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 #13052  by Cat
Glad the conversation had turned back to a lighter tone, Emily nodded. "I'm a twin, so I always had to share my parties, but I never minded." She shrugged. "I sort of wish I'd made more of my own friends before I went to Hogwarts though. The children who attended were children of colleagues of my parents', which was fine... but..." She shrugged. "Do you enjoy throwing parties for your boys?"
 #13059  by Kay
"I do not." Emerson shrugged. She didn't like panning parties nor did she like attending school plays. Oh, she loved seeing the boy's perform, but the other 2 hours of it was always pure torture. "I know that makes me sound horrible, but I think that if most people were honest they would agree with me. Birthday parties have become this thing where the parents show off it's not even about the kid anymore." Emerson bopped the ballon she had been tying towards Emily. "And yes I realize how incorrect it is to admit this while preparing a child's birthday." She knew Louis was loved by his mothers, but she would be damned if there wasn't a part of Evelyn who was doing this to flaunt her family in Sebastien's face.
 #13101  by Cat
No matter whether Emily agreed with what Emerson was saying - and after all, she couldn't have the same perspective for even a second - the honesty was truly refreshing. She laughed at the other's words, then immediately hit the balloon back lightly in Emerson's direction. Why did she have to find Evelyn's best friend so endearing? Emerson was definitely Emily could see herself being friends with, but Evelyn was a potential barrier to that.

"No, I think it'd be wrong if you didn't admit it whilst you're preparing for a birthday party. Lots of people think they enjoy it until they actually do it." She picked up one of the balloons. "I'm actually an events planner myself," she explained.
 #13125  by Kay
"Oh are you?" Emerson couldn't remember if she had been told this before. She remembered a lot of talk about Sebastien, about Louis, about Vera... Not much had been said about Emily. Much was said about the cheaters, not enough about the cheated. "Do you enjoy the events you plan? Or is it more of a gratification felt once the event is over?" She was curious to find out what gratified Emily Anderson.
 #13178  by Cat
Emily tilted her head to the side, considering the question. She had never actually been asked this before. "I enjoy the planning," she replied finally with a firm nod. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy the events she planned, but rather that often the intended audience were for others very different to herself. She felt relieved when they were over, and all had gone well.

A child's birthday party? She was sure she would enjoy the planning and the event itself, but maybe that was because an infertile Emily appreciated all things family-orientated that little bit more than perhaps someone who hadn't struggled the way that she had.

"I like seeing the people I've planned the events for happy too. That's why I enjoy what I do."
 #13186  by Kay
Emerson smiled. It was nice to speak to someone who enjoyed what they did. She was of the opinion that people should choose a career they enjoyed considering a lot of time was spent working.

Eventually, the yard was ready or it was ready according to their standards. Whether it would please Evelyn remained to be seen, but Emerson didn't care for her best friend's contrarian standards.

The guest slowly started arriving, each one bringing a ridiculous amount of gifts considering Louis was two and would have no recollection whatsoever of the day's events. Emerson spent most of the afternoon sipping on wine while talking to various guests. Always irreverent and abrasive the small group of women who had orbited around her often blushed as they laughed about whatever anecdote Emerson was sharing.

Eventually, she excused herself from the small group and approached Emily. "Not too overwhelming?" She asked, wondering how it felt to be the stepmother in this strange arrangement.
 #13190  by Cat
Not to be one to be bothered by her own discomfort, Emily had done the doting wife act, the loveable stepmother thing, and now she was exhausted. When she saw Emerson approach her, a small flash of relief crossed her face. "This wouldn't have been my first choice of afternoon entertainment," she murmured in the brunette's ear. She held up her glass, gesturing that it was empty. "I need a refill." She had no idea if Emerson would follow, and she absolutely ignored the fact that she sort of wanted her to.

She headed in the direction of the kitchen. As she stepped inside, she noticed that the room was empty. Pouring herself a fresh glass, she allowed herself a few seconds grace to lean against the kitchen countertops and collect her thoughts. She had been doing a spectacular job at forgiving her husband, but something about being at his son's birthday party was a harsh reminder of the betrayal. She was allowed a second to cope with that, wasn't she?
 #13193  by Kay
Emerson chuckled. "What? Who wouldn't choose a bunch of oversugared children running around as their number one choice of entertainment?" There were a few sips of wine left in her own glass, but she took a few gulps in order to have an excuse to follow the blonde inside. Why she felt compelled to do so she was not sure.

