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 #23450  by Vyreia
Two weeks!? Ciceron furrowed his brow, and then looked away for a moment. Two weeks? That felt like a lifetime away. Too much stuff to move? Bah! Not at all; he could hire a bunch of muscle to help move things, and he had recently perfected the levitating charm to a higher degree. And how long did reports really take to write? It all sounded a little too suspicious for him...but he also supposed that moving this very day was a lot to expect. Perhaps she wanted to hide anything too risque or get the security deposit back first? Did she not realise that he was loaded?

Resigned, he sighed and nodded in response.

"Very well, two weeks it is." Not if he could help it, though. He would certainly be aiming for only one week at the most!

He glanced down at her, and leaned in, kissing her gently on the lips. It felt good knowing that she would be all his shortly, and he would try his best to hold back any further steps into his life with her. But he knew that this was the direction he was going - this was the woman he wanted, and he would stop at nothing to have her.

"I'm sure you have one of my favourite ties here that I can wear. If not, we can always head to Di Pietro's first."
 #23451  by Everevna
Two weeks. It was not long, but at least it was not right now. She did not think she would necessarily regret her decision, not after she had said it aloud, but it did not harm to have some time to process it.

It also did not harm to have some time to herself before moving in with Ciceron. And in fact, she would think she might like to retain the apartment. Just in case, and just so she had somewhere to retire to if she absolutely needed some space, and for those days that he may be away on some work trip and the house felt too big and too empty.

Not that it was pressing news. Surely Ciceron would not mind. She could tell him later. For now, Tamsin did not relish dampening the mood even more. She could tell that he was not necessarily the most pleased by her ultimate decision.

And really, it was a celebratory occasion.

"I can't wait," Tamsin cupped her lover's jaw gently as he leaned in to kiss her. She uprighted herself so to pour herself a cup of tea before beginning to unpack the paper bag of pastries. "And there's a few of your ties lying around, though I believe you might have worn out some last night. I believe you'll find them on the bed rails?"
 #23475  by Vyreia
Ciceron couldn't help but stifle a snort, glancing over toward the bedroom area. Yes, he had definitely been making use of them whilst he wasn't going out - perhaps he even preferred using them in that manner. It wasn't exactly something he pictured himself enjoying but...well, it was definitely a change for the better in most respects.

"I think I also like you wearing my ties. They always look good on you." He smirked at the thought. Especially when she wore them around her eyes as a makeshift blindfold. After all, it was always important to push the limits with every situation. It helped people grow.

He cleared his throat before taking another sip of tea.
 #23482  by Everevna
"Do they? I wouldn't have guessed."

She levitated two plates and a twin set of cutlery from her crockery cabinet so she could artfully arrange the pastries on the ceramic plates. Tamsin gestured briefly for Ciceron to dig in, but not before she leaned down, her breath warm on his ear and her lips briefly grazing against his earlobe.

"If only I could see myself in the mirror."

Knowing his creativity, it would easily be done by tonight. And she did have that beautiful mirror armoire in her bedroom. It would be a shame to not put it to good use. The younger of the pair settled into the chair across of her partner and immediately fished for a kouign-amann, clearly not unfamiliar with the assortment she purchased.

"Tell me more about your family home. I want to know everything. Where is it? Do the house elves come with it? Do we get to redecorate?"
 #23483  by Vyreia
Ciceron swallowed at her warm breath on his skin, and her words themselves we enough to send his mind through a loop. Already, the various scenarios were playing out, and he knew he wanted to try them all. It took a moment of staring at pastries before he snapped out of it, flicking his eyes up.He already knew the first thing he would do when they got home from lunch, hopefully a light and short one.

"Hm? Oh, right, the Manor. It's in the Romford area - acres of land, a couple of stables. Not such an overcompensating statement as Iver Hall, but grand enough for a couple. We have a few house-elves, though I find human servants are also helpful in most cases...and prettier to look at." He spoke, reaching forward for one of the presented croissants. "I can decorate how I please, though I intend to keep may of the rooms classic and minimalist for when we have guests or hold events - much less to break, I find. But you are welcome to redecorate the kitchens, or bathrooms, or bedroom...perhaps the rooftop garden?"
 #23484  by Everevna
Ciceron's girlfriend paused amidst tearing apart her pastry to briefly narrow her eyes at him as he spoke of servants that were not house-elves, though the temptation of buttery dough distracted her just as quickly.

