[Cornwall] Dare You To Move

The little bit of Cornwall that Morgan had seen thus far was everything she'd expected, and not just because of the pictures she'd seen in the past. The dramatic collision of rocky cliffs and sea was beautiful, and easily seen from the little village where she was staying for a few days. Her only regret was that she hadn't been able to see more just yet; she'd only driven down from London the day before, and had been tired enough by the drive that she'd barely had time for a few landscape shots before she'd collapsed in bed.

And she wouldn't have much time for it this morning, either, because she was meeting Tom Farley in less than ten minutes.

That fact had filled her with enough anxiety that she'd gotten up far earlier than she probably needed to. It wasn't like she was primping, after all. Even if she did apply some eyeliner and lip gloss, which she rarely wore. No, she wasn't trying to make herself look good for Tom. It was obvious the wizard had changed his mind about being romantically involved with her, and she wasn't going to try and change his mind. No matter how much she wished he would.

But she wasn't quite able to tell herself he really had changed his mind, when she found herself standing outside the Eden Project waiting for him. Because he had suggested this meeting. She'd informed him of her plans for the weekend, and he'd asked to see her again. Maybe he just found her reactions to things interesting, she tried to reason it. He did find her Muggle thought processes to be intriguing and different, after all.

"You're being stupid, Morgan, just stop."

Muttering the words to herself with a definite note of irritation, Morgan shifted her weight from one foot to the other and looked around, wondering where and how Tom would make his appearance. Her camera was around her neck as usual, but she was also clutching a small rectangular object wrapped in brown paper against her chest. She wouldn't blame him if he really didn't show up this time. She'd mucked things up enough last time that she more than expected it. She was awkward and strange and.. Muggle. Surely he had better things to do with his Saturday than roam around while she took pictures and babbled.

Yet there she was. Hoping against hope that he'd show.

Played By: Kat
Tom had been working to get all of his profiles and paperwork up to scratch before the meeting. Overtime had definitely been a factor with some of these prisoners; they were getting more and more outrageous as the decade went on, and it was something that Tome simply couldn't push back. Meetings seemed to last for hours, and legal clarifications were present in every setting. Meetings with some of the inmates needed to be continuously halted for legal reasons, and it just seemed to make his life more difficult.

Especially when he was trying to be positive for his date-but-not-so-date at the Eden Project.

He had definitely wanted to see her again; Morgan was interesting, and sweet, and genuine. He was sure that if it had been anyone else with a camera, desperate to learn about magic, he would have been sceptical. But he couldn't help but admit that she was radiant with enthusiasm and an innocent joy. It didn't feel like an exploitation, something he had been quite aware of in the past. Perhaps their last meeting had not ending how he'd hoped it would, and seeing the disappointment on her face reminded him of his own disappointment. But in reality, it just didn't feel right to do that. She trusted him so easily - it almost felt like he was exploiting her for it despite his down-to-Earth intentions.

Regardless of that, she was worth it, and he wanted to keep finding out that she was worth it over and over again. And so, he rushed the last dregs of his work, pulled on the shirt and jeans he'd laid out that morning, and tidied up his hair. He was far more casual today than his usual attire, but he kind of...wanted her to see him more relaxed. Even if his personality was less so. With that in mind, he brought out his wand, taking a deep breath, and apparated to a suitable location nearby. Peering out from behind the corner of a building, he spotted a large entrance.

That was clearly it. And as he approached, he eventually laid eyes on the blue-haired-girl. He smiled, clearing his throat to himself, reminding himself to relax. He wasn't particularly nervous but he was uptight in general. Stepping up behind her, he tapped her on the shoulder.

"Miss Malone, do you require an escort?" He commented, smiling at her. "You look well. How are you?"

Played By: Vyreia

The sudden touch on her shoulder, which Morgan definitely hadn't been expecting, made her jump near out of her skin. It was with a pounding heart and wide eyes that she whirled around to look at the person who'd startled her. She probably should've realized it was Tom, even before he spoke or before she saw him, but that was what she got for daydreaming while she was standing out in the open. And as soon as she saw him, her pale skin began to turn pink as a direct result of her own reaction. God, he must think she was such a spaz, jumping like that. After a few moments, a shy smile spread across her lips, and she rolled her shoulders in a small shrug.

