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 #13415  by Kay
Location: Magical Botanic Gardens, Kew • Date: July 2002

Emerson Toscano

The gardens had been decorated masterfully. The suspended lights gave the event a luxurious feel without hindering the beautiful natural feel of the gardens. Instead of using cocktail tables, rustic wooden barrels had been dispersed through the grounds. At the center of the gardens, a white tent stood, under it, a band was playing a lively rhythm. The crowd was dispersed. Some stood around barrels, others were on the dancefloor...

It was one of her wealthy clients who had invited her, apparently, news of her divorce had traveled quickly meaning that people invited her to all sorts of event thinking that she needed her spirits lifted. The truth was she had never been lighter. Julien was a great man, a good father, but their relationship had come to an end. With the boys being away at Hogwarts they had come to realize that they did not have much in common anymore. It was Emerson who had talked about the divorce, Julien had been resistant, she didn't think he would ever fully come around to accepting it, but for Emerson, there was no turning back. She was ready to move on.

It is when she had found out that Emily was organizing the event that she had accepted the invitation. Emerson wasn't quite why that was, but as soon as the name had been mentioned she had been surprised to hear herself accept the man's offer. It was not him however that she was looking for, Emerson took a champagne flute from one of the levitating trays as she walked through the crowd looking for a particular blonde.

She smiled when she witnessed Emily frowning while looking at something in the distance. "Are you trying to think of the spell that would make those clouds disappear?" Emerson joked when she finally reached Emily.
 #13507  by Cat
It was as if her voice was able to melt all of her worries away. They'd met only two months ago and hadn't seen each other since, but their encounter at Louis' birthday had been playing on her mind ever since. Sebastien had mentioned off-hand that he'd heard she and her husband had separated, and whilst she was desperate to find out if this was true, Emily had no way of doing so without it being rather odd. And now here she stood in front of her.

Cat got your tongue? her father would have joked, because Emily stood there, mouth wide open as she tried to comprehend what was happening. Emerson Toscano, at one of her events. After months of pining, the very woman stood directly in front of her. And she couldn't, for the life of her, remember what it was that she had been doing, let alone find the words to explain it to Emerson.
 #13516  by Kay
Looking at Emily's profile, Emerson had noticed that the woman was beautiful in her black dress, but when the woman turned towards her, her heart caught in her throat. Boldly put, she had not expected as much cleavage and more importantly, she had not anticipated how visceral her reaction would be to Emily's overall refined beauty. Her eyes quickly darted back to Emily's eyes, she licked her lips in a vain attempt to moisten her dry mouth.

Emily's silence caught her off guard, maybe she had misinterpreted the conversation they had shared in Vera's kitchen. Not that she had much to go on, why she made the blonde uncomfortable was still kind of a mystery to her. Perhaps Emily had been more uncomfortable than she had let on. "A client invited me. I thought I would come and say hi." She explained, tiptoeing as opposed to her usual rambunctious approach.
 #13544  by Cat
Emerson's voice startled her into action, as if cold water had been tipped down her back. Emily moved forwards, kissed both of Emerson's cheeks quickly and stepped away grinning much like the cheshire cat. "I'm so glad you're here!" Clearly she was incapable of containing her excitement. Not realising that she had forgotten all about someone she had previously been speaking to, she led Emerson a little further away from the centre of the gardens, to where a beautiful ice sculpture stood proudly.

"I wanted to apologise for how I acted with you at Louis' birthday party. I feel I came across quite... distant, and it wasn't my intention." She wanted to ask if they could be friends, but either because it seemed too childish, or because that was the least of the things Emily wanted to be to Emerson, she didn't say anything about it.
 #13620  by Kay
Emily's sudden warmth made her stiffen. Emerson was not easily caught off guard, yet Emily consistently kept her on her toes. As if to prove that, she felt her stiffness melt as soon as Emily's lips brushed against her cheeks. Emily Anderson was quickly becoming unpredictable waters that Emerson took far too much pleasure navigating.

"Oh don't worry about it. It was a strange day, I'm sure you had a lot on your mind." Emerson took a sip of champagne. Wait, had she just caught herself looking at Emily's cleavage again? She cleared her throat as her eyes darted back into Emily's eyes. "Are you busy? Am I keeping you from... Managing?"
 #13642  by Cat
Eyes focused on Emerson's, Emily couldn't help but wonder where her eyes kept drifting to. Eventually, when she remembered which dress she was wearing, it clicked. A small smile danced across her lips as she waved away Emerson's concern about the event she was supposed to be managing. "They can cope without me for a few moments."

