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[St Mungos] Wish Upon A Star

PostPosted:17 Dec 2019, 21:47
by Phillipa Doran
Location: St. Mungos • Date: 12.12.2003

It had only taken Phillipa and Meja three hours with all the flat-packed pieces, the allen wrench, and the wordless line-drawn instructions to put together Eloise's first big-girl bed. That’s three hours including a break for snacks and the brief period of time during which Meja is so convinced they've put it together wrong that they go about disassemble until they realize the redhead was in fact wrong.Three hours including the revelation that Eloise prefers the trundle to the bed itself and the ensuing discussion about the pros and cons of assembling the rest of it. Ultimately they do continue, and by bedtime that night there’s a fully assembled (although possibly missing up to six screws they couldn’t find a place for) twin bed with trundle and built-in nightstand where the crib had stood that morning.

Why Phillipa had insisted on doing it manually without the use of magic, neither woman knew, but Meja hadn't protested once, knowing how much it meant to the blonde that her child was now old enough to sleep in a bed. Not a crib. A bed.

It was those little things, like Eloise's first play-date, the loss of her first tooth, finally learning to tie her own shoes without the use of sneaky magic, that Phillipa remembered vividly as she lay still, too tired to move, in her hospital bed with Eloise' head tucked neatly into the crook of her neck.

Meja had arrived with her early that morning, and the girl had been so shocked at seeing her mother confined to a hospital bed that she had pushed past both Eleanor and Meja, and ran from the room. It had taken nearly one hour for anyone to find her, and Phillipa had been so beside herself that she had cried herself to sleep. Waking to her daughter tucked neatly up against her, Phillipa couldn't help the sob that escaped her at finally having her baby in her arms.

"Oh Eloise," She whispered, turning her head to kiss the crown of the girls head. "I've missed you."

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PostPosted:22 Dec 2019, 19:38
by Margot Dalton
Throwing her coffee cup into the waste basket near the door of the on-call room, Margot pulled the elastic down from her wrist and gathered her hair into a high ponytail. Margot was going on sixteen hours of work, and after a forty-five minute nap, she was ready to finish up the last five hours. Pulling a double wasn't something she had planned, but after a colleague had called in sick, Margot had taken up the extra hours until another Healer was able to come in.

She was exhausted, always was nowadays, but she had gotten used to if over time. The tiredness was now apart of her, the ache in her bones almost like a familiar friend. It was strange really how one could get so comfortable with fatigue and weariness, as if life ad been like that forever.

Still, Margot enjoyed her work, her job, and even though she could barely drag herself into bed at the end of the day, she wouldn't change things for any body or anything.

Fiddling with the end of her wand, Margot made her way down the wards, stopping outside room 45. Knocking on the door frame, she poked her head inside and smiled gently at the sight she found inside, "Miss Doran, it's time to check your vitals."

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PostPosted:23 Dec 2019, 16:57
by Eleanor Miller
Once her shift had ended, the nurse had disposed of her uniform and had changed into plain black robes. She had been dancing this waltz for months. Stepping from nurse to loved one and nurse again, yet it still felt strange. Even in her black anonymous robes she never quite felt like one or the other.

She couldn't quite turn off her medical brain when at her friend's bedside. Thus not quite becoming the loved one her colleagues expected her to be. She likely wasn't the loved one Phillipa had expected either. She was more reserved than Meja, for instance when she had gotten to Phillipa's room and had seen her asleep with her daughter, she had chosen to sit outside if only not to infringe on the intimate embrace.

"I thought Healer Costa was supposed to be leading this round," she had interjected when healer Dalton had stepped in the room. Following the redhead inside, Eleanor attempted to keep her voice down. "She was set to arrive an hour ago."

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PostPosted:09 Jan 2020, 18:26
by Margot Dalton
Smiling, Margot entered the room and made her way around to the opposite of the patients bed where a few potions and a long scroll sat.

"Healer Costa is away today, so I am here to fill in." She answered Matilde as she smiled down at Phillipa and her daughter. "How are you today, Phillipa?"

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PostPosted:09 Jan 2020, 20:17
by Phillipa Doran
Stirring at the new voice, Phillipa looked towards the door and felt relief fill her chest as she found Healer Dalton standing there. Healer Costa was a brute and while she had wanted someone who didn't beat about the bush and was willing to go to the extremes to find her a cure, she didn't want Costa frightening her daughter with her rudeness.

