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 #29299  by Peyton
Scorpius Malfoy • Hogwarts Student • Slytherin • 16
"I don't have a quote to put here yet."
Scorpius could tell that his father wasn't exactly excited about his son owning something as muggle as a cell phone. But he was surprised when he wasn't immediately reprimanded for it. Which was a relief. Instead, the elder Malfoy just asked how he'd gotten one.

"Actually, they're really easy to get. You just walk into a muggle store and buy one. Sometimes they come with a monthly fee, but this one doesn't. I just have to buy data-- um, like talking or texting time. Like a fee to use it, but it's only a small fee because I don't have that whole monthly data plan that half of Gryffindor has," he said, realizing that he was getting to be long winded and his father wasn't one to be quite as liberal with all of the tech talk as someone else's dad, someone with a muggle in the family, might be.
 #31548  by TyrellRose
"Ah... huh..." It was all Draco could say, staring at his son. The younger Malfoy could be speaking Greek for all he could understand. Data?

"So... you use... money to talk to people...?" he asked, still trying to wrap his head around it. It didn't make sense. But it seemed important to Scorpius, and if he had learned anything over the years, it was that he needed to stay up to date with what his son found important.

"It appears I have some learning to do," he finally commented, letting out another breath. Another thing to add to his growing list of things to do, but this took precedence as it had to do with Scorpius. "I'll admit I don't understand it at all, but I'm... I'm willing to try." He punctuated it with a small nod of his head.
 #31558  by Peyton
Scorpius Malfoy • Hogwarts Student • Slytherin • 16
"I don't have a quote to put here yet."
Wait a minute. The elder Malfoy wasn't scoffing at the fact that his heir had a muggle object and knew how it worked. He did seem a little confused though on how messages worked.

Scorpius smiled a little, a first in quite some time when hanging out with or taking to his dad. "You pay a company money for them to allow your device to send a receive signals on their network of towers that send those messages via frequencies through the air," he said, trying to explain but knowing that this was probably just making it more and more complicated. Just the fact that his father was interested though, and not angry, made him feel good. He stood a little taller. "I'd be happy to show you on paper sometime... It's a little easier that way."
 #31561  by TyrellRose
Draco nodded, pressing his lips together. Maybe this was a sign that he needed to be spending more time with his son. He still didn't understand, but maybe this was the future.

"Sure," he replied, swallowing a lump in his throat. "Perhaps over the summer?"

For once, it seemed like Scorpius genuinely wanted to spend time with him and not just because he thought it was his duty as a son, and Draco was glad for it. Even if it was about a muggle device. He made a mental note to try and catch Granger and sacrifice his pride to ask her about the device first.

"So... what else have you been up to?" he asked, looking to change the subject to something in which he was more well-versed.
 #31567  by Peyton
Scorpius Malfoy • Hogwarts Student • Slytherin • 16
"I don't have a quote to put here yet."
Scorpius was actually kind of glad that he'd come across his father there in the corridor. It seemed like maybe the other didn't have a distaste toward him about the cell phone after all.

"Quidditch mostly. The Firebolt you got me is doing wonders for my Seeker career," he said, brightly. "Maybe sometime you'd like to come to a match," he added in suggestion. He'd love to look up and see his mother and father there supporting him. "I do understand if you're too busy though. Work is rough sometimes, I know." So what if he was leaving his father an out? He knew the other was a Seeker for Slytherin when he was a student here and he thought that maybe he'd enjoy a game. Probably not so much his mother, but oh well.
 #31573  by TyrellRose
Quidditch worked. Draco was extremely well-versed in Quidditch, and he gave a rare warm smile to show his approval.

"I'm glad the Firebolt is working out for you. Are we looking at Slytherin winning the Quidditch Cup?" he asked, taking one last look at the memorial on the wall and starting to walk down the hall. "I'd love to come see a match," he added, thinking over his schedule for the next few months. "Just send me an owl with the dates. I'm sure I'll be able to sneak away." If nothing else, it would look good for a school governor to attend school events.

"Work is busy, but I'm trying to make sure I have time for family, too. Family is just as important. It's one of our values as Malfoys." Draco glanced sideways at his son. He knew he had not been doing a good job at remembering that, but at least he was trying now.
 #31575  by Peyton
Scorpius Malfoy • Hogwarts Student • Slytherin • 16
"I don't have a quote to put here yet."
There was a little bit of a silence after Draco spoke about family being very important to the Malfoys. He agreed that is was important, but it sometimes felt like he was a bit of a chore to his parents and that it was a little easier for them when he was gone away at Hogwarts. But his father seemed to be interested in Quidditch and for that, Scorpius was glad.

"It's been a tight race between us and Ravenclaw this season, but I think we can pull a win. We've doubled down on practices. I'm sure they have too, but I haven't been paying much attention to them between our practices and my school work. There's hardly time for anything else. Every year they pile more on our plates."
 #31578  by TyrellRose
Draco chuckled. "Well that is what school is about," he said, pausing to look at one of the paintings on the wall. One of the newer ones, if he remembered correctly, it depicted a unicorn and a winged horse. "Building on the skills you learned in previous years and learning new skills. Have they started nonverbal spells yet?" he asked, turning back to Scorpius.

He didn't remember learning about nonverbal spells in school, but then again, his sixth year had been a bit of a blur. He figured Scorpius was about the age to start learning that, though. Right?

"I'm happy to hear you've been focusing on your schoolwork, though. It's easy sometimes to let it slip, especially near the end of Quidditch."
 #31582  by Peyton
Scorpius Malfoy • Hogwarts Student • Slytherin • 16
"I don't have a quote to put here yet."
Scorpius watched his father look at the paintings and things on the walls, and how he seemed only to be looking at them a little, like he wasn't noticing what they were of and was just talking to his son instead. It actually made the younger Malfoy feel good about himself.

He smiled a little. "Yes. It's just a lot. Less time for things that I like to do. I hardly get to see my friends aside from Quidditch practice. I know I'm not here to socialize, but really. There's so much work involved in school. They have started nonverbal spells. They're a lot harder than I thought. Super convenient for reaching for things without disturbing others though. I'm not as great at it as I'd like to be. It's taking more studying than anything else though."

He was rambling on, but this was actually having a conversation with the man he'd admired and looked up to his entire life. A real conversation. Scorpius was on cloud nine.