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 #9412  by Arsene
Location: A side alley in Rimini, Italy • Date: Saturday, 8 June 2002
Time of Day: Night • Weather: Warm and breezy
Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

This thread contains posts or themes involving language that may be uncomfortable for some players or that may not be appropriate for all ages. If you would like to know more before reading, please PM the player who started the thread. If you feel that this thread's content exceeds what is appropriate or is otherwise offensive, please report it.

There were too many dark alleys in Italy. Too many places for rats and no-good people to hide in. Maybe that's why the country had such a huge problem with crime, both petty and organized. Michelle watched a cat stalk down the cobblestone street of the alley she and her father stood in, nestled between two unmarked buildings. Two street lamps dotted the end and the beginning of the alley, enough for her to see her father's faint outline, but that was all. Michelle exhaled smoke into the air as she leaned against the brick building near an entry way. Four stone steps descended into darkness before a visitor would happen upon a door.

"Those five old bloody codgers can blow me," Michelle hissed at her father as she tapped her ashes from her cigarette. "We already bring in two million galleons a month. If my contract goes through, that'll bring us up to three and a half. How dare they deny me a place in their stupid little circlejerk?"