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 #25251  by RoseLily

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Location: Hogwarts Fight Club Classroom • Date: 3 November 988
Time of Day: After Dinner • Weather: Stormy Night Skies

It was Artemyant's second last year as a Slytherin. And it had been a year since his twin brothers death. Their father murdering him had really brought more anger out than before. He had gone back to Hogwarts with more anger. He had started fighting and getting into tons of trouble with the Professors and other students. So much so that the Headmaster had let Artemyant start his own Fight club within the school. He had been trying for years but it wasn't until he was taking it out on everyone around him that the Headmaster had seen how much he needed it and allowed for an empty classroom to be used at certain periods of the night after all homework was completed.

Artemyant had just handed in his assignments to the supervising Professor when he'd run into one of his fellow Slytherin's. "Ready for this?" the other Slytherin spoke with a leering voice trying to make Artemyant lose his cool. "I always love a good clean punch or two," Artemyant spoke back. His voice coming out crueler than he had intended it too with a threatening tone. He smirked viciously and went into the male change rooms and changed into his fighting clothing.

What he wore was a dark Green Muggle tank top and a pair of Black trunks. He also had on some good fighting shoes that had been bloodied so many times that washing them didn't lose the stain of his opponents dried blood. His wand was in his pocket and his blonde hair was short enough he didn't need to pull it back.

He sat down on the Slytherin bench and waited for the matches to be called out and begin.