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 #29468  by Kay
Elyse Nordstrom ★ Witch ★ W.A.R.T. Administrator
Elyse laughed at the absurdity of the question. "Not since college," she answered as she turned towards her friend expecting her to join her in laughter. She had nothing against those who partook in those proclivities, it simply was not her preference.

Waving off the laughter, she shook her head. Why was her friend stuck on this? Was she offended to realize that Elyse had kept something from her? Was she simply envious of Elyse's liberty? "It's not always easy you know?" She turned towards the ocean. Her constant churn reminded her of those feelings she worked so hard to avoid. "There are moments when I'm tempted to leave him and..." She shrugged, unable to completely come to peace with her own impulses. Confronted by her own disgusting weakness, she got lost in the waves rolling before her. A tear snuck down her cheek before she could notice it, she wiped it quickly.
 #29476  by Alatariel
Viktoria Klein★ Witch ★ Designer
Viktoria too had slept with a woman during college, Samantha had been her name. The witch had lived across the hall from her and she constantly had girls coming and going from her room in all states of undress. She had intrigued it right from the beginning, though it had been the tattoo of a snake that slithered up and down her arm that had first caught her attention. She had been everything Viktoria was not, rude, abrasive, edgy and so very alternative. She also paid no attention to the German witch who sometimes woke up to people pounding on her door late at night asking for 'Samantha.'

It had taken five months of living in the same dorm and a request for sugar one Sunday morning for them to actually sleep together, but even then Viktoria was sure that Samantha didn't even know name. Eventually however, the amount of girls coming and going decreased until it was only Viktoria making the trek across the hall. It had only last a year, but it was the best sex she'd ever had, and even after so many years, Viktoria still wondered whether it was because Sam had been a girl, and not a boy.

"Maybe we should both leave them and be together," She joked around the lip of the wine bottle. Or at least she had been joking when she said it, but now...it sort of made sense didn't it? The two obviously got each other more than their husbands.
 #29487  by Kay
Elyse Nordstrom ★ Witch ★ W.A.R.T. Administrator
Elyse's experiences with women had been for her boyfriend's gaze more than it had been for her own pleasure. Seeing him go crazy with lust every time she pressed her lips against her sorority sister's had been the aphrodisiac she had sought. It was the power he relinquished she craved, not the soft plump lips of the woman had kissed.

"They would be angrier about being left out, than about being left," she observed more enticed by the thought of Erik finding out about them, than about the thought of kissing her friend. The intimacy they shared was not as alluring to her as the goals and ambitions she shared with Erik. He would be Secretary of Magic someday and she would be right beside him.

She brought her legs close to her chest, wrapped her arms around them, and rested the side of her head on her knees. Calm and resolute she looked at her best friend. "Maybe we don't leave them, we wouldn't want to bruise their egos," she teased as if entertaining the thought of she and Viktoria as lovers.
 #29519  by Alatariel
Viktoria Klein★ Witch ★ Designer
"No, I don't suppose we would," Viktoria replied, though in that moment, there was nothing she wanted more than to bruise Phillip's ego. Perhaps taking him down a few notches would give Viktoria a little space to breath, though she doubted it. It would probably make the man all the more suffocating.

Phillipa could be so clingy. He barely let Viktoria out of his sights just in case they were needed for some political function, it was only when they were on holiday with the Nordstroms that he let her have time to herself. Though it was most probably more because the man himself had things he wanted to do, and having his wife tag along would not be nearly as fun.

Handing the bottle of wine to Elyse, Viktoria stood and brushed off sand that clung to her legs. Elyse was obviously committed to Erik, even if she wasn't hopelessly in love with him, and for some reason that felt like a kick in the stomach. If she didn't know an better, she would say she was jealous. Though whether she was jealous of the relationship or Erik himself, Viktoria didn't know.

"Let's head back inside, I could do with a nice bubble bath I think."
 #29599  by Kay
Elyse Nordstrom ★ Witch ★ W.A.R.T. Administrator
Elyse was slightly surprised. She had assumed that they would spend the evening together. Silently she got up and brushed off the sand from her jeans.

Every few steps she took a sip of wine. "Are you going to turn in?" She asked trying to remain as detached as possible.
 #29601  by Alatariel
Viktoria Klein★ Witch ★ Designer
Viktoria looked at Elyse and found she was unable to nod her head in confirmation. Heading to bed sounded like a good idea, especially with how she was currently feeling—Viktoria really didn’t want to ruin their evening by being out of sorts—but she also didn’t want to hurt Elyse’s feelings by locking herself away all night.

