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 #24782  by Kael
Francis's expression flashed to concern, but he was tactful enough to hold to patience.

"We'll turn that around. I don't need a translator so that I can lose races. I plan to win. If things go well you'll be spending too much time around the circuit to not be playing the numbers a bit." He laughed at himself. For what it was worth, it seemed he was aware of his overconfidence and took it lightly.
 #24786  by Kael
There it was. Time for business. Francis had to reel himself in.

"Of course. Things are picking up for me. Been going quite steadily. I've spent too much time with a broomstick, not enough with books. The racing circuit has folks of all kinds intermingling. Seeing as I can only speak one language, I'll need someone to help represent me, to help communicate for me."

Francis sat back and gave a sort of shrug.
 #24815  by Everevna
Zi Shang tried not to let her surprise show.

This was a larger task than she had ever done. The student had translated resumes, academic credentials, and even professional contracts. Never had she been requested to translate for a professional athlete in real-time.

"What are some languages that you foresee would be implicated? And what would the time commitment look like?"
 #24828  by Kael
On the other hand, Francis was no use at hiding his surprise. He was wide-eyed for a just a moment as he realized how truly unprepared he was.

"Well! A better question for now might be what languages can you speak?" he deflected reasonably. "I expect work should be quite steady but clearly scheduled and far in advance."
 #24830  by Everevna
"In real-time? Mandarin," Zi Shang answered honestly.

"English, French. Some conversational ability in Spanish and Gobbledegook."

A complicated myriad of spells assisted her in translating documents of other languages, but even magic struggled to keep up with an ongoing conversation.

"I must disclaim, however, that I am still in the process of learning the latter two."
 #24948  by Kael
"Well it'd be a good bit of practice for both us then. It'll keep you focused - on edge."

Francis was musing aloud and justifying what seemed like a decision he had already made. Zi Shang was the woman for the job. The decision was one that had been reached with it's roots in instinct rather than logic, which was usually the case for this athlete in particular.

"I've got some business next week that could use your Mandarin. Are you cleared for international travel?"
 #24966  by Everevna
"Yes," Zi Shang nodded, then, as if an afterthought, she added, "For now."

She could tell that this was going to be a longer-term contract in comparison to most of her other freelance work. Her student visa and its international travel clearance was valid for another two years and half, though she doubted that he would require her services for that long.

There was, however, another detail to be discussed, however unpleasant it was.

"If you do not mind me asking, how do you suggest the burden of travel costs be apportioned?"
 #24978  by Kael
Francis wasn't a perfect businessman but he had been smart enough to get a proper manager. As his career and opportunities grew, the investment became immeasurably worthwhile.

"It will all be covered," he assured. "I've been doing well enough that I can stand to expand a bit. Plus, we can get special arrangements through the circuit."

Francis ran a hand through his hair and laughed, "You know, my manager was originally planning on meeting you. I'm glad I came, although you might wish you were dealing with someone more precise with all the details.."
 #24986  by Everevna
His new colleague smiled, a touch abashed, and gestured toward herself.

"Actually, to be quite honest, this is a one-woman operation on the side of my studies at MIMS. I must admit I am only making things up as I go."

Almost as if an afterthought that she suddenly considered important, Zi Shang added hastily, "But I am glad you came, too. It is always nice to meet the person I will be working for. Most of my clients do not have managers, but I will endeavour not to disappoint you."
 #25001  by Kael
Francis wasn't going to inform Zi Shang that the primary reason he hadn't sought after a more 'official' or 'professional' service was because of money. He was doing well but there was only so much and it had to be budgeted accordingly. But his instincts reassured him that Zi Shang was the right choice.

"So.." Francis smiled, mulling over the fact that it seemed pretty extreme to go from first meeting, to professional negotiations, and then to such a grand offer in such a short amount of time, but he went on, "what do you think about Taiwan? Next weekend?"
 #25014  by Everevna
"I'm sorry?" Zi Shang had not expected the scale of his offer, how ever smoothly the discussion had came along so far. And yet, the Chinese woman felt herself skip a breath in a sudden wave of aching longing. It was as close as home came within the last three years, if only she could look southwest, beyond the city of Quánzhōu, across the sea channel.

She was being fanciful.

"Of course," she steered herself back on path, picking up her quill to write down the details on her parchment pad.

"It could be arranged. How long will we be there and what is the nature of the trip?"
 #25085  by Kael
For once, Francis actually seemed to catch himself with a bit of hesitation.

"Sorry, I'm running through all this too quick, aren't I?" High speed was normally his goal, after all. "I blame the coffee." Francis set aside his cup. It was getting cold and he'd had enough anyway.

With a deep breath, Francis took mental step backwards. He hadn't scared this Euphémie away yet, so something must have been clicking. Or maybe she was just that desperate for a paycheck. Francis didn't like getting lost in these twists and turns of self-doubt, so he normally tried to avoid them.