Location: A London Pub • Date: January
Time of Day: Around 10pm • Weather: Light snow & Cold

Nyla and Ezra were driving Binxy a little up the wall these days... So much she was starting to regret turning the little buggers. However, as she could never imagine herself without them at this point now, as it had been twenty years since she made Ezra, and a few years for Nyla too, she could never get rid of them. Instead, the young woman who was forever stuck as a nineteen year old decided to remove herself from their presence for the rest of the evening.

Binxy was currently sitting at the bar of a random pub, the human she'd used to get in had gone away and now she was left to drink by herself. Which usually would bother Michelle, she did tend to enjoy having company when she was drinking, but tonight she was fine to drink alone. And so, she continued to sit and sip in silence at the bar.
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"I fold," William announced as he threw his cards on the table. With a few drinks in him and a few games of cards lost, William was not as amused as he would have liked.

He leaned back into his chair and ran a hand through his hair. Perhaps the company of a woman, would be more successful at entertaining him than his attempt to fill his pockets. Scanning the pub, his eyes lingered on a figure sitting at the bar. He realized the woman was beautiful before her familiarity made itself known.

Without excusing himself he left his table and joined the woman at the bar. Only when he was sitting next to her did her realize who she was. "I'm afraid they don't serve your favourite kind of drinks in this dingy establishment." William quipped with a smirk.

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Michelle's gaze soon turned a little to the side so she could take a peek from the corner of her eyes, at who'd joined her. She knew it was someone she had met before, as they know what she is, and the voice was familiar. But not enough for a face to be instantly be known to her.

Michelle had glanced to the familiar man, she seen his handsome face and she instantly remembered exactly who he is which caused a rather large smile to appear on her face. "Oooh, it's you... Nyla's little friend... William, right?"

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"William, yes." He confirmed, though it still felt strange to be known as a young girl's friend.

"Do you often patron establishments other than your own?" He asked curious to hear why the woman had chosen this stingy place "Though I suppose being at The Blue Lagoon isn't really anything other than work for you."

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"Actually, I love my club" she corrected, "it is work... But, I do tend to have people around who do most of the boring stuff for me. But I wanted a change, I wanted to get away from everyone and everything I know".

Binxy took a sip of her drink, then said "your earlier comments, though, about this place not serving my favourite drinks. That is true, but do you want to know something?" She smirked a little as she waited for his response, all the while eyeing the side of his neck up.

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"I can relate," he agreed when she talked about wanting to get away from everything and everyone.

Noticing her eyes on his neck William swallowed thickly as a jolt of excitement coursed through his veins. He was playing with danger and he loved it. "Tell me," he answered with a smirk.

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"Are people driving you a little crazy too?" she asked when William stated that he could relate. "I've got two little turds at home none-stop pestering me, and then my grandfather shouting at me all the time for bringing strays home" she rolled her eyes, "it's annoying".

With a little innocent smile on her face, Michelle leaned in and whispered against Will's ear "I don't need to get my favourite drink from here... Beside the fact I have a regular source on tap back home, I can also get what I need from handsome people, like you". As Michelle had said 'you', she put her hand on William's thigh and have it a little squeeze.

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"People are either boring or annoying." William explained before her ordered himself another drink. He raise his brow towards her, silently asking if she wanted another as well.

Feeling her lips close to his ear and her hand on his thigh, William tensed slightly. "I'm not sure I would be top shelf enough for your tastes," William offered as a feeble excuse. "Though I am very handsome," he added confidently.

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Michelle nodded for a drink, and thanked him. "But sometimes you can find the odd person here and there who has some interest to them. You for instance, you're neither annoying or boring. You're one of the fascinating ones in my mind".

Binxy slowly pulled back when William said he wasn't top shelf enough for her tastes, and she gave him a little smirk while sliding her hand back to her glass. "I think only I can be the judge of that, don't you think?" she asked while giving him a curious look over, wondering why he thought he wasn't top shelf material for her. "Is it because you're different than normal witches and wizards? Because anyone who's as handsome as you has blood good enough for me".

