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 #32473  by Ejder
Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

This thread contains posts or themes involving probably language, and teenagers being dumb that may be uncomfortable for some players or that may not be appropriate for all ages. If you would like to know more before reading, please PM the player who started the thread. If you feel that this thread's content exceeds what is appropriate or is otherwise offensive, please report it.
Location: London • Date: January 1995
Time of Day: Afternoon • Weather: Snowy

Snow was falling, never to meet the ground. London was only sludgy, wet streets. The weather was grey, and it was already getting dark, but Dino did not care. They were due to return to school the next day, and his parents had agreed to let him stay with his girlfriend for last weekend. They weren't too keen on getting to King's Cross themselves, seeing as they barely got out of Derry, so they'd agreed, after Dino had been a complete melter and had done their head in, to let him and Orla stay in London. Orla was crashing at her best friend's place, but they had hesitated to let their son spend the night at his girlfriend's. Finallty they'd relented, in what Dino would have considered to be a sudden moment of open-mindedness, if spending the night with Velvet had meant anything more to either of them than listening to the lastest in punk rock and nu metal CDs they'd gotten for Christmas.

More than their son's nocturnal activities, though, Dino's parents should have been worried about what he was about to do with Velvet during the day.

The teenagers were running through the streets excitedly, heading towards the tattoo and piercing parlour.

'Remind me why I'm doing this again?' Dino asked. He was sure it was going to hurt like a bitch, but he was still game, and went along with Velvet's craziest ideas.
 #32480  by Vyreia
Velvet was glad that Dino had finally convinced his parents to let him stay at hers - her parents hadn't seemed to mind too much, but they had at least raised a brow at the request. But eventually, they had relented, believing that it would perhaps keep her out of trouble to have a friend around. How wrong they were. She was likely going to cause even more trouble now that Dino was here.

Already, they were running down the street, Velvet's heavy boots hitting the pavement with force as she led the way to the parlour. She looked over to him, grinning her toothy smile.

"'cause it's fun!" She beamed, her pace slowing slightly. "Yer not gettin' cold feet now, are ya?"
 #32482  by Ejder
Dino beamed right back at his friend. 'Ach, shut your bake! Ya know I'm not ascared of anything!'

Any idea Velvet had, anything he was ever dared to do, he did, just to prove he could. He was actually enthusiastic about this one, though. Velvet had her tongue pierced, and it looked awesome. She'd sold him to the idea when she'd shown him an article in a Muggle magazine about tongue piercing. The article spoke a lot about the risks related to the procedure, but Dino has only glanced at that part, far more interested as he was in the reasons for the piercing. And when the article had shown pictures of men with tongue studs, Dino knew he was immediately sold.

He continued running until he landed with both feet in a large puddle, and grimaced. 'Well, my guddies are soaked, so my feet actually are cold, but ya know.' He took slower steps, the cold water sloshing out of his brand new Etnies. 'Ya know, I still can't believe our parents let us sleep together in the same bed, especially when ya know what they're thinking... My ma gave me a quid to buy protection.'
 #32520  by Vyreia
"Ohhhhh, protection" Velvet repeated, her tone somewhat cooed and flirtatious. Her pace slowed a little, arms swinging as they neared the locations - best not to be really tired out before getting a piercing. Who knows, maybe she would get another ear piercing whilst she was there as a nice little addition to the growing collection.

"Kinda weird though, innit? They know what couples do together but still let it 'appen? That sounds like an error on their part." She laughed. "So what should we do wi' the quid? Actually buy protection? we could make balloon animals wi' it."
 #32541  by Ejder
Dino shrugged. 'We've been together for a wee year, haven't we? I'm sure they figure if it hasn't happened by now, it's bound to happen soon, and better safe than sorry? My ma doesn't want orange-haired babies, d'ya reckon?' He grinned lopsidedly at his girlfriend.

'Have ya ever touched one? Apparently they're all slimy, don't think ya would be able to make much of anything with it. Maybe I could keep it? I could have some use for it one day, ya know.'
 #32574  by Vyreia
"A year already? That's mad..." Velvet mused, but then smirked at Dino as he stated that he didn't want orange-haired babies. "Rude. So-so rude." She commented, poking him in the shoulder.

She shoved her hands in her pockets as she walked.

"Never touched one, nah. Even more reason t' buy one, I guess. I mean, clearly I dun't 'ave any need for it...neither do you, actually since yer gettin' nowhere near." She grinned. "Maybe we can - like - make a water balloon?"
 #32582  by Ejder
'Wow, look who's being rude now,' Dino replied, sticking out his tongue. It wasn't because he wasn't getting anywhere now that it meant that was going to be the permanent state of things, right? He was totally going to get some. Soon! Eventually. Probably not at Hogwarts... He sighed, but continued to grin. 'Ach, yer right, they do have an expiration date on them. Might has well use one to have fun in a way I can actually get!'

He hoaked around his pocket, and tossed the quid to Velvet. He'd taken the habit of giving his money to Velvet on the Hogwarts Express so she could manage what he bought. Otherwise he just tended to buy the weirdest, least popular candy for the hell of it, and often they'd ended up disappointed and hungry.

