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 #25374  by TyrellRose
Location: Hogwarts Entrance Hall • Date: May 10
Most of the students were on a Hogsmade trip, which was probably why Draco's visit to Hogwarts had been scheduled for this day. Among his other duties with the Ministry and the family business, he had also taken up a position on the Board of Governors for Hogwarts, and he was long overdue for an inspection, to see how things were running.

He waited in the Entrance Hall, his eyes drawn to a memorial plaque for those who fought and died in the Second Wizarding War. His heart dropped for a moment. Every time he saw it, he remembered one name that would never be on it. With a heavy sigh, he read the rest of the names on the plaque as he did every time he visited the school.
 #25652  by Peyton
Scorpius Malfoy • Hogwarts Student • Slytherin • 16
"I don't have a quote to put here yet."
Scorpius had a free weekend and, while other students wanted to goHogsmeade, he preferred staying behind today and finishing up some assignments at the spacious tables in the Great Hall. So it was an easy choice when his friends had left and he didn’t, to go and work a little on his Muggle Studies essay, about the uses of “media” in society. He had a hard time admitting out loud that he loved his secret cell phone and thought he would write about that and pretend it was from research and not experience.

Down the corridor and into the Entrance Hall he went, planning to cut through right away, but he spotted a familiar figure standing looking at the Memorial. “Dad?” he questioned, his voice echoing a little as he changed direction and headed toward his father.
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 #25661  by TyrellRose
Draco glanced sideways at the sound of the familiar voice, arching an eyebrow. He hadn't expected to come across his son. It was supposed to be a quick in and out inspection, and his son was supposed to be in Hogsmeade.

Or maybe he had gotten the date wrong.

He gave a smile and a nod. "Hello Scorpius," he said, turning away from the memorial and facing his approaching son. "Sorry I couldn't write to you and tell you I was going to be here, but this came up rather quickly. How are you?"

He adjusted his tie, then stood with his arms at his sides, fully aware that other people could come around the corner at any moment, not wanting to be too distant, but also not being too familiar.
 #25665  by Peyton
Scorpius Malfoy • Hogwarts Student • Slytherin • 16
"I don't have a quote to put here yet."
Scorpius didn’t expect his father to hug him or anything spectacular like that, but greetings always felt so cold between them. His father was all work and no play.

“Good, thanks.” He paused and glanced at his school bag. “I’ve stayed back from Hogsmeade to work on an essay,” he said, thinking of how if his father had a cell phone he could have just texted that he was coming up- though on some level, Scorpius was sure the other wouldn’t have come if he know he was going to be there.
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 #25668  by TyrellRose
Draco nodded thoughtfully, his gaze shifting to Scorpius' bag before landing back to meet his eyes. "Very responsible," he said, nodding. His son had always been focused on school, something Draco was happy with. Just like him, his son was near the top of his class, or at least that was the impression he was getting.

Then he grew curious. "Which class?" Draco asked, thinking he might be able to offer some words of wisdom. After all, it wasn't every day he was right there with Scorpius while he was working on an essay.

 #25902  by Peyton
Scorpius Malfoy • Hogwarts Student • Slytherin • 16
"I don't have a quote to put here yet."
Thinking it was a once in a lifetime change to have his father actually be interested in what he was doing for school, Scorpius jumped n the opportunity. He brightened a little, eyebrows raising, as his elder offered help.

"Actually, it's for Muggle Studies. The essay is on muggle media, you know, television and cell phones and that sort of thing," he said, giving the other a quick run down before he caught himself and wonder if it had been the wrong thing to tell his father so much, knowing his grandparents' views, and really the entire rest of his family's views as well.
 #25998  by TyrellRose
He couldn't deny that he was eager to offer his son some help with his essay, but when Scorpius told him what class it was, Draco deflated a bit. "I see," he murmured, grey eyes searching the younger Malfoy carefully. "I didn't know you were taking Muggle Studies," he added, frowning. When had he gotten so out of touch with what his son was doing? He didn't know

"Unfortunately, I won't be able to help you with that. I'm not entirely familiar with muggle technology," he said, letting out a slow breath through his nose. He wasn't necessarily angry or disappointed, although it probably wasn't coming across that way.

 #26180  by Peyton
Scorpius Malfoy • Hogwarts Student • Slytherin • 16
"I don't have a quote to put here yet."
Immediately Scorpius could tell that he was disappointing his father by even being in a Muggle Studies class. He watched the other go from excited to help all the way down to practically disgusted. At least that was what Scorpius read it as. It was something he was maybe used to, disappointing his father so much. Nothing he did seemed to make the other too proud of him, except maybe when he was sorted into Slytherin during his first year.

He decided to try a different approach this time, something he'd been thinking about for quite a while. "Some of the things they've come up with are actually quite useful, even for those of us who are lucky enough to be magical. One of the things I'm touching on in my essay... is the cell phone. Have your heard of them?" he asked, his fingers itching to pull the one from his pocket.
 #26206  by TyrellRose
He could instantly tell that his son wasn't happy with his response. Draco frowned, telling himself he needed to try to be more supportive of his son, even if it was regarding things he didn't understand. With that in mind, he fixed what he hoped was an interested expression on his face as his son told him about how muggle technology could be useful. It was with a heavy pang as he remembered watching the muggle telly with Astoria all those years ago.

