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 #24168  by Vyreia
Ciceron blinked at her, and then began to frown.

"You can't possibly be saying that, not only are you not ready to marry now, but also you don't foresee yourself ready in over a year's time? After a fair amount of it with little to no contact at all?"

He had to say it aloud, not for her to understand how ridiculous she was being, but for him to understand the real consequences of this relationship. He took a breath.

"This is a great opportunity for your career - however, I want to make it inexplicably clear that I can give you just as good opportunities without this entire 'leaving without contact' fiasco. I can hire the top healers in the country, in the continent even, and you can earn qualifications that way if you so desire. But waiting more than a year isn't possible. I have heard you out, but I'd like to put forth my ideals."

He leaned forward slightly.

"I plan to be married by the end of this year, and soon, I would like to start trying to children. I'm coming up thirty, and I need to get a move on to get my family line in progress. If you want to study alongside that, you're welcome to, I can provide that. But...I can't be waiting five years to start this."
 #24433  by Everevna
With each of his words, her heart felt like a stone thrown into the tides. All at once, Tamsin regretted every quip she made that led to revival of the topic of marriage, every step she took that led them to discussing the work opportunity she was now confronted by.

It had to be done.

She still wished she didn't have to talk about this. Tamsin wanted to be anywhere but here.

She was being avoidant.

She couldn't help how she felt.

"I'm not saying it's going to take five years." She also wasn't saying that it wouldn't.

"But what you suggested," she started again, a hint of edge and restlessness seeping between the syllables of her tone, "It isn't going to be the same. I have been waiting years to be qualified enough to be invited on one of these expeditions. It is everything I have been working toward. And if I were to go, I would not hope it to be my last expedition."

Tamsin slumped back into her armchair, somewhat defeated.

"Whether you and I think it will, having a child is going to be negatively impact my career. I thought you knew that I wasn't just going to be happy being a homemaker. At least not yet, not right now."
 #24436  by Vyreia
"A homemaker!" He recoiled suddenly. "By Merlin, is that what you believe I think of you? Certainly not."

He placed his hands on his waist, shaking his head.

"Absolutely not. We would get married, conceive, and then I shall send two private security guards with you whilst you're off adventuring and what have you until it's time to come home. You have the child, bond, recover, do whatever you want. If you want to go on a trip again, you can; I have contacts with the best private tutors and nannies around - it isn't a problem at all if you don't want to stay home. Once your next trip is done, we repeat the process with the second, third, and possibly any others we have."

He narrowed his eyes at her.

"I thought by knowing who I was, you was very aware of my family and my goals...you're still aware of that impact, right?"
 #24437  by Everevna
"I am," she conceded. "And all is well and good with your proposition, except that is not the type of parent I would hope to be."

Her own parents, albeit often distracted, were not absent by any stretch of imagination. The ease by which Ciceron spoke of bringing up his own children troubled her. She wondered if that had been the way he was brought up.

Private tutors, nannies, and chauffeurs. In other words, absentee parents.

The thought was an unpleasant one.

"Look, must we decide everything now? I understand that you have a legacy to secure. You understand that I have my concerns. Can we not each think on this for the next few weeks? I have till 10th of March to make a decision as to this expedition. And if I were to be honest, I am famished, sweetheart. I've barely ate lunch today."
 #24439  by Vyreia
Ciceron grit his teeth at her words. Avoiding his questioning again? This was the same as it had been with the moving in together discussion! Was she always to be like this?

In a flash, he was pacing up to her by a nearby cabinet, and soon slammed his hand down on it, causing ornaments to shake and a resonant ding from an old fashioned bell on display.

"Yes, we must decide it now! I shall not be waiting on hold like an unopened bill on the counter for weeks until you decide to grow up and discuss it like an adult. I have made my intentions very clear, from the moment I asked you to move in, that I had every right mind to marry you and start a life. Could you not have at least mentioned so then? Could you not have told me before entering into a relationship that you plan to frolic around the East Coast of Umma-Gumma land and who-knows-where-else with no intention of settling?"

He stepped forward, towering over her.

"Am I game to you? Does my face have 'gullible' written on it? Because I am not playing, Tamsin."
 #24440  by Everevna
So long for delaying the conversation.