Dino's eyes widenend at the moention of water balloons. 'What if we hurled it at people?' That sounded like a great idea. No way it could ever go wrong and end badly.
 #32618  by Vyreia
Velvet took the cash with ease, flipping it over in her fingers. She kind of had to wonder how the exchange rate worked between galleons and pound sterling; after all, it was likely some old man with nothing to do that decided it should be some ridiculous exchange rate. Maybe it had to be in order to keep the secret alive - but surely, at one point, magical folk and non-magical people had to have the same currency, right? Like all the way back in the 1300s? Did they exchange coins or chickens? She wasn't sure - history had never been her strong point.

"Now that - that right there - is a smashin' idea. Reyt, okay. Throw at people...but what if we made it a bit more interestin'? What if we used water from the kettle?" She asked, grinning at him. "Jokin'! Jesus, yer should of seen yer face!"

She laughed loudly, feet clunking along on the pavement.

"D'yer think I should stop sayin' 'Jesus'? I say it at Hogwarts an' they all look at me weird. But I dun't really wanna slip an' say 'Merlin's Beard' here because that's fuckin' stupid."
 #32629  by Ejder
Dino's eyes went wide at Velvet's suggestion. He was down for anything, but mainly if it involved risking his own safety. He wasn't so keen on risking that of others, and so the orange-haired girl's revelation that it had been a joke made him grimace. She'd had him going.

'Of course I didn't think ya were serious, is yer head cut?' Dino shook his head. 'Woman, I'm a Catholic from Norn Iron. I went to a school taught by nuns. D'ya really think I think it's weird when people say Jesus? Catch yerself on.' He grinned crookedly at his girlfriend.

He was going to add something potentially clever when he was distracted by the sight of a tall punk in a leather jacket and ripped jeans. He had to turn his head not to lose him from sight. 'Hmmm,' he muttered admiratively.
 #32685  by Vyreia
"Yeah, dun't mind me or owt, not like am yer girlfriend - think am now the side platter." Velvet laughed as Dino craned his neck to be able to watch a punk as they moved in the opposite direction. She rolled her eyes slightly, but she understood; the guy was cool looking after all.

"What is it wi' you an' punks anyway? Is that yer kink?" She teased, pushing his shoulder. "Should I put my hair in a Mohawk an' wear more leather? Maybe more eye make up? More piercings? Ohhhh! We should definitely pierce my ear again - still got the pin from last time."
 #32699  by Ejder
Dino grinned. 'And a very good side platter at that.' Eventually when the punk had turned the corner Dino turned his head back frontwards, and put him out of his mind. He shrugged. 'Tight pants, leather jacket, bad boy, rebel... I quite like that.'

He ruffled his hair and gave Velvet a sideways glance. 'Ach, I'm sure that would do the trick. Nah, there's just some parts ya have too much of, and some parts ya sorely lack.' He smirked. 'But I'd absolutely support mohawks and leather on ya.' Piercings, he didn't know. How many piercings did a single person need? Meh, Velvet looked really cool, so he supposed it was all part of it. 'I do not understand how I'm yer most punk friend.'
 #32717  by Vyreia
Velvet smirked, looking over her boyfriend for a moment.

"Well, I dun't mind flat chested, but there is one part that yer do 'ave that am not too keen on." She grinned. "Might actually turn me vegetarian...can yer get vegetarian sausage?" She asked, though shook her head, clearly not that interested in whether there was such thing as vegetarian sausage. Surely there was! Vegetarians were on the rise, after all.

"Y'know, after yer get yer tongue done, we won't be able to make out until it's healed. So if yer wanted to get some out of the way just to remember me by?" She winked at him.
 #32719  by Ejder
'I prefer the meat any day,' Dino said, wriggling his eyebrows suggestively. 'Ah, yes, let's snog ferociously. We all know that the thought of us snogging is what keeps me up at night. Wouldn't want to pass up on that.'

He was joking, but he still did pull Velvet closer and gave her a peck on the lips. Kissing Velvet might not be exciting, but it was sweet, and they'd been doing it so long at this point it was just part of their relationship.
 #32732  by Vyreia
Velvet snorted, rolled her eyes, but accepted the action of being pulled closer into him. She kissed him back, closing her eyes a moment, and then pulled away, grinning.

"Ah-ha! See? That magical lipstick really dun't smudge, and nobody seems to suspect a thing! I didn't get any on you this time." She spoke up, running her thumb across his mouth. "Man, don't get too excited before yer get yer tongue pierced, wun't want the guy to get weirded out by you."
 #32749  by Ejder
Dino attempted to bat away Velvet's hand, but to no avail, so he simply rolled his eyes. Indeed, though, better that he not arrive at the studio with a mouth covered in lipstick.

'Too excited? That's not going to depend on snogging ya, that's going to depend on how the guy looks.' He winked at his girlfriend. 'Should I get a special barbel, or just a regular one?'