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 #19707  by Vyreia
A Magical Halloween


Typically, Viola was not interested in Halloween for the Muggle aspects of dressing up, eating sweets, or carving pumpkins. She was a woman that enjoyed the darkness of it all, despite not being dark in her daily life. Her days consisted of potions, herbology, and practising charms - both magical, and of the charismatic side. It was rather ordinary for her to be invited to at least two Deathday parties, but in the end, a party was just a party. It was no better nor worse than any wedding, birthday party, or New Years party. But Halloween was an opportunity to try things that she usually wasn't capable of.

Apparently, there were rumours of enhanced dark magic at places of death and despair, and that was where she was going. Where Muggles may like a seance to speak to the dead, Viola hired a seer or spiritual witch/wizard to contact the dead to drain them of their remaining energy. Rage and anger were some of the most powerful emotions, and if there was a chance Viola could snatch it from an already helpless soul, then it was worth a shot! Sure, her conscience would likely be damaged along with her moral compass. But once again, Viola didn't care if she was to gain.

With that in mind, she took the opportunity to dress in a black, flowing dress with deep feathers at the plunged neckline, a cape draped over her shoulders, and the velvet of her dress hugging her slim waist. As always, her make up was precise and elegant, if not darker and filled with a demure touch.

Whilst others were going to parties, only those who wanted to reap the benefits of the rumoured magic would go to the magical cemetery. As Viola glanced around, she saw a couple of other lone witches and wizards sitting at headstones, taking samples of the rocks and vegetation that grew, their wands out to enhance protection barriers or to take them down. Apparently, some of these were prime targets to being dug up and robbed, particularly the wealthy graves. But Viola was only interested in one grave in particular. Juras York. The year before, Viola had spent her first Halloween experimenting with magic at her cousin's grave, but this year, she would go to her grandfather. She was certain he died unjustly, and would have a lot of enclosed feelings about the entire situation.

Placing a blanket down on the stone ledge at the side of Juras' grave, Viola brought out her wand and a set of stones she had purchased years ago from a blind seer. She carefully laid them out over the rock, rearranging them to how a historical book had shown her, and she began speaking low incantations, swaying her wand purposefully. The prismatic stones seemed to pulsate with a dull glow as she spoke, almost as though they were becoming a living, breathing version of Juras. It must have been torture for his soul, if it actually still lingered around here. But even if not, it would be interesting to see how much magic was now in these little beauties - after all, this was only supposed to be a once-a-year event. It was far more interesting than the Halloween parties she'd heard about.

Perhaps next year, there will be a new dead relative to pull remaining magic from.