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 #29924  by Simon Cleary
"I said she might very well be wrong," said Simon quickly. "I just said I understood her."

He looked over at Lily. He wanted to talk to her. To ask her if she was alright. But she was surrounded by Robin and Caleb. Would probably stay glued to Robin all night..

Looking back to his companion he said, "Listen Jodie. I know I am probably wrong. Seems most of my thoughts are. But I speak them when I should probably keep them to myself. Honestly only seems to bring pain. It’s hard to say yes, I will just live with the consequences of honesty when one is in such a place. But I am just telling you how I feel. And I hate to see her so unhappy. She deserves more. She is better than all of us.”
 #29925  by Jodie Watts
Jodie frowned, taking a drink.

"And I'm not saying I want her to be unhappy. I'm just saying for the most part, I disagree with you. Maybe it's because I have no first hand experience, I don't know." She shrugged. "But she's a nice girl from what I've seen, nd I definitely feel sorry for her. But I also feel for Reef...he must be hurting inside. I just wish they could both get through this and come out better for it at the end. But that's not always the case, I guess."
 #29928  by Simon Cleary
"Reef will be alright," said Simon easily. "He has gone through many break ups in the past, been cheated on, lied to… haven't we all?"

But looking at Jodie he said, "Actually I guess you haven't. You and Lily share that in common. You both don't have much experience dating and going through such things. Maybe it will be good for her. In fact I know it will. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger... and I highly doubt this will kill her. Still sucks."
 #29929  by Caleb Pryer
Deciding to give the women some space, Caleb finally left them, making his way over to a somber looking Reef.

Taking a seat by him Caleb sipped his beer, then said,

"So I gather... Something happened there and you broke up?"

Marcus made a scoffing sound, then said, "Yeah... something like that. I said we needed a break. We both have things to think about."

"Like if you even want to be with her now?" said Caleb. He took another sip, then said, "What did she do?"

"I don't really want to talk about it..." said Marcus, but then added, "She mislead me. Let me believe things about her that weren't true... I'll tell you more about it later maybe. But suffice to say she is really attracted to me and I don't think it's necessarily for the right reasons. I was just made aware of a lot of shit this evening and... It's better this way. We need distance."

Caleb nodded, then said, "If you really love something you let it go, and if it was yours it will come back to you? Something like that?"

"Yeah... something like that," answered Reef. "Or maybe if I was ever hers then I would come back. I've just had really bad experiences with liars in the past, you know? They are so sorry about it now that they love you but... I would prefer they did the right thing when you were just a casual crush. Says more about them when they have little to lose instead of everything. And then every time there is an issue in the future their shady side comes out."

Caleb nodded along, wondering what exactly Lily lied about. But finally he said, "Well if you ever need to talk you know where to find me. Or just sit in silence and drink," he said with a smile.
"But I have a feeling this will look a lot better in a day... or week or so. But seriously mate. Don't be moping about alone. In fact..." he glanced over at Robin and Lily, then looking back at Marcus he said, "I think my entire night just freed up. You want to go to the carpet races with me? I got an extra ticket."

Marcus gave Caleb half a smile, then said wearily, "Maybe... maybe that would be a good distraction."

"Yeah?" said Caleb, brightening. "And hell, we can probably hang out and drink all night. With the state Lily is in she will probably want to curl up on a sofa and talk to Rob until the wee hours of the morning, so it's not like I'm going to be going home to Robin in my bed tonight."

"Er…" Caleb's face suddenly paled as he realized what I said, "I mean. Uhm…"

Marcus did a double take, then said, "What?!"

"Fuck, fuck, fuuuuck….." said Caleb into his hands. Then looking up at Marcus he said, "I was going to tell you.... We were going to tell Ivan..."

Fuck, Robin was going to kill him. How could he be so careless?!?! she had wanted to do the right thing... They were going to! He was just waiting until things settled down more, and he was sure Ivan was in a good mood...
 #29930  by Jodie Watts
"Hopefully not. I hope she realises how many friends she has here..." Jodie nodded, then looked to Simon.

"Have you ever been cheated on? If so...what did you do?"
 #29931  by Simon Cleary
"I haven't been in a lot of traditional relationships.." said Simon. "But... well... kind of. Zara went back and forth between me and my cousin Levi for a wile. Maybe that doesn't count. But I can answer that question for you easily enough. I know what I would do. If I was in love with them and they were sorry, I would forgive them. I would be a hypocrite if I said anything else. But it would still be the truth."

He glanced over at Reef and Caleb, seeing a shocked look on Marcus' face. Looking back at Jodie he said, "What would you do?"
 #29933  by Marcus Reef
Marcus stared back at Caleb a moment, trying to comprehend what the hell was going on...!

