A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30013  by Simon Cleary
Simon watched Viola as she walked about in her magical herb garden, examining the plants, and plucking off a few dead vines and tossing them aside.

He almost turned back. Viola was so... un predictable. she could be friendly and flirtatious one day... and literally trying to kill you the next. But finally he stepped out from behind a tall bush, and clearing his throat said,

"Lovely day, isn't it?"
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Viola had a pair of sharp pliers in her hand, snipping and pruning at her plants. It was nice to have a space of her own. Even if she had one at Iver Hall...was it really hers? Not really. But this was. It was all her own, and she had forbidden Aidan to enter for long period of time under the guise of being too dangerous. This was her sanctuary.

At the sound of a voice, she snapped a branch hard, rolling her eyes before looking over her shoulder. At the sight of Simon, she smirked deviously. Immediately, she rolled her shoulders, subconsciously pushing her chest out slightly.

"Well, if it isn't my favourite little creep. What's wrong? Run out of hiding spots now that I've pruned the garden? Don't worry, I can plant a tree to give you the perfect seat right outside the bathroom window, don't you worry." She spoke snidely, winking as she did.
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"Mm, yes, haha..." said Simon drily.

Taking a few steps towards her before stopping he said, "This is going to sound... awkward at first. Because I am not sure how to phrase it. But... did I... Hurt you Viola? I mean I know I did a bit but... to what extent? Do you still hold bitterness against me? Or did trying to kill me make up for that?"

Wasn't likely he would ever have another conversation quite like this with anyone else in life...
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Viola's mirth dissipated, and she soon pursed her lips in thought. She remained quiet for a long moment, considering.

"Yes. You hurt me. I've tried to forget a lot of what happened between us...But you really pissed me off. I was always the one to hold power in relationships, even if only sexual. You broke down the barrier and spoke to my core, you made me want you on a deeper level, even through the fear of it. And the more time I spent with you, the more I wanted you to only want me."

She grit her teeth.

"But there was always someone better. I was just a stepping stone to what you really wanted. You pined for Zara still, and you chose Hera over me too. That one...that hurt. I could understand Zara. I would have picked Nathan over you any day of the week. But Hera."

She snapped off another branch, glaring at him.

"I regretted a lot of things...But stealing your magic and leaving you to burn to death isn't one. If I regret anything with you...it was giving your magic back. But then again...I got to hold the power over you again..." She shrugged. "Is that what you wanted to hear? You feel better now?"
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Simon knit his brow, then said, "when you gave me my magic back I lost Zara for it you know. I would say you got your revenge there. You shouldn't regret that. You really won you know. My life was fucked after that. You should see that."

He glanced to the side, shoved his hands in his pockets, then after kicking at the ground a moment he said, "Look this is really, really hard. and I seem to be very bad at it, but I'm trying to change some things about myself. I can't change the past but..."

Looking up into her eyes he said, "I'm sorry Viola. I'm sorry I did that to you. I'm sorry I hurt you. I was thoughtless about it. I really don't think out the consequences of my actions. And I don't know if it helps, but I really liked you. I did. I was just stupid about it. All of it. I was never good for you and I was never good for Zara. All three of us don't need a partner as crazy as we are to encourage us to do awful, thoughtless things to people. As for Hera...?"

He scratched his head, then said, "I... don't know how you know about that. But I think you are making it out to be more than it was. I wasn't choosing her over you. You and I... were clearly done Hera and I were just using each other really. She was sad and lonely and..." he suddenly realized viola wasn't referring to him sleeping with Hera long after... she meant the test that he had failed. SHIT! No one was suppose to know about that!

Simon shook his head, then said, "It really doesn't matter Uhm.... the...betrayal? Yo weren't yourself either, right? So you claimed? I... didn't want her children to get hurt... and its not like she won anything. It's not like her life is so perfect. If you stopped looking at her with eyes of jealousy you could see that. Uhm…"

He cleared his throat. He was staring to ramble, hoping she hadn't caught onto the fact that he had been sleeping with Hera for a wile. "I'm just trying to say I'm sorry. I wish I could take it all back. I was horrible to you and I understand why you reacted as you did... even down to trying to burn me alive. I just... wanted to ask if you might... consider... forgiving me..."

