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 #29945  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb looked at Robin, devastated as she spoke, but then looking to Marcus in wide eyed shock at his answer, he stared at the man a minute before blurting out,

"But I'm in love with her!"
 #29946  by Robin Glover
Robin snapped her eyes to him, completely and utterly shocked. The sudden overwhelming emotions crashed into her, and the volume of what was happening began to sink in. She had to look away, bringing her hand up to press into the corners of her eyes at the duct, sniffing as she tried to prevent welling up. It hit her hard, and the realisation of what Caleb meant to her was just something else. Taking a long breath, she composed herself, but it was evident in her face that she was on the verge of shedding some tears.

She took Calebs hand suddenly, squeezing as she looked over to him, swallowing thickly.

"Ditto." She gave him a tight smile. "Don't get choked up, mate. This is just a hitch in the road, you'll see. Rules might change, or I could get promoted, or one of us could get transferred...or maybe I find a job elsewhere. Maybe somewhere closer. Don't...don't..."

She looked away again, biting her lip.

"It'll be all reyt. Just not our time, is all." And with that, she began to let go of his hand.
 #29947  by Marcus Reef
Marcus slapped himself on the forehead with his palm and shook his head. He could see that was the first time Caleb had ever said it. Well now What?!

He felt like he was in an upside down world...

"Well that's just.."

He didn't even know what to say.
 #29948  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb looked at Robin and squeezed her hand. His heart was full.

Looking at Marcus he smiled, then said, 'Sorry, it just happened. but if someone gets in trouble for it, well, it should definitely be me. But you know I never ask for any favors given our friendship..."

"Like hell you don't" said Marcus, crossing his arms.

"..Well not many," Caleb amended. "But I'm just asking you this. Please, please, please... let us tell Ivan first. Like we planed to. I swear we plan to. Robin even said it. You know she doesn't lie! Please just let us go and tell him strait. Just pretend you heard nothing."

He then looked hopefully at Marcus.
 #29950  by Robin Glover
Robin took a long breath, closing his eyes for a moment and then opening them again.

"Deal. Er...I mean, yes sir. We'll do it tomorrow..." She cleared her throat. Okay, it could have gone better but...hopefully Ivan would understand?
 #29968  by Simon Cleary
When Robin left Lily's side, Simon got up with out a word to Jodie, and moved to where Lily sat, taking a seat next to her as he said

"Are you alright?" his eyes looked at her with a great intensity.
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