"Tom. Hi. Sorry. You startled me. I'm fine. How about you?"

That was the most horribly jumbled collection of broken sentences she'd ever had the misfortune of cobbling together, and Morgan fought the urge to find something to bang her forehead against. Instead, she let herself drink in the sight of him. He was so very nice to look at, and the sound of his voice sent shivers down his spine. Part of her suddenly wanted to ask him to read Jane Austen to her, because she was certain she'd end up a puddle of romantic goo in his lap if he did. Which was bad.

Scrambling for something to distract her from those thoughts, she remembered the package clasped almost desperately against her chest, and thrust it toward him somewhat uncertainly. In case he hadn't already guessed it, when he opened it, he'd see the picture she'd taken encased in a simple but elegant silvery frame, and protected by a piece of sturdy glass.

"I uh, this is the print. I framed it for you. To protect it."

Played By: Kat
"A lot better for seeing you here. I was almost worried that you wouldn't show...not sure why. But I'm glad you came." He offered her a little smirk. In reality, he really had thought she may bail on the date; not because of anything portrayed in the emails, but simply because of their last meeting. It must have been a little awkward to deal with all that and then try to return to normal. but Tom was just glad that she wanted to continue pursuing the budding relationship or...whatever it was. He wasn't entirely sure.

He lifted his brows at the package, blinking a little in surprise. "You framed it?" He questioned, already using his finger to carefully slide open the envelope, easing out the print. His smile grew at the sight, looking over it. Wow, it really was quite stunning; the frame matched the theme of the photograph, and to say this was done with a muggle camera? Did he even need to enchant it? It already felt like it was moving due to the sheer detail of it. He looked back to her eyes, smile wide now.

"Thank you. You really didn't need to go to so much effort but...I'm glad you did. It's very sweet of you." He placed it back in the package, moving to slip it into his satchel. "Shall we head in?" He asked, gesturing toward the building and making a motion to lead the way.

Played By: Vyreia
..He'd been afraid she wouldn't come? The statement puzzled her almost as much as his being glad she was there. She couldn't quite wrap her brain around why it would be such a positive thing. It wasn't like he couldn't just.. magic himself back home in the blink of an eye if she hadn't made it, so it wasn't a matter of fearing inconvenience. Maybe he actually did enjoy her company..? Nope nope nope, she wasn't going to go there. Cautiously optimistic was the best she should do, and so with that in mind, she offered a small, crooked smile.

"This place is amazing, from what I've heard, so I would have to be insane not to come, especially with the promise of not having to wander around by myself like some annoying American tourist. I'm sure they get more than their fill of my countrymen on a regular."

His surprise at receiving the print in a frame got him a small shrug, as if to say, 'Why not?' Before she could further explain, though, he was complimenting her unnecessary if appreciated foresight. Saying it was sweet of her made Morgan's pale cheeks flush a vivid pink, and she stumbled all over whatever it was she'd been going to say. Dammit. Why did she have to be so awkward around him? Feeling like she was about to swallow her tongue, Morgan settled for a shaky nod of agreement to his suggestion, then turned and proceeded toward the building in question.

As they passed inside, she quickly removed the lens cap on her camera and fiddled with some of the various knobs and buttons, setting the various options to suit the light of the interior and increase the quality of her shots. She was, after all, here to take photos. That was her main goal. Not pining stupidly over the handsome English wizard at her side. It was only once they moved out into the garden proper that she looked up, and inhaled sharply as her eyes widened, her camera clasped almost forgotten in her delicate hands.

"..Wow. This is.. beautiful."

Her voice soft and awestruck, it took Morgan a few moments to shake herself out of her stupor and raise the camera so that she could begin snapping pictures. While she did, keeping her gaze firmly fixed on the little screen, she tried to think of something to say that wouldn't make her sound like an idiot. Blessedly, their surroundings gave her a safe topic. Well, somewhat safe, anyway. She was sure to keep her words quiet, not wanting to blab to everyone around them that he was a wizard. Just because the Statute of Secrecy had been abandoned didn't mean every magical person wanted their secret blurted out to a giant glass dome full of strangers.

"Do you have anything like this in.. you know.. your world?"

Played By: Kat