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[Taiwan - 1994] Taiwan Again

Kael, Active Player

Location: Broom Racing Pitch • Date: August 1994

Behind the scenes, the pitch wasn't as glamorous as it appeared. It was more practical and plain, and a bit musty. It didn't matter what country, what city, or even what damned year it was, there was always that musty smell.

"You know what I'm talking about, right? You can smell it?"

The dingy smell was all Francis seemed to care about before a race.

"So much money and effort involved and they can't dust the shelves back here once in a while. Euphémie?"

Francis was jittery with adrenaline. He was going to get the signal to head out onto the pitch any moment. There was a big race ahead with a lot on the line, and he was in Taiwan again, which meant there were a lot of people speaking in languages that he didn't understand. So he needed his translator. His translator was also his girlfriend, so he got a pretty good rate.

One of the attendants stuck his head through the curtain into the room and began speaking something foreign. Francis cut him off. He already knew what he was saying and he wasn't interested. Not then. He didn't need any more stress right before the race.

"Make something up! Please. She's not allowed back here.. but don't tell her I said that!" He looked to Zi Shang to make sure his message was received, and nodded because she was surely in agreement with him.

"I really didn't think my folks were gonna come all the way to Taiwan."
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Re: [Taiwan - 1994] Taiwan Again

Everevna, Active Player

"Hǎo de, má fan le. Wǒ huì gēn tā shuō de."

Lowering the event brochure which she had been skimming to her lap, Francis' companion offered a reassuring, kind smile at the bewildered young woman, who nodded rapidly like a cockatrice pecking at rice before disappearing behind the heavy, musky curtain. Zi Shang, meanwhile, lifted a hand to tuck a loose piece of hair behind her ear as she turned back toward her visibly neurotic partner, leaning in slightly to him with a natural manner of familiarity and intimacy that only lovers shared.

Even then, sitting side by side, the pair stood out like a sore thumb in the crowd for simply how mismatched they appeared. Her hand, as it reached to rest over his on his knee, was pale as ivory against his tan. Her demeanour, a graceful placidity, stood in stark contrast against his jittery nerves.

"Why wouldn't they? This is a milestone in your career. You've worked very hard and they know it."

She tried not to let her own nerves show. Zi Shang had never met her boyfriend's parents, though she had picked up bits and pieces of information about the mysterious older couple. They were apparently well-off from a solid accumulation by generations of financially-savvy Friis'. They each had successful careers and were well-respected members of the American magical society. They were everything her family was not, and her stomach were in knots at the mere thought of meeting them.

Still, Francis did not need the added burden. She squeezed his hand reassuringly, linking their fingers together as she had hundreds of times before, and meeting his gaze with a soft, analeptic smile.

"I'm so proud of you. I know they must be, too. And they will be watching it all from the first-class box."

Which was what the attendant had popped by to inform them, contrary to Francis' panicked belief.
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Re: [Taiwan - 1994] Taiwan Again

Kael, Active Player

Francis squeezed her hand tight as his own stomach turned just a bit more with her words. Despite the kind smile he returned, and Zi Shang's good intent, there was something in what she said that made him even more uncomfortable.

"You're right. They're just so overbearing."

Truly, it seemed Francis's mother started making wedding plans as soon as she caught him even looking at decent woman. This was, perhaps, why he had been in no rush to introduce Zi Shang to his parents. She had proven to the very most decent of them all, as far as he was concerned.

"You'll meet them after?" he asked, his brows raising to meet in the middle. It sounded as if it was a request for a favor.
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Re: [Taiwan - 1994] Taiwan Again

Everevna, Active Player

Overbearing was not the terminology she would use to describe parents who'd flown across half of the planet to support their child in his career, but Zi Shang did not make an attempt to correct her boyfriend.

Each family, after all, had a prayer book that was difficult to read.

Even then, she would have loved a family like his. Francis' parents may disagree with his choice of career, and they may disagree with one another over their personalities, but they showed up when it counted, and it counted.

She tried not to let her mind stray to her own.

"Is that an invitation or a deterrence?" she let out a small laugh, lifting her other hand to smooth over his knitted brows. "You sound like you aren't sure if you want me to."
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Re: [Taiwan - 1994] Taiwan Again

Kael, Active Player

Francis gave a nervous laugh. "It's more like I'm not sure if you want you to? You know?" He gave a sort of shrug, Zi Shang ought to have gathered as much talent for interpreting his personal lingo as his professional communications. "Of course it's an invitation. I just.. well, you'll see."

Truth be told, the lad was scared of the effect his parents might have on Zi Shang. He was scared of the effect she might have on them. He was scared of anything that seemed too serious, usually. But he could feel one of those interactions imminently approaching. A high stakes race was, oddly enough, just what he needed to take the edge off.