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 #3760  by fizzing-whizbee
Luca was exhausted.

He did not return home until the last guest had said farewell, and until he had seen his mother off to the guest room at Vera's. She was still feeling after the loss of her husband, and had not wanted to go home alone. Which is what Luca was doing, more or less.

Going home alone.

The house was dark and quiet when he returned, and he first checked in on his daughter as she slept peacefully. His son was another story, however, and though he pretended to be asleep Luca could see the tell tale signs that he had been up reading instead. He in turn pretended to not notice and shut the door to make his way down the hall.

Now was the hard part.

Still the man of the house, still the father, still the husband, Luca had still felt like something was missing for the last two months. Like Christmas had been some production for the children, like every Sunday in church was a lie.

God forbade lies.

He also forgave them.

His heart hurt and he was exhausted, and though he wanted nothing more to go right to sleep in his own bed he instead lingered next to the guest room that had been Stefania's bedroom for weeks now, with its closed door that served as a physical barrier between them. A too-realistic metaphor for how things were going in his life.

The light was on.

Trying his luck, Luca knocked gently, hoping she would at least answer.