He then stood up quickly, an irritated look on his face as he said with a jerk of his thumb, "In the back room."

Getting up and stalking towards the back of the Inn he paused by Robin, and looking at her as well he said in clipped tones, "Meet me in the back room. Now."

He then turned from the women and stalked off to the employees lounge, knowing it would be empty at this time.

Once there he stalked to the middle of the room, then turned and looked at a flustered Caleb who started to open his mouth, but Marcus held up a hand and said, "Don't want to hear it. Don't say anything to me until Glover gets here."
 #29935  by Jodie Watts
"I don't know...I know everyone makes mistakes but...I...I live in a world of secrets and lies. I don't want my personal life to be overrun with that too..."

She looked over to what was going on, her brows burrowing.

"Huh...somethings happening..."
 #29936  by Robin Glover
Robin was still comforting Lily, holding her close and trying to convince her to drink some water or a cup of tea. But as Marcus requested her, she cleared her throat, giving Lily a pat on the shoulder before following after the other two. Huh...what was this about? It didn't sound good.

Maybe some more kingdom shit had gone down?

She made her way into the room, standing next to Caleb, giving a small smile to Marcus before glancing to her lover. Huh...he didn't...look great...

Her brows began to furrow deeper. A niggling thought began to make its way through.

What if...

Surely not.

"So er...everythin' good or?"
 #29938  by Marcus Reef
Caleb started to speak again, but Marcus held up a hand to him at once, saying "Shut it! I know you Pryer. And I don't want your version of the truth before hers."

Keeping his eyes on Robin then he said, "Are you two sleeping together?"

He could hardly believe he was even asking the question. Maybe it was an elaborate practical joke! Robin was not... well... she was not in any way, shape or form Caleb's type even!
 #29940  by Robin Glover
Robins face paled. She closed her eyes, wishing it was real, but as she opened them again...it definitely was. She didn't even look at Caleb. He hadn't done it on purpose; she knew that much already.

"Yes." She said bluntly, her face rather serious. "For a while now. Since aroind Christmas, I think. It was a rare thing whilst he was getting over Viola...and...well..." She shrugged. "I guess we just clicked. We were already good pals, it was relaxed, and it was no drama. Nobody knows. Not even Lily."

Damn! She shouldn't have brought up Lily!

"Basically...we weren't tryna break rules or owt. I just...we just sorta...meshed well...and I sorta..." She glanced at him. Did he even want Marcus to know they had declared it a real relationship? He looked embarrassed enough as it was! "We were actually discussing it at the beach. We were gonna tell Ivan once things were settled..."
 #29941  by Marcus Reef
"This is un acceptable, "Marcus interrupted, anger in his voice. "I don't know what you two were thinking, especially you!" he said, pointing a finger in Caleb's face.

"How many times did Ivan say no sexual relationships with those who are under us? This is fucking un believable!"

It didn't help that he had just broken up with Lily and was already in a bad mood.

Going on he said to Caleb, "Do you have such a little sense of propriety that you will risk your job, and their's, just so you can get your rocks off?!"
 #29942  by Caleb Pryer
"Wait, wait, hold it!" said Caleb, holding up his hands, "Listen, she isn't just some friend with benefits. You don't understand. We are actually in a relationship Reef. She's my girlfriend. And I knew it wasn't a smart idea and that it was frowned on, and it was so new that I just thought we would keep it quiet and then when Ivan went and made it clear it was all official and we could get in trouble for it well..."

He glanced at Robin, then looking back to Marcus he said, "Ok maybe it should have been cut off. I was going through a lot of shit. But it has never interfered with her job, my job... you wouldn't have even known if I hadn't slipped up just now. It's that much of a non issue. I get the reason for the rule. I do. But we are so cool about it. And like she said, I swear we were going to tell Ivan."
 #29943  by Robin Glover
Robin shoved her hands in her pocket, clearing her throat.

"Sir...Watchdogs has always been my priority regardless of relationship status. I'd never want to do anything to jeopardise that, and I followed orders first and foremost. This...is the only thing that I have ever done to stir somethin' and even then? I don't think we've caused much harm...in my own opinion anyway."

She swallowed thickly, looking away.

"If this is going to get Pryer in serious trouble...then we can call it off imminently. I know neither of us can afford to lose our jobs, and yes...we are in a real relationship but...if Watchdogs is stern about this rule..."

She looked down, not wanting to look at Caleb. She didn't want to break it off...But she really couldn't miss out on the money right now. Her mum needed it...and she was hoping some reverse psychology would help here.
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