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 #38093  by Rosamaria Flores
Location: Dos Sillas, El Paso, Texas, USA • Date: A Tuesday in Early May, 2024
Time of Day: Early Afternoon, Post Lunch Rush • Weather: Sunny, Hot

Rosamaria was glad that the lunch rush was over, though it couldn't really be called a lunch rush when you barely have to put any food out. It was probably the shortest lunch rush in the history of shot lunch rushes. And it gave Rosa plenty of time to try out a new recipe. She wanted to put it out as a special, but it needed to be perfected first. She would just have to find someone to test it on when she was finished. The waitstaff, probably.

She pulled out the copy of the recipe, handwritten and taken out of her mother's recipe book. Pambazos. Potatoes and chorizo stuffed guajillo chili sauce soaked tortas, fried until crispy. It wasn't yet on the menu but she'd been dying to try whipping it up.

Carefully, she mixed the powdered chili with water and tomato, starting to make the sauce. She really needed someone to try it once she was done though. That was the most important thing.
 #38749  by Sadao Takayama
He always dreaded business away from home, but as a higher command in the ministry he still had a duty to take care of things no matter where they were when it came to official topics. The Minister had been busy making him the next person with the credentials to take care of the matter...Only he was in-between locations due to issues during his first travel and had gotten pretty tired during the first round of travel. Naturally having extra time he had chosen to rent an hotel and enjoy a day to himself before going onward.

It had seemed the lunch rush was over, the place being nearly dead when he walked in - this made him even more happy. Well as happy as a man like him could be, given the fact he was not a fan of traveling to begin with. With less people that meant he would get served faster, get his food faster and be able to go to his hotel - faster. That would also mean his rest would come sooner. Fixing his black and gray suit he sat down at a table near the window, gently whipping out a paper he'd grabbed before he left Japan a day before to amuse himself with while he waited for said service.

It didn't take long at all before a woman with a glass of water came over, the woman tripping and promptly dumping the water on his suit. A deep, almost grovel like sigh came from his throat. The girl looked terrified probably due to his business looking attire.
'I umm..I'm so..' She started, he put a hand up. "Save it." He said picking up the now empty cup off the floor and handing it to her. "But please do get me someone more dependable to take my order as you clearly lack the skills to serve anyone." His voice had no bite, but the insult was clear.
 #38882  by Rosamaria Flores
Rosamaria was in the middle of finishing her sauce when a frantic looking waitress burst into the kitchen. It looked like she was about to try, the poor thing. Stopping what she was doing, she turned to the waitress, asking her what had happened. Of course it was an accident. Of course the customer happened to be super professional looking. Of course he was angry. 'I'll take care of it,' she told the teary eyed waitress and brushed off her chef jacket before heading out into the restaurant.

It wasn't hard to find him-- he was the only customer. "Hello, Sir," she started, putting a smile on her face. I apologize for Jessica spilling water on you. I know it's an inconvenience. What can we do to make it right?" she asked, hands folded behind her back as politely as she could manage. Angry customers were almost never reasonable.
 #38888  by Sadao Takayama
He had felt nothing, watching the panicked woman rush away from him in a hurry. 'This is why I don't like traveling...' He thought to himself as he started to pat down his suit. The hot sun slowly began to dry it up, to his relief it seemed that no damage would be done. It was the door opening in the back that caught his attention a semi professional looking woman walking out, maybe he might not be so upset with this place after all if her way of business matched her appearance.

"When your dealing with a suit made of silk it can become more than an inconvenience." He said simply, "However it seems no real damage was done." He added, quickly getting to the main point. "Another server will do fine, preferably one without two left feet." His words still held no bite, for to appear as the typical angry customer would surely ruin his image right?

"And some more napkins."
 #38894  by Rosamaria Flores
Rosamaria nodded understandingly, though it wasn't like she had ever owned a silk suit. Or anything silk.But, she was glad that she wasn't being screamed at, and this man actually seemed fairly pleasant when it came down to it. "Of course, Sir. I'll send Joyce out for you. She is our head waitress," she said, reassuringly.

