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 #24435  by Everevna
"It's true," the second eldest of the brood tacked on to their brother's statements.

"That, and what he isn't telling you, which is that he has a troupe of girlfriends to clean it for him on rotation. Becky on the first week of the month, Olivia on the second week, Margaret on the third... You get my gist."

Tamsin smirked from behind the rim of her glass.

"Why do you think Mother hasn't complained whenever she visits him? She's probably been coming across the lingerie in his laundry basket."

Briefly, the daughter of Oliver Sr. exhaled a wistful sigh, "If only all of us inherited Father's popularity..."

At least that was the story they had all heard—that their father dearest was quite the catch back in the day. Of course, he was still quite the catch as it turned out, but Oliver and Eliza had no reason to know, and Tamsin would not be the one to tell them so.
 #24692  by Nik
Oliver rolled his eyes as Eliza laughed at their sister's joke.

"I thought I told you to keep that a secret Tam." Oliver replied with a smirk, "And usually you're so good at keeping secrets."

Eliza made her way over to her eldest brother and wrapped her long, thin arms around his waist. "Well I'm definitely coming to stay for a few weeks over the summer and I can meet these famous Becky, Olivia and Margaret." Oliver smiled down at his little sister but not before noticing what his sister said.

It was no secret of course that yes, their father had his pick of ladies back in the day, but why mention that now? Olivier pushed the thought to the back of his mind. After all, they had all had a bit to drink this evening. Perhaps he just picked it up wrong.
 #25015  by Everevna
"Oh, you'll meet them all. Won't she, Olly?" Tamsin nodded affirmatively with a mischievous quirk of her rouged lips, just as a deep, resonating chime of a bell echoed throughout the space to mark the fifteenth last second of the year. Through the glass, dancing crowds erupted into a muffled cheer as several hands raised with filled glasses, the hubbub amplifying as gilded doors along the long, wide balcony swung open to let in other guests who milled in the fresh night air.

Amidst the next chime boomed, 'fourteen'!

Tamsin tipped back the last of her drink, carelessly leaving the glass on the marble ledge of the balcony as she pushed herself off to gracefully saunter over to her siblings. Without waiting for him to offer, she slipped her bare arm through his suited one and leaned close to press a brief kiss against his cool cheek.

"Don't worry, mon frère. Everything else is still safe with me," his sister winked.

Dusting off her dress slightly, she offered, "Now, shall we?"