Except when she entered the kitchen she realized that perhaps she was intruding. There was something about the blonde stance that seemed different at that moment, almost fragile. "Do you want me to tell them you went home with a headache?" Offering an escape seemed like the kind thing to do.
 #13194  by Cat
Emily shook her head, but did not speak, too worried that the word 'yes' might come out of her mouth instead. She chuckled dryly. "You know, you're very intuitive. I've been married to my husband for nearly twenty years, and he hasn't thought for one second to come and check to see if I'm alright." Did that make her selfish? After all, this was his son's birthday; he should be enjoying it.

She took a gulp of wine. "You know, you make me uncomfortable." She waved her wine glass, completely unaware that she was no longer just verging on tipsy, but very firmly there. "Not in a bad way, just in a way that doesn't make sense to me."
 #13196  by Kay
"You think?" Emerson felt like what she was doing was pretty basic. It didn't take much consideration to realize that this event would be difficult for Emily. She rolled her eyes as Emily mentioned Sebastien's lack of decency. She hadn't expected Vera and Evelyn to show much compassion they were both still trying to navigate this whole situation for themselves, but Sebastien could have been a bit more involved thought the woman who had barely spoken to her own husband since he had shown up with their sons.

Puzzled by what Emily shared next Emerson tried to approach the blonde as if getting a better look into Emily's eyes would help her understand what she was trying to say. "I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I just thought you could use a friend or something of the sort." Finally standing next to Emily she looked into the blonde's eyes. "What kind of uncomfortable?" She couldn't help asking, because when she looked into Emily's eyes she could only see warmth.
 #13198  by Cat
Emily tilted her head to the side. "I'm not sure," she replied slowly, eyes locked with Emerson's. Her eyes drifted to the soft curve of Emerson's lips, and she couldn't help wondering how they tasted. The thought felt both right and wrong in her head, and though she wanted to tear her eyes away from the other woman, she couldn't bring herself to. If she could spend the rest of eternity looking at Emerson Toscano, she was certain that it woudn't be long enough.

She hated this feeling, because Sebastien's betrayal had cut her so deeply to the core, yet Emerson's eyes on hers made her feel all kinds of things. An unfamiliar warmth settled in her tummy. She licked her lips, not realising her mouth gone dry. "Maybe nervous would be the better word," she said finally.
 #13200  by Kay
"I'm a lot." Or so she was told. She was loud and kind of obnoxious, she didn't filter much nor did she hold back. She wasn't sure which of those traits made Emily nervous, but as she looked into Emily's eyes she felt the exact opposite. She felt appeased.

She licked her lips. "There's nothing to be nervous about. I'm on your side." Had they been this close all along? She swallowed and leaned back a little. "Well on Louis's side first, but I guess what I mean is that I can see how it's hard for you."
 #13204  by Cat
In another situation, Emily might have laughed and thanked Emerson, perhaps blushed but regardless, she would have graciously appreciated the woman's words. This was not another situation.

The space between them was so small now, and Emily was so, so tempted to reach across and kiss her. At some point, Emerson had drifted towards her too, and the look in her eyes made Emily think that this was what the brunette wanted to. But then... then she was leaning back, and Emily was given enough space that she was able to slip out away from the kitchen counter and the brunette. She no longer felt trapped, and it made it a little bit easier to breathe, but another part of her was kicking herself for not seizing the opportunity whilst she had the chance.

"I should-" She gestured out the door, not really sure where she was intending to go once she left the kitchen.
 #13212  by Kay
Before she knew it Emily had slipped away and was heading back outside leaving Emerson to wonder what the bloody hell had just occurred. Emerson had her flirtatious side she wasn't unfamiliar with the exciting tensions it could cause, but this had been different. She hadn't even been flirting, she had simply been expressing support yet the tension had become palpable.

The brunette filled her glass and took a long sip she would need more alcohol to survive this party.