A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #31665  by Luna Lovegood
Luna was close to home for the first time in quite some time. She often spent her days and weeks in other countries and climates, studying magical creatures that little was known about. It honestly gave her such a thrill to be able to discover new habits of even the smallest creatures, or to learn that there was a soft spot in almost every 'beast' she'd come across. Of course not all were friendly, and many caused trouble to a point of needing to reverse magic or obliviate muggles.

Fortunately, today, she was just paying a visit to a very famous kelpie, who lived in Loch Ness. Contrary to muggle belief, 'Nessie' wasn't a giant eel, or an ancient dinosaur. And her name wasn't Nessie either. It was Laurel. And she was a kelpie.

Enjoying the nature walk through the woods, Luna finally found herself near the lake's edge. Now, to call Laurel. glancing in both directions, she pointed her wand at the glassy water and popped a little dash of a spell, which spread out for half of a second and then sunk beneath the surface. Laurel would be here any minute.