"Well," She lied, tightening her hold on her daughter. Phillipa kissed the top of her head and the girl instantly lifted her head, her eyes opening slowly. The real estate agent smiled softly and kissed her forehead.

"Hi bunny."

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PostPosted:10 Jan 2020, 18:50
by Matilde Costa
When the pain came, Matilde's brain caved in under the weight of a thousand excuses. Her thoughts were like a brilliant rat in a collapsed maze. She chased every dose in an eternal search for relief.

Tonight the pain had been in her lower back, it had seized her spine like quick-growing vines.

The pain was gone now and the vines had made their way to her eyes in the form of minuscule bloodstreams.

She was late, but she did not care.

"Alright, same question, but this time let's give an honest answer shall we?" The Healer declared as she entered her patient's room. "Thank you, Healer Porcelain Skin," she dismissed her colleague.

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PostPosted:12 Jan 2020, 22:15
by Margot Dalton
Staring across at Healer Costa, Margot sucked in a breath but managed to maintain the bright smile on her face.

"Healer Costa, Chief Sadler has reassigned you to the triage for the day I believe. Miss Doran here, will be fine with me today, " Placing a hand on the blondes shoulder, she smiled down at her.

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PostPosted:13 Jan 2020, 19:09
by Matilde Costa
"Is that so?" She hummed dismissively as she studied her patient, she tilted her head as she looked at Phillipa's pulsing carotid. "In that case, you might want to go tell the Chief that your patient is about to go into cardiac arrest. "

She turned towards the nurse. "Get the child out," she ordered as she pressed her fingers against the blonde's irregular pulse point.

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PostPosted:14 Jan 2020, 21:36
by Phillipa Doran
Clutching her daughter, Phillipa gazed down at her, letting her fingers come up to trace the sharp bones in her cheeks and the smooth ridge of her nose. Her daughter was the most gorgeous thing she'd ever laid eyes on and she loved every inch of her, right down to the small freckle just below her bottom lip that had appeared not three years into her existence. Phillipa thumbed it, ignoring the two Healers in her room as she realized that Eleanor had a similar freckle on the opposite side of her mouth. This made her lift her gaze just in time to see Matilde approaching her, demanding something. She wasn't sure what it was exactly because suddenly she felt so tired, and her vision swam as she gazed at Eleanor who Why was she pulling Eloise away from her and was that fear on her face?

Phillipa let out a whimper, "Wait no!" She attempted to say, but no one appeared to be listening. What was happening.

Oh Dear Merlin. This was it wasn't it? They'd tried everything, yet they'd only been able to delay the enviable. Fear seized her and in a moment of what was sheer strength, Phillipa reached out and snatched at Eleanor's wrist.

"Eleanor..." She murmured, nails digging into the flesh beneath her finger tips, "Please...I--" There were some many things needed to be said, so many things she was going to miss. So many people. This couldn't be it. It couldn't be.

But it was, and with her daughters screams in her ear and Eleanor gazing at her sadly, Phillipa's eyes slid closed, and her chest heaved only once more.

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PostPosted:16 Jan 2020, 10:40
by Eleanor Miller
Before the Healer had barked her orders, Eleanor had already been helping the child off the bed. "Eloise," she put her hands on the girl's shoulders. "Go with Nurse Grace," she gently pushed Eloise towards the nurse. "I'll make sure your mum is okay, I promise," she added before she turned back towards her friend.

Eleanor was a great nurse. She went beyond her duties to make sure her patients were comfortable and safe. She never broke the rules nor did she let her own needs impede her patient's care. And more importantly, she never made false promises. In fact, she never made promises to patients or loved ones as she knew she was in a field where she controlled very little.

She felt Phillipa's faint hold on her wrist and then in a surprisingly sharp surge of strength the woman's nails dug into her skin. "I know," she heard herself say as she took Phillipa's hand into her own. Disbelief, anger and fear, she felt it all at once. Phillipa had so many things left to say, so many things she could not miss. So many people. This couldn't be it. It couldn't be.

Without letting go of Phillipa's hand she started calling out vitals and acting as she would have had she been Phillipa's nurse.

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PostPosted:16 Jan 2020, 10:58
by Matilde Costa
Adrenaline coursed through her system, ordering her to go beyond her tested abilities.

Capturing the info thrown her way, and making observations of her own Matilde took out her wand. She used a sound amplifying spell to listen to her patient's irregular heartbeat. Nurse Hand Holder was already cutting through the blonde's hospital robes.

"Clear!" she yelled before she sent a lightning spell right onto Phillipa's chest.