A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32156  by Donatella La Fratta
Location: The Spirits Ball, Hogsmeade • Date: Halloween 2003

A brand new party meant brand new opportunities, and brand new opportunities meant that Donatella was absolutely involved in styling the Who's Who of the wizarding world who chose to turn out for the first ever Spirits Ball in Hogsmeade...but it also meant she had an opportunity to indulge in her hobbies and her interests, which meant that Donatella was completely in her element.

"There you arrre...oh, that color just completely highlights your aura!" The witch let out a small squeal as she placed a flower crown on a young child's head.

Perfect. It was perfect.

"Alright, who's next?" she called out, waving a hand over her head. She stood outside of the Teen Witch booth set up outside of Honeydukes, on the edge of the party that had been situated in the streets of Hogsmeade, picture perfect in her avant garde take on Alice from Alice in Wonderland, waiting for the next child or teenager to visit the booth so that she could add a little extra something to their costume.
 #32593  by Dino O'Sullivan
The party invitation had been delivered to Dino by a very nice long-eared owl, and he'd had to wonder how in the world the bird knew to find him here. His official address was still his parents' home in Derry, when he was not on work assignements, and he otherwise crashed at Velvet's appartment when he was free. This ensured he never really wore out his welcome. But still, how had they known to find him at Velvet's? Magic, man.

Still, a party was a party, and of course he attended. He was dressed up as a volcano, taking up roughly the space of a small pyramid, and the back of his shirt collar let out a healthy stream of black smoke, and every now and then, a good quantity of sparks. He'd gone all out with the costume, and looking at everyone else, it seemed like he'd been the only one to take it so seriously. Or, well, the only one who had such a huge costume, at the very least.

He hadn't been back in Hogsmeade since his graduation party, and the memories just walking around here brought back made a grin creep on his face. Ah, youth.

'My turn, my turn!' Dino piped up, walking to what he assumed was the bar, handing out free shots. This was the Firewhiskey party, wasn't it?