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Susan, Vaultkeeper

Character Ginny WeasleyLocation The Burrow, Ottery St. CatchpoleSetting Big Potter-Weasley Sunday lunch at the Burrow!
The last twenty-four hours or so, Ginny could barely even remember, had been a complete whirlwind of emotions. If she was really honest with herself, she had known that something was not quite right for a couple of weeks now, but had brushed it off as her being paranoid. Then, when her period was late it was even more suspicious.

All of it had blurred into one, from her dressing up in her best, most realistic Muggle clothes to going to a Muggle pharmacy in a town she had never been in before. Ginny had to avoid anyone from the Magical community seeing what she was about to purchase, or the press would have a field day with it. She bought five Muggle pregnancy tests, as she also didn't want to make an appointment at St Mungo's just yet either and thought this might be a good thing to try first. Maybe she did take after her father with his Muggle obsession after all.

The results were obvious. And she had to tell Harry.

The good news was that she was seeing him today. The bad news was that her entire crazy family would also be there. In the Burrow, which is small, and made conversations easy to overhear, and it was very hard to get some privacy. And at the rate it was currently going, Ginny didn't even know where Harry was.

She walked into the kitchen, thinking that might be a safe bet.
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Lilly, Active Player

Harry Potter ★ Auror, British Ministry of Magic
With being newly engaged there was never a dull moment. A day didn’t pass that Harry didn’t appreciate Ginny’s company despite the little irritating moments such as when she’d put her ice-cold feet onto his bare back in the middle of the night. She found it funny. He found it bothersome because he had to spend the following ten minutes thawing out and another hour trying to fall back asleep.

Apart from that, there was very little conflict in their relationship. If she asked him to do something, he did it. If something was bothering him, she cheered him up. If either one of them had a terrible day at work, they’d both skip off to see who could eat the most ice cream at Florian Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour.

But in the last twenty-four hours or so…Ginny had been acting rather odd.

She wasn’t acting herself. She seemed aloof and concerned over something that left Harry to wonder if he had done something wrong.

So, there he was, standing in the kitchen with his arms soaking in a sink full of dishes that he was supposed to be washing for Mrs. Weasley, staring out the kitchen window, unblinking, unmoving, wondering what he could have possibly done to upset her.