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 #32772  by Vyreia
"Depends 'ow special yer thinkin'. Will we need to dip into our quid budget? If so, might be a bit tight." She grinned widely, turned to continue the way to the studio.

"Yer thinkin' diamonds? Gold? My full name stamped on your tongue."
 #32780  by Ejder
Dino rolled his eyes. 'Ach, because that's totally my style... Definetely yer name. Matter of fact, I should even get yer name tattooed on my hole. Left cheek, I'm thinkin'?'

He shook his head. 'Ya buck eejit. No, I was thinkin' glow in the dark barbell. It would look awesome, and if the fire goes out in the common room, ya could still find me. Win-win, really.' Dino looked around the intersection they'd now reached. 'I think we're there. What did ya say the place was called?'
 #32837  by Vyreia
"Left cheek would be great." She commented. "Maybe don't get one that glows too much; I dun't wanna be able to find yer that well." She laughed.

She rounded the corner, looking up at the various shop signs as they entered the shopping district.

"Marcus Scarrs. Pretty good place; said they'd offer me an apprenticeship at the end of Hogwarts if I wanted it. Ah! Darn there." She pointed to one of the shops, somewhat dark and grungy looking in Knockturn Alley. "You ready?"
 #32852  by Ejder
'So hurtful,' Dino tutted cheerfully, poking his girlfriend's nose.

At the news of Velvet being offered an internship, Dino was honestly surprised. How had that happened? And honestly, wasn't it kind of unfair? No one was lining up to offer him any jobs, and he wasn't failing any more classes than Velvet was. Maybe he was kind of jealous. Hm. Might want to think about the future then. Hm.

Nah. Later. Right now, he was going to get his tongue pierced.

'Princess, I was born ready.'
 #32857  by Vyreia
Velvet grinned widely.

"Alright, let's go."

With that, she led the two into the shop. She greeted the receptionist and one of the artists that happened to be working on some sketches; it was evident that they recognised Velvet due to their friendly nature toward her.

"Hiya Tom! Got my friend 'ere, Dino. He wants a tongue piercing, somethin' good. Just wonderin', if I got my ear done, can we get two-for-one?" She asked, wiggling a brow.

Tom seemed to roll his eyes and then gesture for Dino to approach before asking the receptionist to get some forms for him to sign.

Velvet looked to Dino, smirking wickedly. "It's 'appening. It really is 'appening."
 #32865  by Ejder
Dino grabbed the paperwork and started scribbling away. These medical waivers were always so boring. Never any original questions. He looked up from the papers to grin broadly at Velvet.

'Ach, of course it's happenin'! Now ya see me, a perfectly hot guy, and in five minutes, we'll have reached peak perfection.'

He handed the papers back to the receptionist, and followed Tom to his work room. 'Ya comin'?' Dino called out to Velvet.
 #32874  by Vyreia
Velvet snorted.

"Yeah, duh!" She responded, smiling broadly. She gave Tom a wink before she gestured to follow them into the room. She waited as Tom began preparing instruments, and then showed an array of possible bars. Some were plainer than others, varying in length and design. He spoke about a couple, and recommended against spiked balls until Dino was more used to the feeling. That was understandable.

"Yer gettin' nervous? Which one yer gonna pick?"
 #32876  by Ejder
Dino looked at all the jewelry on offer, confused. This was a strange new world, and he was new to it. Too new to really be able to make a decision, and Velvet's goading wasn't helping. He was thinking of something, though, and suddenly his girlfriend's presence felt awkward. He glanced at her, and moved towards Tom, speaking in a hushed voice. Tom raised an eyebrow and he too glanced at Velvet. 'It doesn't matter,' the artist answered.

That didn't help Dino at all. After a few more seconds of indecision he just shrugged, pointing to the most basic, stainless steel stud. He looked up at Velvet and shrugged. 'I'll get used to the regular one first, and then we'll see.'
 #32896  by Vyreia
Velvet had no idea what Dino was whispering about. She furrowed her brows deeply, looking between the two men. They weren't allowed to share secrets with each other! She wanted to be involved on the whispers too!

"Aight, plain it is." She confirmed, still suspicious of the whole endeavour. But maybe it was best not to overthink it, right?

She moved over to the side as Tom began to slip on gloves and open new needles, ensuring tools were sanitised. Velvet looked at the different ear piercings available.

"Am thinkin' of gerrin' two an' 'avin' a chain from one t' other." She looked to Dino, smirking. "I'd get one last feel of yer naked tongue if I was you."
 #32902  by Ejder
Dino wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. He was a lot more comfortable about going back to his normal teasing self now that he had gotten his awkward question out of the way.

'Ya want one last feel, do ya? Want a last snog before I get even hotter?' Dino teased as he got into the chair.
 #32906  by Vyreia
Velvet snorted. "Ahhh, t' hell wi' it."

With that, she leaned over him and pressed her tongue into his mouth, indeed having one last feel. She pulled back, grinning broadly, eyes lighting up as she pushed hair out of her face.

"Think we should do a fashion update too since yer gonna look cooler in the mouth department. Why not buy some new jeans or summat?"
 #32909  by Ejder
Say, that was hardly snogging, that was only Velvet poking around in his mouth. Dino's eyes went wide with confusion. Ew, really. After that awkward moment he leaned back into the chair, mouthing the word why as he looked at his girlfriend.

Velvet certainly knew how to keep things interesting. 'Ach now I have two questions, Princess. Where are ya gettin' any quid at all from, and what's wrong with my fashion?' For the one part, Dino's parents were not giving him any clothes money, but mostly, didn't he look perfectly good as is? He glanced down at himself. He'd taken his coat off earlier in the lobby, and he was now wearing an almost not ratty System of a Down t-shirt and cargo pants. What could possibly be wrong with those?
 #32985  by Vyreia
Velvet shrugged.

"I help my dad durin' the holidays; go round wi' 'im whilst he does some of 'is freelance buildin' work an' all that. Y'know, 'elping wi' fittin' bathrooms, gardenin', buildin' tables an' chairs. All that shit. Y'gotta earn it sometimes, an' he gives me a bit extra 'cause am so good." She grinned brightly, clearly proud of herself. "Usually the clients are there so I can't use magic, but when we're doin' it alone I can really play a big part in it."

She looked over him.

"As for the outfit? Maybe just...needs an upgrade?" She said sheepishly.
 #32987  by Ejder
'Ach, someone's lucky,' Dino sighed. He'd helped his mother out at work once, filing cabinets and all. Not only was it the most tedious job in any imaginable universe, he also couldn't tell wbatever it was his ma did for a living. That, and he'd never seen the colour of any money...

He shrugged at Velvet. He still couldn't possibly fathom what was wrong with his outfit. He backed up comfortably into the chair, and looked at both Tom and Velvet expectingly. 'I'm ready!' He told the both of them.
 #32997  by Vyreia
Velvet didn't really want to admit it but...she had actually found a way to con the system. Galleons were made of gold and were worth around five pound sterling; the weight of gold was worth more than double that. All she had to do was exchange the galleons at the pawn shop for muggle coins, and then exchange them back to double the galleons, and then repeat. It was flawless logic! But...technically it made her a crook? Or did it? Was it just a loophole? She would have to tell Dino eventually! She was surprised nobody else was doing it!

"Are you suuuuuure you're ready?" She wiggled a brow. "Wanna hold me hand?" She gestured, offering for him to take it as Tom moved in.