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[1999] Starry Eyes

melmaid, Active Player

Location: Level 3 Staff Room, The Daily Prophet • Date: Mid-Autumn, 1999
Time of Day: afternoon • Weather: grey skies

helena sun / journalist / b. 1980

It was well into the afternoon on a macabre Autumns day when Helena found herself gazing restlessly out the window and unable to focus on the task at hand. The dreary weather had doused Helena's focus and she felt the concrete force of restlessness creep up on her waning motivation. She had decided that despite the daunting pile of files she had to sort through, a cup of tea could nicely round up enough energy to last the day. Helena ignored the guilty feeling which nagged at her, that perhaps she was merely looking for an excuse to procrastinate. But it would be nice to stretch her legs for five minutes. There was no harm in a little afternoon tea. The week had been terribly stressful after all.

The staff room of the Daily Prophet was extraordinarily empty apart the young and rather sleepy looking intern. Helena leaned against the boringly beige counter as she silently watched a copper kettle burble away cheerfully on the kitchen stove. Her mug, a trinket from a travelling merchant that shone the current forecast of constellations on its midnight veneer, stood besides her waiting with a fresh tea bag. No sugar, or any milk for that matter. She liked her tea a little on the bitter side.

The water had just reached boiling point when it came to Helena's attention that she could hear someone padding down the corridor and towards the staff room. Looking up from her daydream and towards the entrance, Helena wondered who it was that would keep her company while she waited for her tea to brew.

Played By: melmaid
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Re: [1999] Starry Eyes

Susan, Vaultkeeper

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Margo was finding herself feeling increasingly more tense, stressed, anxious and irritable - she partly blamed it on the weather, as she always had suffered from low mood when it was darker and dreary outside, and it was heading towards Winter. But mostly, what was on her mind was the stack of papers on her desk, her most recent conversation with her boss which hadn't been overly positive, and her unusual lack of creativity recently.

She decided that caffeine would be the solution to maybe some of her problems, even if it was just the tiredness, and she headed into the staff room, hoping that it would be empty. It was not.

"Oh, hi Helena," Margo said, her eyes drifting over to where she saw her ex-roommate using the kettle that she had come in to use.

It was odd that she suddenly felt so awkward, as her and Helena had shared a dorm at Hogwarts for seven years, and they had both seen each other in all kinds of states. But for some reason, in this setting, it was different.
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Re: [1999] Starry Eyes

melmaid, Active Player

Helena realised almost immediately who the newcomer was just by hearing her voice. She had gone to Hogwarts with Margo Villiers, had shared the same dormitory for seven years straight. They ought to have been close friends, but neither had much in common with the exception of the Prophet. It probably had a lot to do with rivalry, and while Helena never outwardly disliked anyone, there was something about Margo that put her on edge. Maybe because she came from a better family, because she was taller, and blonde (and therefore more beautiful), and these advantages could really effect how the tables could turn. The Prophet had taken two female Ravenclaws as interns, but Helena couldn't help but feel that really, there was only room for one.

"Hey Margo," Helena found herself saying in an aloof tone, not too sure how to act around the girl she had spent all of her adolescence with. She could still remember their first year and how all the other Ravenclaw girls would talk into the night until a prefect would threaten them with detention. A lot had happened since then and Helena admittedly felt ashamed for her selfishness, but there were things she wanted in life. And with Margo as her opponent, Helena would have to work a lot harder.

Lifting the boiling kettle from the stove, Helena poured her tea slowly. She tried to smile but it came out as a grimace. "Hows your day been so far?"

Played By: melmaid