It occurred to her that perhaps she could get a taster out of this customer if she offered to give him some for free. After all, it would be free to the staff, and she would rather have a customer's opinion any day. With a smile, she moved her hands to clasp in front. "Might I also offer you a sample of some pambazos?-- Freshly made, salsa soaked bread stuffed with a blend of fried potatoes and chorizo, served with cheese and lettuce. We would serve them in twos, as a meal, but I'd be glad to bring you a single, free of charge." She smiled, hoping he would take her up on her offer.
 #38897  by Sadao Takayama
He internally enjoyed the fact that he was getting his points across so easily, 'so easily to mimic kindness...' he thought to himself, the woman not aware he was not the man he was playing to be.
"Thank you." He said, turning back to his Japanese paper, giving her no mind until she seemed to draw hers back to him.

He was not a food tester, people tested his food for him and usually he would be more than happy to make this fact known. It was only due to her professional manner which he assumed meant her cooking was just as perfected that he even played around with the idea. Setting the paper down, his fingers knitting together he gave her a charming smile.
"I do hope your offering such an offer with you doing the cooking?" He asked, "If indeed I assume right I would love to take the offer."
 #38902  by Rosamaria Flores
Rosa was worried at first that she had perhaps waited for too long of a beat to offer the man the free dish, but she was internally excited when he responded with a yes. "Yes, Sir, I will personally be preparing every part of your meal today. Don't worry about that," she nodding to the man and turning and heading back to the kitchen.

Once behind the closed swinging door, she briefed everyone on her conversation with the customer and sent Joyce out with napkins and a new glass of water. It was her turn to save the day, and she washed her hands before soaking the bread for the pambazos, needing to start the appetizer before Joyce came back with the actual order. As the bread started to soak, Rosamaria started prepping the other ingredients. This dish had to be perfect, and she channeled her mother in order to get it right.
 #38905  by Sadao Takayama
He watched as the woman left, a smile of amusement on his face before his eyes relocated the spot he'd had to stop at before she offered him the trial food. Wearing his suit everywhere had it's perks, the man always seeing people turn into polite people with is kindness mask helping just a little bit to make it happen.

As the little waiter came with a new glass of water and a menu, he took it his order not taking long as the man usually ordered the most expensive item on the menu no matter what it was. It was even better that his work was footing the bill keeping his personal wallet for the fine tequila he planned on buying before he left.
"That'll be all." He said, smiling to the woman who smiled back and rushed his order to the back. He then got back to his paper.
 #38913  by Rosamaria Flores
The kitchen was buzzing with activity, everyone trying to make it up to the man who had now ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. Okay, so the businessman was rich. Or at least used to fine food and drink, judging by the way Joyce was acting when she came back and talked to the other waitstaff.

Plates came out and and Rosamaria started plating. Of course the most expensive thing on the menu actually had several different types of entrees all rolled into one, so Rosa was busy. She pulled her bread from the salsa and dropped in the dryer, putting that basket and another containing the potatoes down after it. Chorizo was cooking on the flat top stove, and almost at once, the pambazo ingredients were all ready to be plated.

She pulled the fryer baskets and carefully sliced the bread before stuffing it with the fried potatoes and a layer of fresh shredded cheese, followed by the chorizo and the a bit more cheese, and topped off with freshly shredded lettuce. Her own touch was added to the plate in the form of a swirl of thin salsa next to the pambazo. Sliding it into the window, she tapped the bell at least five times and called for Joyce to take the dish to the man in the dining room before getting back to the rest of his order.
 #38917  by Sadao Takayama
He was honestly shocked at the speed in which these people world, though there was just one person to serve and he had made a point to make himself known the look of shock didn't reach his face though, even as the food was sat down in front of him. The girl was waiting for him to comment, he indulged her fingers taking the fork in hand with grace before picking up a little bit of everything in order to get all the ingredients together. The sauce used only slightly to keep it's design intact, as he had been impressed with the personalized touch.

