé. And his sister, who had been hired as the florist.

She had been more than happy to take a break from her own wedding-related tasks to help Zeke's sister work on the flower arrangements. Even if she really had no idea what Jaime wanted anymore. She could at least try though, right?

When she finally reached the apartment, she knocked on the door and waited to be let in.
 #9685  by TyrellRose
Izzy stood up from the floor (she liked working on the floor, it was more comfortable for her) and made her way to the door when she heard the knock. It was a nice rental apartment, but she really missed her home back in America. It was a small price to pay, though, to see her brother get legally married.

"Hey, come in!" she exclaimed, holding the door open and standing to the side, beaming at Isa. "Welcome to flower heaven, or hell, whichever you believe more in." She gestured behind her at the piles of flowers strewn all over the living room floor. "I have vodka coolers in the fridge if you want, but first, please tell me Jaime told you more about what he wants in these arrangements. I feel like I've taken lilies out and put them back in more times than I can count."
 #10512  by Fae
As she entered Izzy's apartment, Isa looked around at all the flowers. "I'd say it's more of heaven, especially with all the floral scents. Though it is for the groom questionably from hell." She placed the backpack she had brought with her on the floor, then crouched down to dig into it. "I honestly don't even think J knows what he wants for this wedding, besides everything. I did, however, talk to him before I left to come over here." She pulled her sketch book out of the bag. "I had him tell me exactly what he wanted, and I drew it out. So, if he complains later, I can just show him this picture. I also wrote down the names of flowers that he gave me. He mentioned calla lilies a lot."
 #10731  by TyrellRose
Izzy burst out laughing. It seemed they shared the same sense of humour as well as a name. "Oh, you're too much," she choked out, crouching down to the floor again and taking the sketch book from the other girl. "Bless you. Bless you to the moon and back. I love you." Izzy leaned over and gave Isa a one-armed hug. "You're the best and I love you." She studied the sketch, then held it out to compare it with her work. "Seems like I'm not too far off. Calla lilies, though. I thought he said tiger lilies at some point, but callas make so much more sense!"

She stood up, walking over to a bucket filled with water and different bunches of flowers she had bought from the local market. After poring over it for a moment, she picked up a bunch of calla lilies and brought them over, sticking them into the test arrangement and moving some other pieces around. A few moments later, she scooted away from the arrangement and peered at it from different angles. "How does that look?" she asked, holding her hands up with both thumbs and index fingers sticking out to imitate a camera lens.
 #10891  by Fae
Isa leaned into the other girl's hug, before straightening herself back up to her crouched position, giggling at Izzy's reaction to the picture. She then watched her work. "To be fair, he probably did say tiger lilies at one point. He does have a soft spot for anything orange."

When the arrangement was finished, she stood back up to get a closer look at it, bringing her sketch with her. "That practically looks identical to my sketch," she said, amazed at how quickly the other girl had perfected the flowers. "I would be shocked if he protested to it."
 #10992  by TyrellRose
Izzy shrugged. "Well, lucky for him, he has the orange tulips. He should be happy," she said. Once Isa confirmed that the arrangement looked great, she beamed. "Awesome! Now he just has to approve it, and then I can make..." she checked her notes, "eighteen more."

She glanced over at her buckets of flowers in the corner. "I'm gonna need more callas, too. But first, I need a drink. Vodka cooler?" she offered again, standing up and walking over to the fridge.
 #11772  by Fae
Isa shook her head. "I think I might actually whack him if he does try to protest, not going to lie." She loved her brother, but he was going to make up his mind about everything soon, especially if he wanted his wedding to go smoothly.

"A drink would be lovely, thank you." She wandered back to her bag and pulled out a small container. "My mom made some of her famous churros for us to eat. I'm not sure how good they taste with vodka, but they certainly are delicious."
 #11777  by TyrellRose
Izzy reached into the fridge and pulled out two bottles, turning to Isa just as the other girl pulled out the churros. Her eyes widened. "Ooooh, churros!" she exclaimed, scurrying over to her sister-in-law and handing over one bottle. "I will gladly have one of those."

She reached in the container and took one, taking a giant bite. "Oh, god, these are amazing. My brother is marrying into the right family. Do me a favour and never tell Bekah and Callie about these, cuz I want the knowledge of these to be my secret." She winked at the girl, then opened her drink and took a sip. "Not bad, actually."
 #11826  by Fae
Isa happily took the bottle, popping it open and taking a drink as she watched Izzie try a churro. She grinned at the other's reaction. "I'll try and hide any that mom makes while they're here," she said, stifling a laugh. "We'll have to let them experience some of her baked good though." She then picked up a churro and took a bite, chasing it down with another drink. "Oh wow. I think I just found my new favourite snack combination."

"So, aside from the flowers, how has Spain been treating you?" She asked, taking a seat on a nearby chair and crossing her legs.
 #12122  by TyrellRose
Izzy laughed, taking another long drink. "Oh, fine. We'll let them try something, but not the churros," she conceded, walking over to the sofa and settling on it.

She glanced over at Isa, making herself comfortable. "It's been great. It's been weird, not really knowing the language, but French is close enough I guess. The food has been great, and the people are lovely," she said, setting her drink on the end table. "So really, no complaints."