A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32463  by Reyan Parks
Location: Magical Pub, London • Date: Octobre 2003
Time of Day: Afternoon • Weather: Sunny

Reyan had been surprised to notice that the patio had yet to be stored for the winter. Taking advantage of a rare rare sunny autumn day he had requested to be seated outside.

The patio had born many summers; the sunshades' color had faded and lichen furrowed the thin cracks between the paving blocks. It all complimented the pub's 'authentic' aesthetic.

His beer and meal had been brought outside while another patron had chosen a table close to his. Reyan had taken out a notepad and had started scribbling lyrics that had been on his mind since that morning. Chip dangling from the corner of his mouth, he scratched off a few words from the chorus and leaned back into his chair.

As he attempted to find another rhyme his eyes rested on the other patron. There was something about their posture that inspired him. Reyan could barely see their face, but their stance seemed to tell an entire story. He flipped to a different page on his notebook and started sketching the person sitting a few tables from him
 #32714  by Nova Gold
Nova came through the door but most wizard and witches. When she came through the pub they spill their drink. She was being stared at and well her brother said they would meet here to doing talking about her sister issue. When they got together there was fight they where at each other throat but not in good way. The two where strain over the matter and had hard time speaking to one another without it turning into argument and that was why she like cat Rumpelstiltskin more so then dealing with them.

"Just some butter beer please." She wore cloak when she pull her hood down to reveal that she was half veela. She was quiet and her brother invite down to England but she decide to stop off somewhere and she saw someone doing something she assume he was doing something it could not be her since she just walk in and no matter she would let him be now.
 #32783  by Reyan Parks
As if conspiring with the shadows, the sun gave her hair the perfect golden hue. As talented as he was, he simply could not reproduce the shimmer in her locks.

Frustrated he dropped his pencil against his notebook and took a sip of beer. Eyes still on her, he couldn't help but observe her.
 #32784  by Nova Gold
Nova could feel eyes his eyes on her no offends and she turn toward him. "Something wrong sir?" She did not really British accent but it was America that is she said. She ask him she did not think she did nothing but of course it she was half veela after all men staring at her was something guys,
 #32845  by Reyan Parks
Cheeks as red as the burning sun, Reylan looked down at his plate. "No ma'am nothing is wrong, sorry," he mumbled as he covered the sketch he had drawn in his notebook. "I was just," he hesitated to tell her the truth. Letting her know about his drawing would be better than letting her believe he was a sort of creep. "It's just the way the sun is falling on your hair, I couldn't help but draw it."
 #32868  by Nova Gold
Nova seem to a wait for him say something. Or did she need to have her Rumpelestiltskin that is her cats to a make this wizard did not make her nervous wreak because he was one staring at her like gold fish or something in term of that. Or did she need to text her brother stating that there weirdo staring at her and please come quick because it look like she was tried to do spell against her.

As some file in that is her cat came in with them and yeah she gave small hand signal which meant come in she need to come in because wizard was indeed making her feel uncomfortable. He want to draw her hair or light around it now why would want to do that . Her cat look a little odd but he was pixie bob tail and was some what smart.

"Was that all you were drawing?" In way she might be Filth from Hogwart that is though this cat was rather pretty to look at but she stroke her chin.
 #32921  by Reyan Parks
"That is all," he confirmed despite his regretful mistake.

Reyan wasn't sure what he should learn from this moment. Was he to stop drawing people in public or was he supposed to ask for consent before he drew them. Feeling as though he did not have enough courage to adress strangers, he thought it better to stop drawing in public altogether.

"Nice cat," he complimented to ply the attention away from himself.
 #32957  by Nova Gold
Some people have things have blanket or some object or some animal. That is her cat was one thing she was comfortable with. That is some men made her uncomfortable with the staring and what not. Despite his good attention with what he was doing that is artist? She did not know what he did for living. She did not truly know him and or what he plan to do with such drawing now that he made. He really should have ask before hand beside bluntly staring at her. Would he like it if the shoe on other foot and she stare at him. She bet he would not like that much either.

"Thank you. His name is Rumplestiltskin." That is his purring could be heard as she stroke his head and scratch under his chin.
 #33033  by Nova Gold
"Yes it is muggle fairy tale. That is he is name character in the book." She conform she name him after character in a book. Mainly because Rumpelstiltskin he stole her heart and not her unborn child. She did not mind it because at time she was confuse about men if they just like her for her looks. And that it never matter to a him what she look to a him and she could look like piece of crap or have bad day. He knew she wasn't perfect and he knew her insecurity in regard to a people in general and he knew her secret she would never tell people in person.
 #33308  by Reyan Parks
"It's a good name," he complimented with a shy smile.

Feeling as though he had managed to diffuse the tension Reyan thought it might be better to leave. If he were to stay and chat chances were that he would put his foot in his mouth and cause another awkward situation.

He put his notebook into his bag and quickly finished his beer. "Well thank you for introducing me to your cat and I hope you have a nice afternoon," he said as he left money on his table to pay for his meal and beer.
 #33333  by Nova Gold
Nova never meant for her to be this way it was just hard for her to figure out what to say guys.
She lover talking about her cat and not herself it was complex and she did not want things to be difficult.

"Before you scatter or fly off. Whichever way you came?" She gave a nervous laugh because she was little nervous. " I was wondering one thing. Could you tell me what part London that we in? I mean not from around here? I don't mean bother you on it." She wonder what he would say she in London but there was different part of London. There was muggle part and then magic so many different part and country what not.
 #33526  by Reyan Parks
" Havering," Reyan answered with a slight chuckle. Not necessarily the area sought by tourists. "I don't know if you're visiting for long, but if I were you I'd try to visit Soho in the nighttime. " That was a very Reyan advice, he loved Soho in the nighttime.
 #33551  by Nova Gold
Nova await his answer to her question. Men do not come with instruction manual on how handle them. They either are one way or another what they reaction would be or another. It would be guide on how to figure them out. "I will. Anyway it is nice meeting you that is fellow artist. Assuming that you have name." She was struggling to finding the words to the last part because if this was date she figure this is bad. Though she was stunning to look at but she was awkward as it came to things.
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"Reyan," he introduced himself though they were parting ways. "Nice meeting you," he confirmed, reassured that she seemed to have a positive take away from their encounter.

"I hope you will have a nice holiday," he said before he went on his way.