“No,” She answered with a shake of her head. “We still have that other bottle of wine to drink and you promised to show me how to preform that yoga pose you talked about this morning.” Viktoria smiled at the blonde as the last streak of color disappeared into the blue sea. Elyse was no longer lit up by the sun, but she was still beautiful. She was always beautiful.

 #30008  by Kay
Elyse Nordstrom ★ Witch ★ W.A.R.T. Administrator
Elyse chuckled. She had indeed offered to show her friend a few yoga poses. The suggestion had been made to goad the sedentary designer more than anything. "I didn't think you would take me up on that offer," she teased with a smirk. Viktoria was notorious for having an enviable figure without a single effort. "Perhaps you should be the one to give tips. Your arms are incredible." She looked at the woman's defined appendage enviously.
 #30081  by Alatariel
Viktoria Klein★ Witch ★ Designer

Chuckling, Viktoria looked at her arms, reached a hand across her body and pinched her biceps between her fingers and thumb, "Gymnastics. My parents had me enrolled until I started Ilvermony," She shrugged and dropped her hand, "It made me quite the beater."

Reaching for the wine Elyse was holding, she brought hit to her lips as she began to walk, "Let's head back. I want to enjoy the piece and quiet before they get back." She smirked, "I'm also not quite ready to give you back to Erik just yet."
 #30171  by Kay
Elyse Nordstrom ★ Witch ★ W.A.R.T. Administrator
"How hard must it be to share me with Erik," the congressman's wife bantered.

Erik did not share; he claimed, he owned, at times he discarded, but he did not share. Yet as her friend talked in terms of giving her back to her husband, Elyse completely understood the sentiment. Not only that, but she also felt as though she was not ready to be offered back to her husband.

Their trek back to their beach house was soothed by the ocean's perpetual movements. Once back inside Elyse sat in one of the sofa and gestured for her friend to join her. While wine glasses were within arms' reach, she took the bottle and drank from it. "You're not like the other politicians' wives," she voiced for the first time since they had met.
 #30220  by Alatariel
Viktoria Klein★ Witch ★ Designer
Viktoria raised a brow at Elyse but remained quiet as they made their way back to the house. Once inside, she discarded her shoes, reveling in the no-maj air conditioning pumping through the vents in the floor boards and flopped down next to the blonde congresswoman.

"Oh?" She rolled her head to the side and stared at Elyse, "Explain."
 #30222  by Kay
Elyse Nordstrom ★ Witch ★ W.A.R.T. Administrator

Elyse turned to stare ahead. She had naively believed that she would be understood without having to explain. As stated earlier, she did not discuss feelings and it just so happened that her statement had everything to do with the unreliable buggers. It was not Viktoria's personality that made her different as much as it was the way she made Elyse feel.

"I don't have to pretend," she answered not quite willing to say more. In the game of politics, Viktoria had become a haven. A place where Elyse could simply be without worrying about optics
 #30224  by Alatariel
Viktoria Klein★ Witch ★ Designer
Realizing that Elyse wasn't going to explain further, Viktoria frowned before sitting up and turning so that she faced the woman. Tucking a leg beneath her, she draped her across the back of the couch, her fingers nearly brushing Elyse's shoulder.

"You don't have to pretend but you still hide." Licking her lips, she let her head fall to the side. "We've known each other for nearly four years, and you still only tell me half truths."

 #30227  by Kay
Elyse Nordstrom ★ Witch ★ W.A.R.T. Administrator
Seemingly unperturbed by Viktoria's accusation, Elyse kept her gaze cloaked from her friend's prying eyes. Staring at the wall she contemplated the designer's bothersome observation.

"I don't," she dismissed firmly, but even as she spoke she felt herself retreating. One peel at a time she built herself back into her usual role; the Congressman's wife. She sat straighter, she crossed the legs... Her shell hardened until her very appearance became veiled with half-truths. She finally turned to look at Viktoria. "I confide in you," she argued with a sour smile. The vicious smile she offered when fooling lesser politician's wives.

Viktoria's allegation had stung. Elyse had shared secrets with the woman. She considered her to be her best friend. Perhaps, in fact, her only friend. She would vehemently deny Viktoria's stance, all while iconically proving her right. Now she was completely hidden.