A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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She could sense that his discomfort, and wondered what might have caused it. Eager to dispel any confusion that had arisen, Zi Shang immediately shook her head at his answer.

"Oh no," her own came in haste. She set down her quill on the notepad, offering a tentative smile at him.

"It's just, forgive me, these meetings can be very formalistic. The people that hire me do not often want to make small talk. They just want to iron out the details and get out of the door. I don't think anyone has offered to celebrate a job done."

Zi Shang paused momentarily to contemplate the rest of her day. Her train was not for another few hours. She had planned on reading a book, but a book would be with her on the train. Her client would not, and Francis had turned out to be quite handsome and charming, even though she had tried not to focus on it and was still trying to not think about it.

"I do have some time before my train back to Medford," she offered, her shy smile accompanied by a hint of blush in her pale cheeks.
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Francis caught a glimpse of enthusiasm and it was like someone had doused a fire beneath his seat with gasoline. He nearly jumped up, but instead only leaned forward with a wild look in his dark eyes. It was the sort of look that had trouble written all over it, but there was something so intriguing and irresistible there.

"Well we are in Boston. There's gotta be something fun to do around the corner."

Francis laughed. If things went his way, Zi Shang would definitely be missing her train.