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 #30315  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
Ciceron lifted a brow, a smirk following as he studied her face.

"Ohh, could be a girl? Are you sure you're not just trying to avoid the question?" He teased, leaning forward a little. "What's wrong, Emmie? Too shy? Think I might laugh or judge you? It's only me, after all."
 #30343  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw

Emilia broke into a smile and leaned forward to press her palm to Ciceron's arm lightly as her jaw dropped a little. "Ciceron, I can't believe you'd suggest that," she said, feigning her horrified look a little longer before shaking her head.

"I'm not avoiding anything. If anyone's avoiding something, it's you with finishing reading my cards," she added, sitting back and folding her arms in her lap with a smirk.
 #30359  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
Ciceron smirked, ignoring the slight colour tinging his cheeks. He glanced away, his smile twisting up further before leaning far back in his chair casually. He allowed the moment to hang for a few more seconds, and then finally spoke up.

"Who are we kidding, Emmie? Need I even bother finishing? We already know what is bound to happen..." He spoke, pushing the deck of cards to the side and looking her in the eyes. "Or would you like me to show you anyway?"
 #30376  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw

Emilia's heart was racing as Ciceron pushed the cards to the side and turned the conversation into something so much more real. She honestly had been hoping that he would take the initiative, but now that she thought it was happening, she was a little more nervous. She needed some clarification. Maybe he was just talking about how he was going to predict that she would do well on her exams, and he was calling himself out ahead of time.

"Ronnie," she said, softly, clasping her hands in her lap and keeping her eyes on his. "What is bound to happen?" She already knew the answer that she wanted to hear, it was just a matter of what he actually meant.
 #30422  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
Ciceron regarded her for a moment, seeing the way she sat and seemed to stiffen slightly under his gaze. Was she playing hard to get? Acting coy? Or was she simply so clueless? Surely not...but even if she was; he had seen their future. He'd seen it in a dream. And now, he wanted it more than ever.

Slowly, he stood up from his seat across from her, making his away around the desk between them, and rounded in on her. He looked down at her a moment, admiring her poised nature. And then finally, leaned down, hands cupping her jaw and pressing his lips against hers firmly before pulling back, looking into her eyes to try and gauge her reaction. Did any words even need to be said?
 #30691  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw
Emilia watched at Ciceron stood from the other side of the table and gracefully made his way around it. He was always so graceful. They were perfect for one another.

Her eyes followed him, looking up as he came closer. Her heart was beating so quickly; surely he could tell that she was breathing quickly, especially as he came even closer. His hand touched her face and his eyes stayed on hers until she could no longer keep them open as he pressed a gentle kiss to her lips.

Instantly, her body seemed to melt, as though this was exactly where she was supposed to be at this exact moment. Even as he pulled away, she could feel the connection there, one she didn't want to break. She looked up slowly, her eyes seeing only him and conveying her feelings as best as she could.

"I've been waiting so long for you to kiss me," she said breathlessly.
 #30810  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
Ciceron smirked at her, leaning down a little to get to eye level with her. She was simply so beautiful, poised, and graceful. How could he not fall so wholeheartedly in love with a women like this? She was nothing like any other he'd ever know.

Softly, he brushed a piece of hair behind her ear, offering a sweet smile.

"I've been waiting a long time to do it. I wanted to be sure...But I am now. More than sure."
 #31539  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw
Emilia held her breath as his fingers grazed against her hairline as he tucked a strand back into place. He was so gentle, so warm; he made her feel as though she was floating on air. His eyes reflected what she wanted them to and the smile that he gave her was reflected on her own face.

Merlin, she'd been waiting so long for this, and it felt even better than she'd imagined.

"More than sure," she repeated. "Could you see this in your cards?" she asked, staying close and refusing to move away.
 #31564  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
Ciceron looked into her eyes, holding her gaze. She was the only person to see this side of him; gentlemanly, delicate, empathetic - why would the rest of the world need to see it? After all, to him, Emilia was his world.

"No." He spoke softly. "The cards didn't tell me anything about this...which is likely why it took so long. I kept practising just to find out, but in the end, I decided to take fate into my own hands just this once." He smiled a little, and then leaned in for another brief, but sweet, kiss. "Nobody can know about this, okay? This is just our thing."
 #31569  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw
Emilia smiled. She liked that he hadn't seen them in her cards and that he still went for it anyway. It meant that he really did have the same feelings for her as she did for him- clearly romantic.

She nodded, knowing that others may not feel the same as they did about this budding romance. It was pure in blood and pure in emotion, but only the first mattered to a lot of new age wizards. For Emilia, it was perfect. "Not a soul. But let's make the tower here ours. Will you meet me here?" she asked him, playing with the bit of hair at the nape of his neck.
 #31633  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
Ciceron smiled at her, admiring how delicate, poised, and pretty she was. It was no wornder other boys at school had crushes on her, but little did they know that she was already destined to be with him. Whether he saw it in the cards or not, he knew they were soulmates.

"Of course. Whenever you request it...I'll always meet you here. Perhaps again tonight, and the night after, and the night after that too." She smirked. "All you need to do is give me a sign." He winked.
 #31751  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw
This was quite possibly the best day of Emilia's life. She'd only imagined that it could turn out like this, where Ciceron, her Ronnie, felt the same as she did. He wanted to keep it a secret, and she knew why. It wasn't exactly standard practice to date your cousin. But they were Yorks. They were pure.

"Hmm, what kind of sign?" she asked, her voice low and nearly a whisper. "A codeword?" SHe pondered what a good codeword could be. It felt exciting to do things in secret, especially if she got to see her Ronnie, and keep him for herself.
 #32684  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
Ciceron smirked, lifting his hand up and brushing some of her hair out of her face, admiring how perfect she was in every way.

"Perhaps just send me a paper plane with a doodle on, or leave a note, or draw on a wall, or send me your patronus." He smiled.
 #33139  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw
Emilia smiled and just barely leaned her head toward Ciceron's hand as he brushed her hair to the side. He was so gentle and soft and she knew that this was right as she slipper her arms around his waist.

"So clever and full of ideas. I'll send you my patronus, only because writing on a wall seems a little noticeable in the long term," she teased. But she understood how he was coming up with anything just to see her. And it made him more perfect than she'd thought.
 #33196  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
Lifting his chin, Ciceron smiled coyly.

"Then it will be done. Whenever you need me," He played with a piece of her hair. "Or want me, send me your patronus, and I'll be at your service immediately."