"Your sous chef, " He said guessing that was who he had spoken to. "Needs to be in a place better than this." He finished. She was wasting her talents here, even an egotistical man like him could be honest about that. The woman seemed to smile,
"When she's free I'd li to speak to her personally." He added the woman nodded rushing back to the back.
 #39101  by Rosamaria Flores
When the server dismissed herself, she tried to walk as calmly as she could back to the kitchen, but when she was through the door, she called out to Rosa, appearing on the cook's line as the rest of the business man's foot was put up into the window and the bell was rung. Someone else started traying up the meal while the server explained to Rosamaria that her presence was requested.

Rosamaria swallowed and nodded, pretending that she wasn't nervous. She'd handled important or upset customers before, but something about this man made her anxious. The server picked up the tray and carried it behind Rosamaria as she exited the kitchen, and Rosa stepped to the side while the food was placed on the table. "How may I help you?" she asked, hands clasped in front of her.
 #39116  by Sadao Takayama
He looked at the dish now in front of him, his first dish only halfway through. It's not hat it wasn't good, it was simply because he ate with calmness and poise. Usually he'd spend an hour reading his paper and eating a dish, keeping up a table longer than most liked...not that he cared in the least. He was always a high paying customer after all. His paper out again he went to finish the first place, looking over the news on Tokyo. His people were getting angry. Vampires were demanding their rights, and he was naturally the one stopping it from happening not backing down on the fight that people who live off of human blood needed limitations to keep the rest of the population safe.

He'd been just in the middle of it when she walked back out of the backroom the man putting down the paper before she even reached the table, a sign of respect for him...something rarely done. Usually he'd let them talk to him while he read. Clearing his throat he put down the fork and cleared his throat of the food. Talking with ones mouth open was quite rude after all.
"I seems to me, madam...your cooking is worthy of a higher scale restaurant. " His words almost ghostly, "If you don't mind my asking...do you work here by choice, or has no other opportunities come along?"
 #39123  by Rosamaria Flores
Rosamaria thought that this man seemed so elegant with his foreign newspaper and the way he spoke. He looked up at her with such poise, that even she seemed to stand a little taller with his gaze.

"I've worked here since I was sixteen. I started as a waitress and then moved back. to the kitchen because I enjoy cooking. I haven't really looked for another place of employment. Why do you ask?" she questioned, curious. She was flattered that such a seemingly worldly person thought that she would be worthy of something upscale. That hadn't ever been something that she'd considered because there really wasn't much in the area and she wanted to stay near her family- they were so important to her.
 #39129  by Sadao Takayama
"Hmm...i see." There was something else though, she claimed to hadn't looked but the tone of this young ladies voice spoke to an underlying cause. Family? Community? Both were still aspects to him but he had realized at even a young age such selfless and back setting toughs ruled much of society...or maybe there was another reason. It was still a shame, that such talent was to be held back for any reason.

"I assume, there is a reason for that?" He asked, "Forgive me but I do sense an underlying tone, almost as if...if I did offer you a chance to enter a more prominent kitchen... you might just turn it down." He explained with his usual carefully selected words.
 #39147  by Rosamaria Flores
Rosamaria was a little speechless and so were the waitstaff that had gathered in the kitchen doorway to eavesdrop and the waitress that stood next to her. What was happening? Was she actually being given an opportunity to perhaps provide a little better for her family that she loved so dearly? She knew that both of her parents would be so upset if she decided to decline such an offer. There had been much hardship for the Flores family, and Rosa was the only reason they were able to stay in the United States, but she'd helped them obtain legal citizenship and they even spoke English well enough that really, her presence wasn't actually required.

I... suppose there isn't," she said, after having come to her realization. "I believe I would consider the offer. I was here for my family, but I'm not sure the need is here anymore." It was a weird thing to think out loud.