After the national split in 2018, England and Wales remain united while Ireland has reformed a single country and Scotland remains independent.
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Dillian Smith, British Ministry of Magic

Werewolf Magical ★ werewolf Liaison
The bathroom was full of coughing and gagging as Dillian stood outside checking his watch, the look on his face far amused as he listened to them. Muggles seemed to love either pepper and gas sprays when it came to some parts of the magical world. Dillian had warned him before he had gone off on his own.

Leaning on the wall he turned as the fellow werewolf came out of the bathroom glaring at him.
"What? Didn't expect a few scared muggles to react during a full moon with you running around?" He straightened up, his hands in his pockets. "Are you an idiot?" He asked bluntly. The guy huffing and walking off really having no comeback. Shaking his head he fixed his leather jacket and headed to report the situation. Dillian was just glad the man had taken the potion to keep his mind intact that night.

Only...when he got down there, there was no one at the desk.
"Hello? Anyone around?" He asked into the emoty office area. "Well...this is new." Usually, the officer on the clock was sitting there waiting for his report on the new muggle/werewolf interactions.

Played By: Maki