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 #34761  by Ginny Weasley
Ginny grinned as Abygail responded positively to her comment about the raunchiness of the exhibition. She'd have to make a mental note to get herself down there to see it all when it opened.

She could see that Beckham was hesitant to talk about the subject of his husband, but she appreciated that he trusted her enough to confide this much in her. There were kitschy self-help books for this kind of thing: So You're Mad for a Muggle: Tips, Tricks, and Wand Flicks for Breaking the News. Ginny was pretty sure her elderly mother still tuned into some melodramatic old soap on the Wizarding wireless about a witch on the Special Squad for Undercover Aurors who had to hide a double life of espionage and magic from her husband, a famous Muggle male model. None of it seemed to measure up to that look of pain in Beckham's eyes.

"Tense. I can imagine," Ginny said. "Well... at least you did get it out there in the open. The more you would have waited, the harder it probably would have been. Perhaps things will be difficult for a while. But... if he loves you," Ginny said, "then he loves you. No matter who you are. Real love makes complicated things simple, sometimes."
 #35324  by Beckham Wexler
Beckham nodded. He knew he had been told similar words of reassurance before, but hearing it from someone who had no other motive than to be an objective observant reassured him.

"It's the fact that I hid it from him that will be difficult to forgive," he prophetized without a second of doubt.
 #35385  by Ginny Weasley
"But do you doubt that he will?" she asked simply.

Ginny swirled the drink in her glass, suddenly missing her own husband. Blimey. She sounded so sure of herself when she was offering marriage advice to other people, Ginny thought inwardly.
 #35798  by Abygail Wexler
Abygail snorted. Her brother blimey well knew her opinion on the matter. She hardly ever passed an opportunity to remind him, but as she saw him grow somber in front of a well-meaning Ginny Weasley she felt compelled to intervene.

"It will be difficult, but they will survive. They love each other," she expressed confidently.

"What about you, Ginny? How is Harry? The children?" She gave her brother a gentle pat on the back.
 #35806  by Ginny Weasley
Ginny shrugged, smiling a little sadly. "We're wizards. We keep secrets from the day we're born. If anything, blame the culture. What you can help is what you do going forward."

She took a sip of her drink, only to swallow it poorly. Abygail's question threw her off.

"They're fine, lovely," she said, swallowing quickly. But already her words stung terribly. "Well -- the children, they're home for their holidays, of course. Harry is away. Working."

Three of them, of course, she knew were 'of course' fine, lovely. The other was a 'probably.'
 #35894  by Abygail Wexler
The elusive Harry Potter, a modern-day hero, in all his glory and mystery.

"When will he ever get tired of saving the world?" She asked in a tone that was all too reminiscent of her mother's. Pleasantries at parties had never been Abygail's strong suit.

"Well, Ginny," Aby said as she glimpsed at her brother. "I think I should get this one back to his husband," she pointed towards the dejected man. "As always, it was a pleasure. I hope to see you at the exhibition."
 #35929  by Ginny Weasley
"Never," Ginny said fervently, rolling her eyes. She sighed. As much as it worried her, Ginny knew nothing but certain danger could ever really make Harry happy.

"Of course, I won't keep you. I'll catch you at your exhibition," Ginny said, flashing a smile at Abygail.

"And you," Ginny added, laying a hand on Beckham's arm as they made to leave. "Treasure that husband of yours. He'll come around," she said with a wink, before letting him go.