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"I know you would, sun bun," Marley wrapped her arm around her daughter's shoulders. Asking Lidia was not a bad idea, though the woman would likely refuse, it seemed not much was worthy of her time outside of the play that would soon premiere.
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"Look man, I don't know what to say. A bets a bet, and you need to follow through on your end."

Arms crossed, Sasha leaned against the store front, ankles twisted together so that he only balanced on one foot. His words came out softly, though the way he spoke almost seemed like a command, as one of the boys he was standing with came to life. Watching as he pulled out his wand, he waited until his friend Mark pointed it at two girls and then a smirk slowly formed. Not soon after a scream could be heard as both girls suddenly found themselves standing directly above a magical wind charm, their skirts fluttering heavily in the wind, exposing just about everything for everyone to see.

Sasha had just joined in on the laughter when he saw three figures appear in his peripheral vision and it only took him a total of five seconds to realize just who he was looking at.

"Enough," He barked at his friend, pushing away from the wall. Immediately the group quietened and the charm fizzled out just as fast. Shouldering his way past his friends, ignoring the questions directed his way, he jogged towards the blonde trio, stopping a few feet in front of them, his hands disappearing inside his front pockets.

A charming smile made it's way across his face, "Dalton's. How are we this fine February afternoon?"
Not surprised, but no less exasperated to suddenly feel guilty about refusing to attend Marley's chosen retreat, Margot eyed the mother and daughter duo, making a mental note to make it up to her wife later. Margot still refused to budge on the topic, but she could at least make sure Marley knew how sorry she was for not wanting to attend.

Margot was walking behind the two, listening to Prairie updating Marley on her recent Divination paper--Time, Prediction, and the Future in Retrospective Divination--when she spotted a familiar face jogging towards them. Immediately noticing the way Prairie seemed to shift, leaning away from Marley's embrace, if only slightly. She remained quiet, smiling in greeting at the older boy.
Her heart seemed to recognize him before her eyes did. She pulled away from her mother ever so slightly, to give space to the loud thumping occurring against her chest. The swoop of blonde hair over his ear, the ease with which he held himself, the group of boys looking up to him; there was no mistake, it was Sasha Darlington.

As both of her mothers seemed determined to remain silent, Prairie spoke "we are good. It is wonderful weather isn't it?"

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She loosened the arm she had around her daughter and with the other she took her wife's hand. There had been a shift in the energy, but Marley couldn't quite understand why that was. Aiming to remain connected to her family she looked at them rather than at the boy who had joined them.

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“Wonderful,” Sasha replied with a smirk, moving forward to throw an arm around Prairie’s shoulder, his fingers tips coming to rest lazily between Marley’s shoulder blades.

He looked towards both the older woman, “It’s been a bit Aunty Marley, Aunty Margot. I hope you’re both well.”
Eyeing the arm thrown around her daughters shoulders and the fingers resting against her wife’s back, Margot had to tear her gaze away to answer the boy.

Sasha has been a constant in their lives since his birth, since Marley has begun to teach with Lidia and their friendship has blossomed. Being named his Godmother’s had been a natural choice on Lidia and Jude’s part, and the two woman had been happy to accept the role. Watching him grow up had been an utter pleasure, and when they’d had Prairie the two had become fast best friends. Sasha has helped their daughter through her first year at Hogwarts but a year or so ago, the girl had seemed to have developed a crush on the boy. At first she had thought it was harmless crush but after the Christmas holidays, Margot was unsure whether it was going to disappear any time soon.

“It has been awhile Sasha though we hear about you from your mother often. She told us about your latest Quidditch match. Congratulations on catching the snitch and winning the game. Your father is very proud.”
Feeling him so close to her made her cheeks grow warm. "It was a great match," the girl beamed as she remembered the performance that had led their house to victory. "We have a real chance of winning the cup now." The comment was meant to be a compliment for him.

"We- hum..." she looked at both of her mums. "We are going for a cup of tea if you would like to join." She pointed at the nearby tea shop.

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The fingers on her back tickled in a way that made her skin crawl. Sasha had been a part of their family since the day he had been born. He and Prairie had been friends for as long as Marley could remember. She loved her godson, but his confidence in this moment reminded her of hubris.

"You have to keep working hard if you want to win the cup," Marley advised though she had never been a quidditch fan.

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"I know," Sasha beamed, grinning at the taller blonde of the three. Sasha was very passionate about Quidditch and he truly did work hard, it also helped that he was very confident in his abilities.

Licking his lips, he turned to Prairie, his smile suddenly as bright as a muggle light bulb, "Tea sounds lovely, but your Mums don't see you often, and I see you nearly every day, P'." Sasha squeezed the girls shoulder and then took a step away from the family. "Thank you though."
Grateful that Sasha was willing to give them the day with Prairie, she smiled more warmly at the boy, suddenly more happy to see her God son, because before there was Prairie, there was Sasha, and she still loved him like he was one of her own. He had grown up though, and Margot only got to see glimpses of the boy she had once co-slept with when his parents had needed a babysitter and the boy had refused to sleep in the portacot.

"You're home for the easter holidays, yes?" The boy nodded, so she turned to her daughter. "You'll see him then." She told Prairie.
"Yeah, no..." She shook her head in various directions. He was right, he mums did not see her often, even she had been trying to avoid bumping into her friends earlier just so she would not have to share their attention. Yet she couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed.

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"I wonder if they have Russian brick tea," the blonde tea mused relieved to see that she would have the chance of sipping a nice cup of tea with only her wife and daughter.

She opened the door and ushered her family inside. Before she let the door close behind her, she gave Sasha one last tight lipped smile. "Be sure to remain mindful, Sasha." The blonde offered as parting words.

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