Then Scorpius mentioned the 'cell phone', and Draco squinted, trying to think if they had come up before. Given that he worked quite closely with Granger these days as the Head of a department to her Minister for Magic, she often talked about different technology, but the names all tended to blend together. He eventually shook his head lightly.

"I can't say I have," he answered honestly. He had to be supportive. "What are they used for?" Showing interest was good, right?
 #26218  by Peyton
Scorpius Malfoy • Hogwarts Student • Slytherin • 16
"I don't have a quote to put here yet."
Scorpius had no idea how his father hadn't even heard of a cell phone before. He fought the urge to seem excited about it and tried to play like it was something he didn't have extensive knowledge on.

"They're like small... books, but they don't open usually. They just show the information on the front, on what's called a screen. You can send a quick letter to someone via what's called a text message, because it's a message that contains... well, text. You can also place a call to someone else who has one, and speak to that person. Sort of like enchanted mirrors... It's the size of my hand and has all the information someone could need. Directions, dictionaries, email- the electronic version of owls or interdepartmental memos, only faster and with less trash." He paused as he realized he was getting carried away.
 #26521  by TyrellRose
As Scorpius explained what a ell phone was, Draco could feel a headache coming on. It was almost too much, and he was struggling to try and understand the concept. It sounded like something he would need to see to believe, but at the same time, he wasn't sure if he really wanted to see it. It was just so different from what he considered to be normal in the world.

Still, though, he fought to appear interested. If nothing else, at least his son was interested in something. Draco nodded along, and when the boy finally paused, he drew in a breath.

"Less trash, hm?" he mused, thinking about it for a moment. "It certainly sounds... useful. They're non-magical, though, right? So how on earth does it do all of that?" It was genuine confusion, although regretfully it came off in a sharper tone than he was intending.
 #26671  by Peyton
Scorpius Malfoy • Hogwarts Student • Slytherin • 16
"I don't have a quote to put here yet."
Scorpius was actually rather thrilled that his father wasn't immediately showing distaste for the fact that his son was slightly excited about a muggle object that he'd never heard of before.

"Science," he said, with a little smile. His dad didn't get it, but it was slightly funny to him regardless. "So, there are frequencies in the air, right? I like the radio. Radio frequencies are different than cell phone ones, and there are others too. Sound is a frequency. Light and color and heat are frequencies. It's sort of like magic actually. But the cell frequencies carry the signal from one tower to the next and it passes the call along almost instantaneously. It's really cool actually."

Okay, so maybe he was a little too excited about this whole muggle object thing, but he really wanted to get his out of his pocket to show his father. He just was positive that this wasn't the time or place for that.
 #26692  by TyrellRose
The headache grew stronger as Scorpius tried to explain science to him. Then again, he did use a radio. He wasn't sure if the radio he had was fully magical or not, but he figured there was some magic involved. He hadn't thought about how it worked before, honestly.

"Like a radio, hm?" he asked, trying to wrap his brain around words like 'frequencies' and 'signals'. "That's quite the thing the muggles invented," he said, crossing his arms in front of him. "Have you... you haven't used one before, have you?" He knew muggle devices didn't work at Hogwarts, but he also didn't know everything his son did over the summer. In fact, admittedly, he didn't know a lot about his son.

"It's nice to see you so interested in something," he added. As much as he was confused by the concept it was the truth. He liked seeing his son so enthusiastic. It was a side he didn't see too often.
 #26995  by Peyton
Scorpius Malfoy • Hogwarts Student • Slytherin • 16
"I don't have a quote to put here yet."
Scorpius glanced to the side when his father asked if he had ever used a muggle cell phone. He had two options. He could tell the other the truth, that yes he had used one before and actually owned one that he used to text his friends when he wasn't in the castle. Or, he could flat out lie in order to save himself from the backlash that he was absolutely, definitely going to get for using a muggle item like that. He took a deep breath and looked at his father.

"Yes, I have used one. Actually, I..." he paused, suddenly nervous. "I actually have one. I own one, I mean." He was admitting almost a cardinal sin to a member of one of the most affluential pureblood families that he'd ever heard of. But being afraid of new things and things unknown wasn't going to help anyone in this day and age. "Most of us do, actually. Students, I mean. Texting is faster than owling."
 #27162  by TyrellRose
Draco's first instinct was to scream. He could feel his eye twitching, and his headache was overwhelming. His son owned a muggle device. His son. The Malfoy heir. Heir to one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. A pureblood. Owned a muggle device. And he had been none the wiser. His own father would be turning over in his grave.

At the same time, though, Scorpius seemed so genuine, and was insistent that it was a good thing, a helpful thing. Draco just couldn't wrap his brain around the fact that his own son was so in tune with the muggle world. Nor could he wrap his brain around the fact that he had had no clue. What a good father he was. What a good patriarch he was.

Instead of screaming, he let out a breath. "And... just how did you get one of them?" he asked. It was the only thing he could think to say that wasn't completely dismissing the notion. He had thought he knew everything about the Malfoy finances, but somehow this had slipped through the cracks.