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 #37847  by Leonie La Fratta
Location: Auditorium B • Date: 19 April 2024

The auditorium was nice and quiet and dark. Theater classes had dismissed for the day — Leonie checked — so she knew she would be alone. Instead of working on her Mendelssohn composition, Leonie went for a bit of shopping around the town. She bought a few lovely dresses, some housewares for her flat, and was planning on ordering from her favorite restaurant later.

But now? Now it was time for a nap. After dropping off her belongings at home, Leonie went back on campus to find a secluded auditorium. Anyone walking into Auditorium B would find Leonie passed out in one of the chairs, her feet up on the chair in front of her, her sunglasses still on, and a quickly cooling matcha latte in her hands.

She was out cold.
 #38892  by Ethan Kennedy
After spending a few hours wandering the campus with Ryan, helping him get acquainted with his new classes, Ethan was worn out. At least he knew his cousin would be safe and sound but it made him feel... well.... almost old. The auditorium looked perfect for a quick nap before making the drive back to his daughter and it wasn't until he'd already settled in for a nap that he realized there was anyone else in the auditorium with him, and it made him jump and yelp immediately. "Woah, sorry! I was not expecting anyone in here."
 #38964  by Miyuki Takayama
She'd gotten lost with one of the boy's daughters who was there to study, the child and her finding the language barrier hard to get by them both being part of a group of people that knew just enough to get by unless you were one of the people that traveled. She knew some English - She knew how to speak some English but reading it? The map had been a maze and she hadn't thought to ask someone to read it to her... after all why would you point yourself out as the odd one out? Sadly the child could also just speak the language, and neither had thought to magically translate the map. She was bad at spell casting anyway, she might just take an eye out instead.
'Takayama-san...' The child tried to warn the woman dressed in casual black wear makeup to a tee before she crashed into the man who seemed to be apologizing to a woman.

'Off,' She caught her balance with her high heels before she hit the floor...Sadly there were two people to see her fumble, her hair showing her embarrassment as it turned a shade of light blue.
"S-sorry..." She started, "I....I'm a bit lost." Her accent obvious.
 #39017  by Aylee Grimm
Aylee was a student that is she was well version for ravenclaw class. She was pretty smart that is in regard to a magic. She took to it like water it was almost like she was pureblood witch but she wasn't not. She worn a cloak that is she look like a vampire wondering around this area.

That is door was unlock that is curious had gotten better of her as she open the door. She knew where she was but she was just curious about the building and what not. She would normal pass it up to go shopping and everything. So this what building was for she made a careful note to herself that this is for people stage. It had to be showing of some sortie.

"Hmm? " She start to turn back around to look at it. That she note the man and women she figure play was for making out for those two maybe she should leave the two alone and note the kid appearance to be lost maybe she would go unnoticed that is explore other area she could hope.