A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30307  by Natasha Porter
Location: A Muggle dive bar in London • Date: 1 September 2023
Time of Day: 10 p.m. • Weather: Clear skies

Tasha found herself bored after an especially slow day at work, and the boredom continued unabated into the evening. Her boyfriend--she could call Reiner that at this point, couldn't she?--was out of town on a case and she was fresh out of alcohol at her place.

Several drinks deep at a spot far enough from home to be novel, karaoke actually sounded like a good idea, and she stepped up onto the stage as the opening notes of Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart started playing.

The setup at this muggle bar wasn't fancy, just a mic and the monitor with lyrics off to the side, so Tasha slipped out her wand. "Let's liven up this place, shall we?" she purred into the mic with a mischievous smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth. She waved her wand with a flourish and colored orbs of light began to circle the stage.

There were several cries of surprise that turned into cheers at the magical display. The existence of magic was nothing new at this point, but it was still typically a source of delight--or fear--to most muggles. The excitement was just the sort of reaction Tasha was hoping for as the backing vocals started up and the lights illuminated her face, "Every now and then I get a little bit lonely And you're never coming 'round,"
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Also bored out of his mind, Timmy had wandered off from his little group and found a bar in which to drown his sorrows. Clara was ignoring him after a fight, and Rory was taking full advantage of the situation. God he hated the little punk.

Somehow he ended up in a karaoke bar, and watched with interest as a rather striking woman made her way up to the stage. And then she pulled out a stick - a wand, if he was understanding this magic thing properly. Timmy's jaw dropped at the light show and he leaned forward, now even more interested. He took a swig of his beer, then applauded along with the rest of the crowd, letting out a whooping cheer.

Even though he hated the song, at least it was somewhat entertaining. His eyes barely left the stage as she sang.
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Tasha finished the song with a bow and a wide grin as the crowd applauded and she even got a few enthusiastic cheers. “Thank you...if anyone else needs some lights for their performances I can help...though I’d ask for payment via pint of beer or a dram of good Scotch.”

She took a final bow as the crowd seemed to chuckle at her offer and then crossed the room and took a seat at the bar with the last bits of her pint.

“Here’s to weeknight drinking like I’m 20 years younger,” she murmured to herself with a smirk as she downed the remaining liquid.
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"After a performance like that? You should be allowed whatever you want," Timmy drawled, settling in the chair next to her, getting the bartender's attention.

"Another round for the performer," he said, grinning at her. "That really was quite the show."
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Tasha flashed him a mischievous smirk, "You're too kind. Parlor tricks and a sufficiently lubricated audience to fall for them and hide the times I couldn't find the right pitch."

She looked to the bartender. "Decent Scotch. But don't bankrupt this nice boy buying me a drink."

"'Name's Tasha," she said holding out her hand.

Timmy would probably immediately notice the American accent that nearly 20 years in the UK hadn't done much to tame, but he'd also note that Tasha was in pretty amazing shape physically for someone in her...late 30s? 40s? It was hard to place, but the subtle streaks of grey in her hair she couldn't be bothered to color meant she had to be at least a bit older.
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Timmy indeed noticed the American accent, and that only intrigued him further. Sure, she definitely looked a bit older, but Timmy didn't care at that point. She was fascinating to him.

"Timmy," he replied, shaking her head with a firm grip. "Pleasure to meet you." He flashed another smile, sipping at his drink as the bartender set it down. "So how did you do that, anyway?" He cocked his head to the side, giving her a curious look.
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Timmy nodded, swallowing. A real witch. He didn't think he had ever met someone who acknowledged being a witch before. "Sort of," he started, shrugging a shoulder. "First time seeing that kind of magic, but..." he glanced down at his leg before looking back at her. "I was attacked by a werewolf a while back. So I guess I was forced to become aware of it all."
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Tasha stiffened visibly, her jaw clenching almost involuntarily. How close was the full moon? Was the bar in danger? Was she? Could she handle this several drinks deep?

She looked down at the bar in frustration and embarrassment, clenching her eyes shut against her brain's onslaught of unfounded fears. This wasn't his fault, and she probably looked extremely rude.

She looked back at him apologetically. "That was...incredibly rude. I'm sorry. I've had a history with lycanthropy in my line of work...and...it doesn't matter. That was uncalled for."

She sighed and took a long pull from her new drink. "I'm sorry you had to find out the hard way about the world of magic..." she chewed her lip apprehensively, "Do you have the resources you need to deal with...all of the things that go along with...well you know?"
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Timmy hadn't really dealt with many people finding out his secret aside from the pack, so the woman's reaction threw him off a bit. He had to be fair, though, there was some danger surrounding him.

"It's all good," he replied, shrugging a shoulder. "I get it. Full moon's a couple of weeks out, though, just so you know." He gave a nervous chuckle. "It sucks, but I met a few people. People like me, who didn't know anything about it before," he added, taking a drink. "There's this guy who takes in strays, so to speak, and helps us all adapt." An image of Clara rose in his mind and he shut it out.

"Your line of work, though? What do you do?" He was curious about the magical world.
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Tasha nodded in understanding, "I'm glad you found someone who was able to help," she replied, immediately grateful for the swift change of subject.

"I'm an auror. Born, raised, and trained in the U.S. but been working here for damn near 20 years now."

She sipped her drink for a moment before realizing he'd have no idea what an auror was. "Magic cop," she added. "I catch bad wizards, wrangle magical creatures that get away from people who shouldn't have them, and.... from time to time deal with packs of werewolves that want to get bigger whether their new members want it or not."
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She was right, Timmy was horribly confused over what an auror was, so he was glad when she clarified. "Nice," he said, leaning on the bar top. "I haven't heard much about all of that wizard stuff, but I know there's some crazy people out there. But I'll tell you, you don't have to worry about the group I'm with. Half the time we just sit in our cabin and do nothing interesting. I think we should be finding the monsters who changed us, but the old man disagrees." He clammed up suddenly, realizing he might have said too much.
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"That sort of revenge rarely accomplishes much beyond getting yourself into trouble or giving the beast inside a taste for more bloodshed. I'm pleased to hear there's a good mentor taking new wolves in."

Tasha took another drink, swirling the liquid around her mouth and savoring the smoky burn. "Do you all have access to wolfsbane potions?"
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Timmy nodded slowly, swallowing a lump in his throat. "Yeah, he's swell," he mumbled, glad the conversation turned away from the old man.

"Wolfsbane? That's that stuff that helps us stay in control on the full moon, yeah? Clara, from our pack, she got in contact with someone a few months ago and got us a good supply. We're running low, though." He grimaced.

Speaking of Clara... "Actually, you know? I should probably take off," he said suddenly, getting up and backing away. "Nice to meet you, really. Catch you later." With that, Timmy left the bar.