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 #33041  by Aksel Larsen
Location: English language school for new immigrants • Date: September
Time of Day: Late afternoon • Weather: Sunny

After Aksel's first week of school, he had already begun to realise that this was going to be difficult. It really didn't compare to how Beckham taught him English words at home, with plenty of patience and time, and no real stakes except getting a kiss when he nailed the pronounciation of a word. School was really not like that. He didn't want the teacher here to kiss him, of course. The sheer number of students was what made it the hardest. Aksel was shy, and didn't want to call attention to himself. In a class of twenty-five, he didn't want to stand out. Hopefully in time he would make friends here, but for now, all twenty-five of them merely greeted each other with hellos and shy nods, and that was the bulk of the engineer's interaction with other people for the day, unless he was asked to speak in class, which was so much worse. He just froze, while everyone looked at him expectingly.

Today had been such a day. Numbers and colours had been easy: Danish and English were similar for those words. Nationalities were also not too different, but Aksel had still confused them, and countries had been really rough.

At least the day was over. He folded his homework assignement - a sheet with pictures of flags on it- and shoved it in his messenger bag. He nodded to the students who sat around him, Crina, Fabian, Ibrahim, Dalisay, Samir, Kamal and Javiera. For the past week they'd sat next to one another. With any luck, these would be his first friends in England. Maybe they'd even talk to each other some day! Ha.

Slinging his messenger bag across his shoulder, Aksel left the class and exited the school.
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"Sit," he chuckled as Perle became more and more agitated. It was as though the dog could sense that her favorite human was about to come out of the building. The dog settled next to him. Her tail slapped against his booth as they both waited patiently.
 #33053  by Aksel Larsen
Aksel put on his headphones as he walked out of the school, and grabbed his phone to put on some music. He was about to hit play on Enter Sandman when he saw his own favourite human just outside the gate. And Perle, about as giddy as he was suddenly feeling.

'Bamse!' The Dane exclaimed surprisedly. He rushed towards his husband, a grin quickly taking hold of his features. 'I thought you were working late tonight?'
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"You make such a handsome schoolboy," Beckham exclaimed as he studied his husband. The messenger bag and headphones completed the relieved smile that came with the day's last school bell.

"I was supposed to, but the French delegation canceled so there was no point in meeting," he explained briefly and with a rather somber expression.

In reality, things had been a bit more complex. Beckham had spent the week in media training, a complete irony given his journalistic background, but nonetheless the Association had insisted. He had been coached about image and had participated in a dozen of interviews. Quickly enough a problem had arisen. Any time a question had been asked about his personal life Beckham had closed up. It seemed he simply could not speak openly about his marriage given the secrets surrounding it. After much frustration from his employer, Beckham had been sent home to think about his future with the Association.
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Aksel grinned at his husband. 'Shush, you,' he said as he gently grabbed him by the collar and pulled him towards himself. The kiss was generous, and full of relief. Beck's warm lips against his own was how the world should always be. Aksel ended the kiss but stayed there, millimetres separating them as he breathed in the other man's scent. 'That sucks, but I'm so glad you're here,' he replied as he wrapped his arms around his husband.

Perle was nudging at Aksel's knees. The dog had tried being patient, her excitedly wagging tail the only thing that betrayed her enthusiasm, but she could now take it no longer. The pitbull needed the attention!

'Ah, here's my best girl, how's my favourite doggy?' The man asked, scratching her head.
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Beckham leaned into the kiss without much restraint. With his training still underway, there was no chance of him being recognized, especially at a muggle language school.

"Did you intend on going to Crossfit this evening?" He inquired as he offered his husband's Perle's leash.
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Aksel squeezed his husband tightly with one arm, and took the leash from Beck's hand with his own free hand, letting it linger there momentarily before he closed it around Beckham's hand.

Leash and husband's hand in his own, Aksel took a step back to admire the portrait before him. 'Well, I was going to go for three hours since you weren't supposed to be there,' he said apologetically. ''But if you're going to be here, I want to adject those plans, make some time for you...'

Playfully, he traced his finger on Beck's face, stopping to rest his index on the curve of Beckham's lips.
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"I appreciate that," Beckham beamed gratefully. With the move coming so soon after their wedding Beckham sometimes felt as though they didn't have enough time to enjoy each other as newlyweds should.

Beckham nibbled on his husband's finger but likely came off like a dork rather than the sexy playboy he intended to personify. He chuckled and looked towards the ground.
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Aksel too chuckled at the finger nibbling. He didn't find it dorky, he found it sweet. He slackened the leash a bit, and brought his hand around the back of Beckham's head, bringing it closer once again before kissing him tenderly.

'Of course my priority is spending more time with you, silly Bamse.' Beckham was his husband. The word still felt kind of funny to him, but a good kind of funny, the kind of funny that made his insides all warm and squishy. He wouldn't have had it any other way.
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Following Perle's leisurely pace, Beckham settled against Aksel's side and rested his arm around his waist.

"How was your day?" He asked in English. Aksel's accent was one of his favorite things and he never passed an opportunity to listen to it.
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Aksel leaned into his husband and sighed. English? Again? After his entire day of sucking at it? He would humour Beckham, though. He always got this sweet little smile whenever Aksel spoke English, and it was so cute and endearing that he wanted to have reason to see it more often.

'I, uh, how you say, suck. We do countries today,' he explained tentatively. 'Do you know I come from Denmark? Not Danmark. I am Dansk, that is Danish. And you,' he enumerated, going from what he'd learned, and running his thumb on Beck's cheek. 'You are English from England.' The Dane beamed at his husband, proud of himself.
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Chuckling Beckham leaned into the familiar warmth of his husband's neck. "One sexy-ass Dansk," he confirmed as his nose brushed along Aksel's well-defined jaw. He rested a gentle kiss on his husband's cheek and then leaned away.

"Seems to me like you are doing well," he encouraged.
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Aksel gave Beckham a coy smile, running his hand on his cheek as he pulled away. Beck was warm, and he smelled nice. He could spend forever like this, but Perle was tugging on the leash, and they were just outside the school doors anyway. It was more than time to leave. Everyone else had gone already.

He switched the leash to his other hand, all the better to hold his husband's. 'For one sexy-ass Englishman,' he replied, returning to his native Danish. Now that they were holding hands, Perle had deduced it was time to start walking, and she eagerly wagged her tail. 'Good girl, do you want to go to the park?'
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Though mentioning the park had been more than enough to excite the dog, Beck took a tennis ball out of his pocket. "I came ready," he explained with a proud dog dad smile.

"Aby called." She had oweled, but Beckham couldn't share that detail. "She will have an exhibit in January."
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Perle was positively thrilled and started to bark excitedly at the mention of the park. Anyone who said dogs were dumb would have Aksel to answer to. Perle was a genius. Seeing the ball, she got on her hind legs and jumped on Beckham, tail wagging furiously.

'Look what you've done, Bamse,' Aksel chuckled. 'You had better deliver on that promise.' He looked at the dog and adopted a more serious tone. 'Perle, sit.'

Aksel ran a hand through his short hair, ensuring it was still parted right. 'That's so great! Did you tell her we'd go? I've really been wanting to look at more of your sister's art.'