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Dice closed his eyes tight for a moment as Wesley pressed his forehead to his and spoke of devouring. But even though his heart pounded, Dice had gained a true sense of security from the fact that he was in charge of The Kingdom. Yes Hunter gave orders through him here and there but... he had done all the grunt work and basically saved it from vanishing into dust, or being broken up, or becoming a new nightmare of an organisation. It had been all him and he had proven himself. He was a, competent leader now...

“Why fight?” Said Dice, looking back at him steadily. “I am just trying to look out for you. You think I am like the rest of your minions? I’m not. I am special. My blood is lucky. But I am also cursed. No one gets involved with me sexually with out living to regret it, or with out being driven just a bit mad as my insane spirit penetrates their mind and soul causing them to change forever.”

Wrapping his hand around Hunters wrist he said, “Are you willing to take that risk? I am a walking, living, breathing pandora’s box. You think I’m joking? Ask... no... look at anyone who has been with me. Worlds turned upside down.”
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Hunter glared down at him for a moment, considering. But then he lunged into a kiss, forcing his tongue into Dice's mouth, hand gripping his hair to ensure the other didn't move. A rush of memories washed over him like a tidal wave. It was almost euphoric to remember those times of complete superiority. He snaked his arm around the back of Dice's waist, pulling him against his body as he kissed harder, almost desperate. He almost moaned.

But suddenly released completely, pulling away and pacing in the opposite direction. Her brought his finger up to his lips as he began to stride back and forth in thought, a stern look on his face. The memories had been nice to relive...But he would never get back to that...not like this. He paused, hand drifting down to his collar as he stared over at his throne. Glaring, he spoke lowly.

"They think while ever they have me, they are untouchable. And while ever they have me chained, they cannot be hurt by me. They want to play pretend...make up elaborate schemes, but always ensuring they are not going to take the fall. That us the difference...I ran my kingdom in the front; I took the blame for all the murders. That is why they vouched for me, that is why they trusted me despite my trials. All of them understood the importance of having a face of the kingdom, and right now...they do not trust you, Zara, or Astrid to do this for them. You are all working in shadows, afraid to show your connections...And this is the reason they are acting out."

He began to pace again.

"Astrid is teaching them that their actions are their own problems despite her orders telling them to do so. With me, if they got media traction, I would plant my own evidence there to slow down the ministry and take the blame. They willingly put themselves in severe danger because they understood that I would not let them drown entirely. If they made mistakes...that was different...But if they worked hard and tried their best, I would value their service and be willing to risk myself. Astrid does not. She does not want to be in the bowels of danger. It is the same with her rings. She likes to watch from a high balcony and then scorn those who did her bidding because they weren't entertaining enough."

"One of you needs to take command. Start acknowledging them properly, make it clear that you are acting king or queen and will take the fall with them. Because Astrid won't. Not ever. And in return, when they start getting the blame for things, they will start to turn. She cannot collar all of them..."

He looked over to Dice, still.

"Something is brewing...I can feel it even in here. They want the respect the Watchdogs have, I'm sure. And one of these nights, they will slaughter the lot of them despite the consequences to get on top."
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Dice gasped as he was pulled into the kiss, his own flood of memories hitting him but... Suddenly he was released! As always!

Dice found himself glaring at the other man now... but Hunter did not seem to notice, pacing about, muttering to himself, and just barely making sense! That or he was making sense, and Dice was distracted by his own thoughts, but finally focusing on what Hunter was saying, Dice blinked back a moment, then said,

“Yes... yes I hear you. But you have to understand... this is the dawning of a new era for them. We are taking control. Zara is head of security over them. She is working on whipping them into shape. And we both agree it’s sink of swim. Even if a few have to sink. But they are going to learn. As for taking the fall for them? Yeah... sure. That’s what a good leader does, right? I’ll take the blame... or Zara will...” he added as a quick mumble under his breath, then added, “You are right about Watchdogs. We are being careful, trying to integrate slowly. But fighting is unexceptable and will be dealt with swiftly.”

