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 #35965  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
"Yeah sure that's all I think about every day; just how attractive you are." Rian replied, laughing. He quickly followed that up with a punch in the arm to Nikau. "Just once you're not calling me English I'll stop from giving you a beating ya big Aussie."

Rian couldn't help but roll his eyes at the ridiculousness of Nikau's full-on act happening beside him. Rian couldn't help but fold over in laughter at Nikau's act. He placed his glass of whiskey down on the table just as Nikau started moving towards Rian.

"I always knew my day would come when I'd find the woman of my dreams." Rian replied, also puckering his lips and moving closer to Nikau on the couch.
 #36120  by Nikau Harrison
Refraining from grinning even wider, so as not to break the perfect illusion that he was indeed a very charming lady, Nikau put his arm around the couch right over Rian and scooted forward. They were inches apart, now.

'I always knew I was the woman of your dreams,' he said in the terrible lady voice.
 #36409  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
"Oh did you now." Rian replied with a smirk on his face. "I'm not too sure."

Maybe it was the alcohol but the fact that the two were closer now than they had ever been didn't seem to bother Rian in the slightest. He paused, his face only inches away from Nikau's, and locked eyes with his best friend.
 #36417  by Nikau Harrison
Everything was just happy and hazy and great. Rian was so close to Nikau, closer than he'd ever been, but the man didn't mind. They were having fun. He inched his head closer still, awaiting and expecting Rian to pull away at any second, until instinctively his eyes closed.

Rian was going to chicken out at any time, now, and it would be hilarious.
 #36434  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
Everyone knew that Rian was the king of drinking games, especially when he had alcohol in his system himself. This situation was just another one of those moments. A moment to prove that he was always going to win whatever game Nikau threw at him. Rian was a stubborn man and this was just proof.

The Irishman didn't even notice his friend's eyes close as his own did at the same time. A moment later, their lips met for the first time.
 #36439  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau could feel Rian moving closer, and suddenly their lips were meeting. The Auror didn't react with surprise. It didn't even register with him that it was unusual. Simply, those lips on his own were sending a surge of current barrelling through him like a million watts. His brain shut down, and his body took over.

Nikau responded in kind, and cupped the back of the Irishman's neck, pulling him gently closer.
 #36482  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
Rian felt his friend's hand on the back of his neck, a movement so intimate that Rian had never experience with him before. But for some reason, he didn't recoil, he didn't pull back, but he let Nikau pull him closer. Rian eased into the kiss, placing his hand on Nikau's chest as the two kissed, allowing himself to be in the moment between the two friends.
 #36494  by Nikau Harrison
The kiss was really good. Rian's hand against his chest made his heart pound faster. Surely the Irishman could feel it too, but Nikau wasn't thinking about it. Wasn't thinking about anything, in fact, except for the other man's lips on his own, and how good they felt there. Nikau's tongue gently tried to part Rian's lips.

It felt like he'd downed the entire bottle of Firewhiskey. His head was light, and everything was amazing. That, what they were doing, was what a kiss should feel like.
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 #37060  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
The kissing continued between the two men, Rian's brain not registering who he was kissing. Maybe it was because he didn't care, or maybe it was the Firewhiskey blurring reality in his mind. Either way, the two continued to kiss on the couch of Nikau's living room. One Rian had spent many drunken nights asleep on. One that the two had spent many hours talking and discussing women on. This, it was fair to say, was the first time they had been doing anything like this.

Outside the window, something made a noise. Maybe it was a cat looking for a late-night meal through the rubbish, maybe it was local youths getting up to trouble on the streets of London, maybe it was a drunken man falling back home after a drunken night out. Whatever it was, it caught Rian's attention and the man pulled back, his eyes facing towards the window.

"What was that?" he asked, turning back to face Nikau. His hand was still placed firmly on the man's chest, right about his heart. The Irishman looked down at his own hand and back up at his friend. it was then that everything started to fall into place in Rian's mind.

Quickly, he removed his hand fro Nikau's chest and moved slightly across the couch.

"I should really be going."
 #37113  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau wasn't thinking much about anything at all, except how good this kiss was. He wasn't thinking about how this was Rian, and how he was kissing his best friend and how utterly weird it was. He ran his fingers through the other man's hair, and might have gotten carried away into something more if the good feelings hadn't come to a screeching halt as Rian pulled back.

Shit, had they really just shared a long and sloppy kiss? Shit. They had. Rian's hand was still on Nikau's chest, and the Auror was suddenly self-concious as the other man yanked it off. His own arms fell away from the Irishman, and he grabbed a cushion, and set it between them; a safe border. He looked at his friend with wide eyes, completely bewildered, unsure of the next few seconds.

'Game was rigged from the start,' he said in a voice that came off much more self-assured than he was feeling. 'Can't win at gay chicken against a gay guy.' Seriously? That was what he had come up with?

Nikau stared at the cushion between them. 'I, uh, maybe you should do that.'
 #37287  by Rian Mac Bradaigh

Rian stared at his friend. He sat there, with his arms wrapped around a pillow and spoke so nonchalantly.

"What do you mean gay?"

This was the first Rian had ever heard of Nikau being gay. Heck, he was married to his wife for years and now he was gay? That was something major he seemed to leave out.
 #37294  by Nikau Harrison
'Er,' Nikau started, getting flustered. He should have said something earlier, shouldn't he? It wasn't as though this was a new discovery; he'd known for over five years, known for sure since around the beginning of his divorce proceedings. There was never a right time to discuss this, though, he and Rian had never broached the topic. He hadn't wanted to come out with this information out of the blue, he'd wanted it to be organic. But it had never been a topic of discussion, and now it was weird.

'I'm gay, bro,' Nikau said. His cheeks were burning, but it didn't show, so there was at least that. He looked up from the cushion he was now busy smoothing, and met his friend's eyes.
 #37948  by Rian Mac Bradaigh
"Oh," Rian paused and looked at his best pal, unsure what to say. It's not that he cared but now that they had kissed, did that mean it meant something? Was this a thing now? Was Rian gay? "Okay." he replied after a short pause, nodding his head.

Glancing up at the clock on the wall, Rian moved across the room to pick up his jacket that hung lazily over on the kitchen top.

"I'm going to head, man." he said, making his way towards the door. Before he left, he turned back to look at his friend. "I'll see you Monday."
 #38011  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau absentmindedly ran his tongue on his lips, still tasting Rian on them.

'Yeah, you do that, bro,' he replied, his gaze now stuck on the cushion. 'See you soon.'

What did this mean? Did this mean anything at all? Nikau was lost in thought as his best friend left his house, and bit his lip. That had been a really nice kiss. Christ.