A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Nathan look up at her with his empty eyes and then... he closed them and took a long, deep breath.

Why give into her? She had got what she wanted. She chose to play with fire.

His hand felt around on the bed until it landed on his wand in the sheets. He handed it to her, sighed, then said, "Produce the strongest Patronus you can..."
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Astrid pursed her lips, staring at the wand for a moment. Was he trying to embarrass her? This wasn't even her wand...how was she supposed to do anything extremely well with someone else's wand, even if it was her husband's?

But clearly he had reason.

She cleared her throat, taking the wand, she took a long breath. She thought of Ingrid; her darling daughter...a wave of emotions flooded her. And she cast...nothing. the silvery threads fell from the tip of the wand. That was embarrassing. She swallowed thickly, looking away as she tried again. The threads attempted to slither into form, but it fell apart.

As much as she didn't want to admit it, the darkness had been injected right into her, and she had not quite recovered. She grit her teeth, almost feeling like throwing the wand across the room. But remembering what he had dine in the past, she leaned down, pressing into a kiss. Her hand snaked into his hair, thinking only of the feeling. For a moment, it was pleasant.

But she soon pulled back up and attempted to cast again. This time, a snake did emerge, but it wasn't nearly as clear or bright as she could produce on a better day.
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Nathan watched her, almost in amusement as he saw her struggle. He watched the silver sparks fall and his smile grew.

The darkness it was so... powerful! It demanded much but that was because it was fed on a diet of much stronger food. Wasn't it always easier to jump to anger rather than love? Despair rather than fortitude? Greed rather than giving? Once you were in the place it could eat and eat and grow and grow and it could feed off of the negative emotions that you created in your victim, making their attempts to think of positive thoughts in the face of terror almost impossible!

But then her snake appeared and Nathan's body actually jerked back from it and his hand went to his eyes as he quickly propped himself up, a hiss escaping his lips!

He swore under his breath, then muttered, "The light hurts my eyes..." He had never felt that before from a patronus.

Nathan sat up, gently pushing her to the side, rubbing at his temple, eyes closed and head bowed as he said quietly, "Make it grow steadily stronger if you can... and have it move about the room and into all corners"
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Astrid furrowed her brows as he jolted back. That was odd. But her attention moved to the python she puppeted, guiding it throughout the room. She took a deep breath, thinking of her wedding day. Merlin, that day was something else...She still had that dumb compass Watchdogs gave her; it sat in a drawer in her desk. Perhaps she would take pleasure from smashing it in front of Ivan's stupid little face.

The snake grew longer and brighter, circling the room, tucking itself into the corners where the darkness was thickest.
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The odd, cold feeling began to leave the room, the dark shadows retreating.

Nathan took a few deep breaths, letting them out as he tried to relax and let go. And finally...

Nathan looked up at her, his eyes were different now. He held out a hand to her then as he said, “It’s mostly gone now...”
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"Yes." said Nathan. He paused, then said, "I don't literally become another person you know? I told you that. Every memory is as clear as it ever would be."

Falling back onto the pillows behind him then he pulled her down beside him, putting his arm around her and his free arm behind his head. He stared up at the elaborate canopy above them, then said in a stoic tone, "That was... a mistake I fear. I am sorry I hurt you. It seems that even in my desire to give you all that you ask for... I made an error in judgement."
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Astrid was silent for a moment as she lied beside him, also staring up at the ceiling. It felt better now that he was being somewhat affectionate...But something still lingered.

"What you said during all that...it was all true, wasn't it? You believe I am stupid, selfish, and prideful...That I am blinded by my own foolishness. Perhaps this is the first thing we agree on in a while..."

She trailed off, staring up.

"I need your help Nathan...I can't do this alone anymore. I feel like I am breaking apart beneath the weight of it all. I am becoming insignificant, and I feel as though I am becoming desperate to grip onto you whilst simultaneously trying to keep my distance. I can't do this anymore..."

She slowly began to sit up, pushing her hair out of her face. This was perhaps in the running for one of the worst nights of her life.
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Nathan knit his brows, looking at her, then said, "What we say in anger or the throws of passion should always be taken with a grain of salt. Stupid? No... I do not think you are stupid. You are very cleaver. I said it to hurt you. Because I know how to hurt you. Just as you know how to hurt me. But you do sometimes do stupid things when you let your emotions rule your head."

He shook his head at her, then said, "I have always been here to help you. And you have never been alone. But at times you chose to push me away and isolate yourself. But I have always been here for you."

