A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #25414  by Prairie Dalton
Location: Darlington’s Ranch • Date: Spring

The Darlington’s barn reminded her of her mother’s art studio. From the carvings on the building’s beams to the inscriptions above every stall, extra care had been put in every detail. Though the teen had the fortune of never having met with death, she could feel the thestral looking at her.

Petting every horse on the way to the thestral, Prairie eventually stood in front of the illusory empty stall. “Why are you away from your family?” She asked the invisible beast as she gently reached out to him or her.
 #25416  by Louis Hadley
At first, he had refused Lidia's invitation. He had offered plans with his mothers as an excuse, but quickly news had traveled that Ambassador Hadley would be out of the country for the better part of the month leaving his excuse quite ineffective. When Jude had invited him, under the scrupulous gaze of his lover, Louis had not been able to come up with an alternative excuse.

He had spent the better part of the afternoon mingling with guests, answering questions about the play and trying to interact with Lidia as little as possible. When he had realized that they had been the only two who had stayed behind to clear up the remainder of the picnic, Louis had stuttered an excuse and he had rushed towards the barn.

Why the barn? He did not know, but he certainly hadn't expected company. "Maybe because they were hurt, Mr Darlington is a thestral handler," he offered with a gentle smile.
 #25417  by Prairie Dalton
Feeling the thestral's warm nose pressing against her palm, Prairie smiled widely.

She was not startled, by the voice behind her, but she was slightly surprised. "I think you might be right," she agreed with the young man. Though the thestral could not confirm their theory, she felt as though the beast's relaxed energy was enough to confirm that he was comfortable in the Darlington's barn.
 #26023  by Louis Hadley
Though he had been looking for a moment of solitude, Louis approached the stall. There was something about the young woman's presence that was calming, almost reassuring.

"I also have two mothers. I'm sorry if I seem a bit eager by mentioning it, but I can't say I have met many people who were raised by mums."
 #26026  by Prairie Dalton
Prairie was not really surprised by Louis's admission. There was a gentleness to the young playwright's approach, a gentleness to which she had related as soon as they had met.

"It's never eager to want to share a common experience." Hand on the thestral, she looked at the young man. "They must be proud of you, Aunty Lidia says you are the youngest playwright the Academy has ever worked with."
 #26028  by Louis Hadley
He usually answered this prompt with a smile and confirmation that his mothers were indeed very proud of him, but the reality was a tad more complex than that. "I'm not sure they believe this is truly an avenue I will pursue," he heard himself share.
 #26029  by Prairie Dalton
"Well, they haven't seen the play yet. I'm sure it will come into perspective once they can see the extent of your talent." While Prairie had not seen or read his work, she trusted her aunt Lidia's creative instinct. Not to mention that her mother had also spoken highly of Louis.
 #26031  by Louis Hadley
Louis chuckled shyly. Though he did not think of his ability as a talent, he was still flattered to hear someone refer to it as such. "You should come see it, I know your mum and Lidia are close friends." Louis's cheeks were bright red as he realized that it might seem like he was coming on to a girl who was a few years his junior.
 #27409  by Sasha Darlington
Abandoning his father to the wolves who had gathered in the sitting room, Sasha sought out the one person he knew he could joke about the current situation with. Family gatherings weren't all that common now days, but when they happened, it was usually quite the affair. He usually liked to sit back and watch it all happen with Sasha while Prairie and Charlie did their best to navigate the slippery slopes that the women of the house carved out.

Sasha was no where to be found however, instead the Ravenclaw stumbled upon a very interesting scene. A smirk formed as he stepped into the stable, his thumbs hooked into the loops of his jeans.

"Prairie," He murmured, leaning against the stall, "I see you've met Mother's guest."
 #27438  by Prairie Dalton
"I will," Prairie like her mothers was a big fan of her aunt Lidia and would not miss an opportunity to see one of her shows whether she danced in it or not.

Feeling her cheeks flush as soon as she heard Sasha's voice, she turned her attention towards the boy. "I have," she confirmed with a slight smile. "He's very nice, I understand why your mom enjoys working with him."
 #27439  by Louis Hadley
While Louis was just starting to get comfortable around Jude, he had yet to find his bearing around the youngest Darlington. Shoving his hands into his pockets he intended on keeping his head low and dodging the situation as quickly as possible.

"Well, I should go back," he pointed in the general direction of the house.
 #27560  by Sasha Darlington
Sasha moved forward, "No stay," He insisted with a quirk of his eyebrow, "It's like navigating a mine field in there and I don't think you can hack it like Charlie and William can." Charlie and William were pros at handling their mother, and had been doing it before either he or Prairie were born.

"Aunt Ava likes to argue, even more now that she drinks."
 #27580  by Prairie Dalton
"Yes, stay Louis," she insisted with a friendly smile. "Sasha, you should show him the ridge, I am certain he would find the view inspiring." Prairie beamed as she remembered the first time Sasha had brought her there. It was often where she imagined their first kiss to happen.
 #27582  by Louis Hadley
Feeling as though he was being challenged to stay, Louis eyed the younger boy. Had Sasha seen something he and Lidia had worked hard to hide? Was he onto them and trying to lull him into a false sense of security?

Louis then looked at Prairie who seemed so kind and genuine. "If you don't mind," he said hesitantly. Staying with them did seem like a better idea and going back to Ava who had been looking at him strangely since they had met.
 #27907  by Sasha Darlington
Sasha stepped forward and clapped Louis on the shoulder, "Of course not. After all, your mother's guest and we must look out for you!" Grinning at Louis, he then turned to Prairie and winked at her.

"The ridge sounds like a great idea. Maybe you should go and ask whether Charlotte and William want to come and I can tell Louis about the awful naming tradition the Darlington's have."