She had brought Emerson to a more secluded part of the event because she had wanted to apologise, but now she was suddenly aware of how alone they were. The music, although sweet, was quiet in the distance. This area was supposed to be for those who didn't want to be near the music, although it appeared that everyone was enjoying themselves enough that they didn't require the reprieve.

Emily held her hand out for Emerson. "Dance with me?"
 #13645  by Kay
From perplexed, to intrigued Emerson's eyebrows rose. Was Emily asking her to dance or was she asking her to dance? She was open to both, she had done both, but Emily seemed too proper to partake in such things.

Nevertheless, listening to her own impulses, she took Emily's hand and pulled the woman close. Her free hand rested on Emily's waist and then her lower back. Looking into Emily's eyes she threaded their fingers. ''I would love to dance with you.'' She whispered.
 #13650  by Cat
When Emerson's hand rested upon her lower back, the blonde shivered. It was undeniable how much of a physical impact Emerson appeared to have on her, although Emily wasn't particularly bothered about hiding it. She had never been this kind of woman before, and not only because her dance partner was a woman, but rather because she had despised Vera for months after discovering the news of her affair with her husband. She had always promised herself that she would never become this woman, told herself there was never any excuse for it.

She leaned forwards as Emerson threaded their fingers. "You look beautiful," she whispered, her head close to the brunette's, her breath just a whisper on the other woman's cheek. "It bothers me that I can't help but notice how beautiful you are," she added.
 #13665  by Cat
She lifted her hand to trace a delicate pattern onto Emerson's collarbone absent-mindedly. Emily took a deep breath as she swayed in time to the music. "I think my husband would probably disagree with that," she remarked. As she realised what she had been doing, her hand stilled on Emerson's collarbone, but she did not move it. She liked the way Emerson's body felt against hers. There was a warmth spreading through her body that Emily hadn't felt in a really long time. It felt unfamiliar, but she did not dislike it.
 #13702  by Kay
Emerson swallowed thickly. There was nothing wrong with noticing and maybe a bit of flirting, but as Emily traced her collarbone Emerson started to fear how quickly she could be swayed to cross the line.

"Ah yes, husbands, they do that don't they?" She kept her peachy keen tone despite her inner struggle. "Maybe that's why I got rid of mine." She said with a dark-humored smile.
 #13748  by Cat
It was the smile that did it. Or at least, that was what Emily would tell herself later, when she relived this moment alone in her bed, whilst Sebastien was supposedly working late.

She leaned in, pausing for just a second to steady herself, and then pressed her lips against Emerson's. And oh merlin, how good she tasted! Sebastien always tasted a little bit like the smell of books, with just a hint of coffee and mint. She couldn't name the flavour Emerson reminded her of, but it was sweet, and almost made her knees buckle with the pleasure of it.

She pulled away shakily, realising she had crossed a line she would never be able to return from. Her face was the picture of guilt, but her eyes - her eyes had lit up, like a child on christmas morning, as if something had been awakened inside of her.
 #13841  by Kay
At first, she was all impulse. The cheeky smile she had been offering disappeared as her lips pressed firmly against Emily's, she pulled the blonde closer relishing every point of contact between their respective bodies. It had been years since she had kiss someone other than her husband and judging by her body's response to the blonde's soft lips one would have thought that it had been years since she had been kissed at all.

Once Emily pulled away Emerson realized that her hand had come to rest against Emily's sternum. As far as she was concerned there was nothing to regret concerning the kiss they had just shared. If nothing else Sebastien Anderson deserved a little taste of the betrayal he had forced his wife to suffer. Yet, when she looked at Emily, Emerson knew that this could not continue, that Emily was far too good to have an affair. "Well, that just made Louis's next birthday even more interesting."
 #13907  by Cat
Chewing on her bottom lip, Emily forced a chuckle at Emerson's words. "I'm sorry if you felt that was inappropriate." Whether she had or not, Emerson had responded with fervour and it made Emily wanted to kiss the brunette again.

She glanced back towards where the music was drifting from. "Maybe I should go." She stayed where she was though, wanting Emerson to tell her she shouldn't.
 #13956  by Kay
Of course, it was inappropriate. She was the best friend of her husband's mistress's new girlfriend. Not to mention that Emily was married. "Don't go, just..." She took Emily's hand. "Wait a second." She took one of Emily's curls between her fingers. "Am I crazy or is there something between us?" It was more than the kiss they had shared. It was how she felt when she was near Emily. It was how she couldn't imagine spending the rest of the night without Emily by her side.