He was already cringing at his own words. Considering how Lily reacted?... He did not expect viola to forgive him. But after his talk with Lily he thought about his cousin who once went to counseling for an alcohol addiction and part of the therapy was apologizing to everyone you had hurt and admitting what you did wrong soooo... he was giving it a try... as sick as it made him feel inside.
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"I did." said Simon, wishing he could just sink into the ground. Hera would kill him for telling. Egan would kill him for sleeping with her. Everyone would side eye him for not being able to keep his claws off of sweet little Hera when she was most vulnerable.

This had been a huge mistake.

Also... he was really beginning to see Jodie's point. Why would any decent woman... even a half decent woman... want to take a chance on him.

Closing his eyes he said, "Please don't tell anyone Vi. Please don't tell Hera you know. She was just lonely, missing Egan, feeling overwhelmed by everything... that was done with quite a wile ago now. Please..."

He didn't know why he even bothered to beg.
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Simon's eyes went wide as he stared back at her. "What the fuck Viloa?!" he said, bringing his hand to the side of his face.

Ok, he deserved it from Lily, but Viola... she had given as good as she got! She had her revenge! Could she not appreciate he was trying to do the right thing?!

He looked at her evil smile. Why was he even asking?

"Yeah.. I've been through this before with you. You make promises, I make a deal, and then you spill. Like you did with Dice, remember? Like you did with the whole Levi and Zara incident? You swear and then you tell. I'm just asking, please... just for once in your life Vi... we use to be friends. " He looked at her desperately. It was worth a shot. She would just get something from him and then tell everyone. what could stop her?
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Viola chuckled, and then began to round on him.

"You know, Simon...you're the worst of the lot of them. All Clearys are pretty low, but you? No. You are a nasty piece of work. Because not only do you chase skirt...You chase specific skirt. You hunt. Women are pieces of meat to you. You want a buffet of different girls; to try everything at least once. And then you like to pretend that it's just because you're an oddball, just a bit weird, misunderstood. Simon, listen to me carefully."

She leaned in.

"You should be on a register for the things you've done. Sure, I sometimes go back on my word...But what's more painful? A little favour to me for a hope of salvation...or Egan's fists pounding into your pretty little face? And let us not forget...the Yorks are now family to the Ivers. I know how much Nathan loves you already..." She began to grin darkly at him.

"Tick. Tock."
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Simon's brows lifted high. He did not want to disobey Astrid. She would skin him alive! But then what would he be saying no to? Viola wasn't asking him to sleep with her, or spy on Hera, or kill someone, or give up his powers. She was basically asking him to protect an innocent baby! His own little cousin!

"Ok, I'll do it," he said finally. "Keep my secret safe and I will keep your son safe if it is in my power.I will even go above and beyond when it comes to that. Alright."

Astrid wouldn't... really... would she?
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Simon looked back at her in silence. Nothing he said was ever going to be right... How to put this..

"I don't know..." he said, kicking his heel against the ground.

What the hell... might as well tell her.

"There was this girl I kind of liked. Wasn't obsessing over her or anything. I just.. liked her. I wanted to ask her out. But she found out a lot about me. Too much too fast really. And she decided she didn't want to be with someone like me. And it go me thinking... I'm pretty unhappy Vi. I've lead the life I've lead for a long time. and lately it has made me more and more miserable. So much tension. So I made up with Zara. Not like... we didn't get back together, or anything. We just... talked everything out. Apologized to each other... It just made me realize I am never going to be happy if I keep building up this horrible shady past. Soooo... I can't change the past, but I can at least do my best. I can at least own up to my mistakes with people. It would be nice if someone would forgive me, but maybe I don't deserve that. And I guess I need to be ok with that. It's all I can do. And maybe one day someone who isn't totally insane might give me a chance..."