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Re: [London] Mummy Needs a Break

Ezra Binx,

Ezra had tracked Michelle down using the sire bond between them. She might have needed a break and had tried to hide away, but Ezra found her far too easily.

The little vampire stood outside of the pub, and peered in the window trying to see if he could spot her. He didn't need to look for too long as his eyes soon clocked the back of her, she was sitting at the bar talking to some guy and looked a bit too close for Ezra's liking.

Seeing as Ezra couldn't get in without a human escort, all he could do was stand at the window and stare at the pair. He knew Michelle might sense him if he stayed there long enough, so he didn't budge.
It had been awhile since she'd gotten out and about, her old jobs were drying up and new ones getting talked about but in-between this switch she had chosen to make it her vacation and she'd dressed for it, choosing a silk black top that mimicked a turtle neck and sleep black pants she passed the shop, her heels making sounds on the street right before she noticed who was just outside. If he was there...that meant that Michelle was inside. She missed the girl, she missed all of them as her job made it hard to find time to see anyone other than her father who basically stalked her.

She took off her glasses and walked in, patting Michelle on the shoulder with a smile on her face.
"Michelle it's been awhile." Her Japanese accent still there. "Mind I I join...or." She looked over. She wasn't wanting to interrupt a flirting session. She'd not seen them for months...another couple days would be fine as she planned on visiting Binx manor during one of her vacation days.

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"What's so fascinating?" He asked curious to hear what Michelle saw in him. Was he only a potential appetizer or did she see beyond the red delicacy running in his veins.

"I suppose you are indeed the only one who can be the judge of that." Now that she was questioning him about his statement he was starting to wonder why he had made it. He had been raised in a rather privileged family, by parents who had achieved impressive feats. He shrugged simply shrugged and did not explore the topic further.

Luckily for him a distraction appeared. He eyed the young woman as she spoke to Michelle.

Played By: Kay
"Well, number one reason..." she started to count on her fingers as she began to list off the things she found fascinating about William. "Your blood smells different, and I find it a good different. Second reason is, you look incredible... Very good to eat" she smirked a little, "thirdly-" and before she could continue with her list, Miyuki appeared.

"Oh my, Salazar! What are you doing here? How long have you been back?" she asked looking surprised, and happy to see the other woman.

Binxy glanced to William when Miyuki asked to join. She had intended to try and lure Will somewhere private eventually during their conversation, but she hadn't seen Miyuki in so long... She could try and lure William off later, it was fine. "Join us! William, this is Miyuki, Yuki this is William..."

It was then after she introduced the pair that Michelle had sensed Ezra close by. She glanced around the room wondering where he was, but didn't spot him at the window. She then became distracted trying to find Ezra that she hadn't finished introducing Will and Yuki properly, she didn't get to do the whole 'how she's friends with both of them' to give a proper introduction.

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Re: [London] Mummy Needs a Break

Ezra Binx,

Ezra hadn't noticed Miyuki enter the pub as he was too busy being glued to the window, it was only when the woman joined his sire and the man that Ezra had finally noticed her. He sighed annoyed, he could have gone in with her!

When Michelle became distracted by something and started looking around the room, Ezra figured it was him she had became distracted with, and she was trying to find him. He lightly knocked on the window, and waited to see if Michelle would hear.
She laughed,
"Oh I've just been in town a couple of days, was planning on stopping by later but I saw you here and figured I'd make an early stop." She smiled, still not sitting until she was sure it was ok to stay. Once she got it, she pulled up a chair and sat gracefully.
"Nice to meet you. Friend of the Binx family...thanks to my father." She smiled, giving her father credit where it was due. He was cute, she could see why Michelle was into him.

"Kids at the window if your wondering," She chuckled. "I figured you were wanting a break and swooped in without him." She remembered when her father did the same to her. It wasn't often...and while it offended her as a child, as an adult she realized she would be the same way if she'd been working non stop for a straight week with hardly any sleep.

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