Propping himself up on his elbows he said, "I will give you almost everything your heart desires...But there needs to be a point where I can say no. Tonight is a perfect demonstration of that. I should have said no. I was not well prepared. I took the fastest rout to give you what you wanted. When you are in the right I will always say yes. Whatever makes you happy but... I will not destroy the life of that child. He belongs to Aidan. He is the reason Aidan and Viola are married. I will not set out road blocks for him because he had the misfortune to be my son. Aidan does not deserve to have a child that we have a purpose against when I am the one who told him he must marry Viola because of him. My sense of honor may be unconventional, but it is not non-existent..."
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"That was the most humiliating sexual experience of my entire life." She whispered. "Perhaps it was the worst I've ever had. The most embarrassing part of all this is how much you saw of me...the way you looked at me with such disdain and disgust. How you described me...how you spoke to me...how you treated me. Like I was a piece of meat. I don't think I have ever been made to feel that way before, by anyone."

She brought her knees up and then pressed her fingers to her lips, staring at the way Nim slithered about the leg of a display cabinet.

"You told me that that was you, that this entire time I have only been seeing a portion, that you are complete with the magic. The more I think about it..." She trailed off.

The more she thought...the more she thought.

She had her back to him, her voice somewhat emotionless. "Things have not been right with us for a very long time. Everything feels like a personal attack now, even if it isn't. But these games of who has power over who, who can spite the other. Just simple things like taking Hera away was no longer a reasonable adjustment, but used to hurt me. But then I am in the same breath saying how I am purposely attempting to remove my love for you..."

She was silent for another moment, glancing at the potion that was discarded to the side. The fact that he had even offered to do that made it very clear now.

"I can't get it out of my head, Nathan. I should never have even suggested such a ridiculous thing. I underestimated it's power...I thought you would just be rougher, more direct, firmer, more passionate. You didn't even kiss me...I was nothing..." She shook her head, clearing her throat as she moved to get off the bed.

"Well, it's over now. Nothing we can do. What's done is done, and hopefully it worked for Soren."
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"Astrid..." Nathan caught her wrist. He looked at her in silence a moment, then said, "I am not sure what to say to ease your troubled heart. But I will do my best."

He paused, then said, " I told you long ago, when we first slept together, how my practice of the dark arts could affect those around me negatively. I was being as honest as I could about anything that could give you reason to pause going forward. That said... you need to understand that wile I am not like a man possessed... it is rather like being drunk. I remember my actions, but that does not mean they were how I would have acted sober, or even how I would have thought. Even when a normal person experiences intense anger they say and do things they regret. There is always a price to be paid when it comes to dark arts Astrid. But I will do my best to shield you from it. And saying it was me? That I was more complete?"

Nathan took a deep breath, then said, "Did you really feel I was more myself? Because the truth is I am more complete when I am one with you. You are my other half Astrid. And anything that pushes you so far away and causes such a chasm… can therefor not make me more complete."
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Astrid had her face turned away for a moment longer as he spoke, but as he continued, she began to turn to him. She took a long breath, and as she looked at him, she felt her heart pull her closer. When he was done, she shifted back toward him, wrapping her arms around him, pushing him back toward the bed and holding him close.

"I am so tired of fighting, Nathan. I am so afraid of loving you wholly...I don't want to be taken advantage of. I know I should trust you, but I never expected stress like this. I was willing to do anything to claim you back as my own."

She gripped onto him, pressing her chest to him.

"I apologise for throwing our marriage in your face; I have been so troubled, Nathan. I need you. I hate to admit it...but I do. More than anything now that we have Ingrid."
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"I will always be here for you Astrid," said Nathan in a serious tone, laying back on the pillows and holding her close. "I have never tried to leave and I never will. I know I can be.... difficult at times. But I will always love you."

He was quiet then a moment before saying, "What do you need from me? What is it I can do for you?"
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Astrid was then silent. She inhaled his scent, pressing to him as she thought over his question.

"Limit the dark magic. No more experiments everyday. Viola needs to spend time with the baby, and you need to find a stern barrier between this and dark magic." She began to sit up, swinging her leg over him and looking down. "Four days a week. That's the limit. Two days a week I want you to spend time Ingrid. And one day, I want you to dedicate to me. Forget about the deal we made about conceiving...as and when we desire it is back in the table."

She bit her lip.

"Finally...I want Hera back. Use your pleasure potions on her. Never me."
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Nathan closed his eyes a moment and let out a long, deep breath, then said, "Four times a week... granted. I do have a stern barrier. Don't ask me to break it again and you will have no issues. Two days a week..."

He opened his eyes, then said "Just how long are you talking about? She is a baby. She doesn't do much more then sleep, eat and cry.I will spend time with her when she can hold a conversation.."