The first commotion of his striking the cabinet surface brought the younger woman to a jump. Perhaps she should have foreseen this when he stood up as suddenly as he did. Tamsin had seen hints of Ciceron's temper, seeping through his gritted teeth. Never had it been directed at her the way it did now. Yet, just as swiftly, she regained her composure and lifted her face to meet his livid gaze with her own irritated one, when another woman might have cowered underneath his rage.

"Please, shouting at me will certainly convince me to marry you," she replied, not without a potent spoonful of satire.

"Do not conflate my reluctance to settle now with a desire to never settle. I have not lied to you, not once. I have every intention of marrying you one day, but not for the sake of having children, or for your family line. I want to marry you because I love you, and when you love someone, you take your goddamned time to do it right."

Her own eyes narrowed, though she strained with the effort to keep her own tone reasonably calm.

"I have never thought of you as a game. You disrespect me and yourself by even suggesting that. In fact, I must wonder—you don't want to marry me because of me, do you now?"
 #24441  by Vyreia
Ciceron felt himself growing angrier, but he burrowed it deeper into his chest, clenching his jaw and shaking his head.

"I am not going to stand here and let you turn this around on me. If I did not love you for you then I would not be putting everything I have at risk for you; I would simply marry a damn Iver if that was the case."

He glared down at her.

"If you truly care about someone, you do not dangle them on a chain like this; you do not hang the carrot just out of reach; you do not delay conversations because you are uncomfortable and expect them to concede. Especially when you know full-well exactly what they are putting on the line."

He stepped into her space again.

"My title, my influence, my reputation, my future, my job, my respect, my wealth - all of that I would give up to be married to you, and yet here you are spitting on my grave before it has even been dug! What am I to you? Do you believe yourself so much better than I that you are worth me losing everything over the simple possibility of marrying you?"
 #24444  by Everevna
For the first time, her own composure fissured at the cracks as his words hit home.

He's not wrong, a voice whispered in the depths of her mind. Tamsin could not promise to be ready for marriage anytime soon if she had to. She could not even begin to explain her fear, except for that she had seen what marriage did to her parents. How it eroded love and trust and led to betrayal. How, in the course of marriage, even the straightest of spines bend with the weight of a fractured pride. He has a point.

She stood, chin tilted so she could continue holding gaze with the man with whom she had never held a proper argument with.

But it wasn't all true, not entirely.

"Better?" she started with incredulity. "You think I am unaware of how I measure up to an Iver? I am building myself up to be someone with a name of her own, so that I may stand next to you without shame. So that when we eventually marry, I am not just any nobody that you so deigned to marry instead of one of your precious Ivers. That is how I love you, Ciceron York."

Hunger forgotten, Tamsin resisted the urge to smash the glass that she held still in her clutch.

"And how do you love me? By pushing me, forcing my hand, bullying me into making life-changing decisions that I am not prepared for? Or is it reminding me how inadequate I am for you so that I may remember it for the rest of my life as I sleep next to you?"
 #24445  by Vyreia
Ciceron's glare sharpened further.

"If you do not recognise how I love you, other than that bastardised version you have created, then you don't know me at all. At least with an Iver, I would know where I stand rather than 'I'm gonna leave you without a word for a year, but I might not want to marry you after that either'. You have made my choice very singular."

He stood straight, hesitating for a moment, but quickly turned away from her to the coat rack at the edge of the room.
 #24449  by Everevna
Iver, Iver, Iver.

Why did it always have to involve an Iver?

Tamsin stared at him as she gauged the direction in which he was walking. It took every ounce of self-discipline to not throw the glass at his head.

"Then go marry an Iver, why won't you?"

She regretted the words as soon as they'd left her lips, and yet, Tamsin was too stubborn to admit that she had only said it in spite.
 #24453  by Vyreia
And in the same spite, Ciceron spat back over his shoulder.

"Maybe I will! Go play your little games and waste somebody else's time!" He yelled, tugging on his coat, completely ignoring putting on his gloves, often a ritualistic thing to him ever since he got a prosthetic hand.
 #24454  by Everevna

All composure finally gave way. Tamsin made a vigorous noise of frustration as she slammed the still-filled glass down on the cabinet next to her, unflinching even as some liquor splashed over the rim. Without so much as glancing in her partner's direction, Ciceron's girlfriend stomped out of the room with hell on her heels.