Events. The thought was a strange one, that she would not be merely a guest or an obligatory hostess. Instead, she would play the role that her mother had always assumed whenever they threw some fête at the Villiers' country house. Tamsin typically enjoyed those occasions, but she had never had to burden many responsibilities for them.

And did that mean they would be hosting as a unit, Ciceron and her? She did not know how they might present themselves. They were neither married nor even engaged, and both were prospects she did not relish to think of just yet.

She would have to consider these with time, she supposed.

The healer perked up slightly as a rooftop garden was mentioned, clearly intrigued. A garden. Near London. Those were as difficult to come by in London real estate as a conjoined water tap.

"I've always wanted a garden to grow herbs and medicinal plants in," she stated wistfully.
 #23559  by Vyreia
"Good." Ciceron said simply. "Then that's what you'll have, along with anything else you see fit." He spoke casually between bites of pastry, seemingly distracted.

This would be perfect. Sure, it would be two weeks away, but it was definitely a step in the right direction if he could tempt her a little more. Perhaps he could build a big green house, something with a water feature, maybe a herbology station for when she was making medicines and salves. It would definitely entice her, he was sure.

He stood up, clearing his throat.

"Now, what dress will you wear for lunch?"
 #23574  by Everevna
Tamsin could not pretend that she was not touched by the way he spoke. Though she knew that despite it all, his family home would ultimately still be his family home, it did not hurt that he spoke so freely of making it hers, too.

Certainly she must have been overthinking this. It was not a far-fetched image to imagine living with Ciceron, having her own little garden on the rooftop to experiment with herbs and plants and medicines. She could even imagine herself happy.

What more could a woman ask for?

Ciceron's partner tilted her head slightly at his question, briefly brushing a few crumbs from the corner of her lips with her fingers.

"I could wear the dress I wore to my family's New Year's Eve soiree. You haven't seen that one before," she suggested, clearly not unenthusiastic about the prospect of finally showing Ciceron. "It's light gold. Do you think you might be able to find something to match?"
 #23655  by Vyreia
Ciceron hummed.

"Likely." He spoke, bringing his hand up and taking a bite of his croissant as he glanced around the room. Was one of the ties on the bed frame gold? Or perhaps it was silver. If he was honest, he hadn't taken so much notice of their colours; he had been far more interested in the events taking place with them rather than aesthetic.

He paced for a short moment, pursing his lips between butty bites, somewhat enjoying the cool floor beneath his feet.

"I think I may need to make a quick stop at my house first and pick up a pair of cufflinks and tie...that, and I believe I left my dress gloves at home. I like my current ones but..." He shrugged. "I think they're fraying a little at the opening. Nothing I couldn't get Gladrags to fix, but I don't particularly feel like doing ten thousand errands before going for lunch."
 #23682  by Everevna
There were times when Ciceron fussed over things that she thought of her mother.

Or at least, her mother when she was not lying in bed with a hand draped over her forehead.

"That's perfect. I can get a few of those reports out of the way whilst you pop by your place," the healer suggested as she cleaned off the last bite of her pastry. She momentarily brushed her palms together to dust off stray crumbs.

Tamsin then reached for his arm that dangled at his side, gently tugging him towards her so she could wrap her arms around his middle. She rested her cheek against his abdomen.

"Thank you," she said quietly.

"For inviting me to share your home. For taking me to lunch. For always spoiling and indulging me."
 #23687  by Vyreia
Ciceron lifted a brow as she pulled him close, but soon relaxed his expression and began to smile in return. He swallowed down the last of his croissant, making a gesture to show he was trying to chew faster to avoid speaking with his mouth full. He wrapped his arms around her, running his -non-metal hand through her hair gently.

"No need to thank me...it's what I love to do." He spoke.

He leaned down, kissing her forehead before pulling himself back up.

"And I suppose it's also because I love you too.Go figure." He smirked, and then made an effort to turn from her to hopefully get dressed and moving.