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 #27381  by Vyreia
Character viola yorkAge 28Job practical potioneer, columnistprofile

« the night commencing the birth of Dorian Iver »
17th May 2003

Viola didn't know what to do with herself. For one thing, she knew she did not, under no circumstances, want to breastfeed. It was apparently painful, and really, was it even necessary!? As soon as Nathan and Ciceron had left after a lot of pushing on her part, she had finally allowed it to all sink in. One moment, she was a rambunctious young woman ready to take on the world...the next, she was nearly a thirty year old mother. Ugh!

As the night approached, Viola wanted as little to do with setting up as possible. The baby was in a makeshift bed to the side, and Viola was somewhat afraid to make eye contact with the little thing. Babies were scary! Even scarier when she knew she was stuck with it for eighteen years at the very least! She glanced over to Aidan.

"You're on baby watch tonight." And perhaps for all of eternity if she could help it.
 #27531  by Aidan
"Tonight? What?" said Aidan, looking up from the bottles he was cleaning.

After her one attempt at breast feeding, Viola had quickly sent out Aidan for some baby bottles and formula. He was now using blasts of hot water from the tip of his wand to disinfect them and set them all out for the night.

He supposed it was only fair he get up with the baby the first night. She was exhausted.

"Ok..." he finally said, "Then what should we do for a schedule after that? Every other night?"

this already sounded exhausting.
 #27532  by Vyreia
Character viola yorkAge 28Job practical potioneer, columnistprofile
Viola furrowed her brows in his general direction, crossing her arms as she started to imagine waking up in the middle of every single night just to care for the little gremlin. She pursed her lips, trying to think of a way how to word it.

"Er...yeah...sure..." She said, with absolutely no intention to get up in the night. "Or I mean...maybe you could until I have caught up on sleep. Apparently, mothers feel exhausted for days, perhaps even weeks after. Need lots of rest."

She stepped to where he was stood, looking over his back. He seemed far more grown up suddenly.

"Weird to think that only ten years ago I was graduating Hogwarts and you was...well...worried about your OWLs? What was you even doing ten years ago?"
 #27534  by Aidan
"Ten years ago?" said Aidan looking up. "I don't know. I was fifteen... dodging little Michelle Binx for one... avoiding Dice like the plague for another. I wasn't made a prefect until sixth year so... it was pretty miserable times. thank you for reminding me. Now ask me what I was doing nine years ago..." He smiled, then said, "Dice had graduated so I didn't have to deal with him... I was a prefect so I didn't have to take shit from anyone... I developed my first real crush on another student who also was a fellow prefect so... it was looking up a bit then."

Just then the baby started to cry. Hadn't he just been fed an hour ago?

Aidan sighed, and starting to fill a bottle said, "Some of the past is a bit of a blur. I didn't have a very happy childhood. but then... I suppose you didn't either, right? Someone said something like that once... "
 #27536  by Vyreia
Character viola yorkAge 28Job practical potioneer, columnistprofile
"You was a prefect?" She snorted. "Fucking nerd."

She tossed her head, looking away. Who cares that she had been making an effort to be made a prefect and was beaten!? She didn't care! What did it matter?!

Dorian was crying, she Viola ran her hands through her hair, closing her eyes.

"Yeah, my childhood was shit, duh. Why else would I be the way I am?" But she couldn't think properly. The baby, Aidan, the stress...she waved a dismissive hand.

"I'm going to the lab. Try not to need me." She said quickly. By 'lab', she clearly meant the little office on the upper floor that she had started moving some of her notes into. But in reality, she just wanted to be in a dark room with maybe a sound proofing spell so she could scream.
 #27537  by Aidan
As the baby continued to cry as Aidan fixed the bottle, he kept waiting for Viola to go and pick it up, but then...

He whipped his head around as she headed for the door.

"You... you're leaving? I thought...weren't you saying you needed rest?"

He walked over to the makeshift bassinet then picking the baby up carefully and putting the bottle to it's mouth. The little thing seemed to be struggling with what to do.
 #27538  by Vyreia
Character viola yorkAge 28Job practical potioneer, columnistprofile
"What? Oh er...well, yeah but...y'know...something came up." She said quickly, really not wanting to give him anything to respond with before she opened the door.

"You'll be fine, I'm sure."

She was not sure, but he would likely be better than her. And she wasted little time to exit.
 #27540  by Aidan
Aidan sat down in the rocker and tried to feed the baby again. It was clearly hungry and kept turning it's head, and trying to burry its face into his chest wile it screamed.

Ten minutes later he was near to tears! He felt maybe he had gotten half a teaspoon into the baby!

He put Dorian down, paced a moment, picked him up, then finally put him down once more, strode over to the desk, and began to write a hurried OWL to Hera.

She would know what to do...