Dice heaved a great sigh then. He was still distracted by Wesley’s actions before.
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Hunter hummed, nodding as he glanced over at Dice. And then he glanced again, for longer.

"Flustered, Pet?" A dark smirk began to overtake his mouth. "Anybody would think you wanted me to continue. You only need to say the word."

He laughed and turned away, sitting on his throne and leaning back, heaving a breath.

"Zara...I miss looking at her. Could drive a man mad..." He shook his head. She was a distracting thought. "Ahem. Yes. So...the women in whi- red. Ms Odili has her fingers in a lot of connections...see if she can give some influence. She's been a 'therapist' for years. Weird how a group of killers had huge advantage from talking about their feelings. Perhaps if they at least feel heard, it will be easier to rein them back."
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Dice narrowed his eyes a bit as Wesley as he made fun of him, but then listening further he quirked a brow before saying,

"Are you suggesting I bring Ms Odili in and have a little therapy session with everyone? Circle time? Where they all talk about their feelings and daddy issues?"

Dice didn't exactly see it, but he chuckled a bit at the thought of the Kingdom members sitting around and sharing their thoughts and feelings. He would get popcorn to sit and watch that...
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Hunter scoffed.

"Not in a circle. But she would sometimes visit and speak one on one with them. Often they would scream their frustrations and fears...She has a way about her. People want to trust her. That...And she always had the good stuff."

He brought two fingers up to his lips and then winked.

"It won't cure all their problems...But it may delay the rebellion long enough. Perhaps if she did the same for watchdogs, she could pull some juicy secrets..."
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Dice stifled a snicker, then said, "No one in Watchdogs would agree to that. You don't know them like I do. They are all too macho for that. They would think it made them look too sensitive and unmanly to be talking to some chick about their feelings. Maybe Kyle would. Maybe... not even Nikolai would. Why do you think he is so screwed up? Because he uses a bottle as his therapist. Hell I wouldn't even... unless I thought it was going to end with the pretty therapist straddling me on her couch in the end. Erm… I haven't met her in person yet. Is she pretty?" he said with a smirk. He then added,

"The Kingdom people only did it for whatever she was giving them in the end. Trust me. That and their fear of you. Watchdogs doesn't fear Ivan like that. Not that he would be into it to begin with. Of course..." he said, scratching his head. "I suppose if I let them know she was giving out candy at the end for all good boys that participated..." he chuckled at his own analogy.
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Hunter snorted. "She is an exotic beauty." He shrugged.

"I don't really give a shit if the dogs go or not, but once they get word of what she's giving out, you have a point. Zherdeva will flock her quickly...that kid likes anything for free. We will see how it goes. Jeremie Lafaille will like seeing her again. She treats him nicely." He smirked.
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Dice pursed his lips in thought, then said, "You know... Mrs Iver… she could order them all to have sessions with Ms Odili. Then she could spy on the Dogs for us. It would be easy enough. Give us an upper hand and an insight into what everyone is thinking on both sides. Zara would see the sense in that as well. We could stop situations before they happen. She is really good at getting others to trust her right. Well ok then. This could happen. Or..."

Dice tilted his head to the side in thought, then said, "She could also just befriend them all... seeming to be an impartial party. If she can get people to talk she could conduct a session with out them even knowing, over a couple of drinks in a quiet corner some where. That could be better.... None of them are known for being discreet when drinking. See?" he said, tapping his head. "Just give me a minute and I always come up with plans. Always. People do not take advantage of my amazing brain half as much as they should. Just lay another issue on me Cat. I'll figure it out..."
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Hunter leaned back, tapping the arm of his throne.

"Yes...Yes that's a good idea. We'll bring her in...you have her make friends with the dogs over drinks. See what she can find out. I hear Astrid has her own spies...But Perhaps they are too obvious now. So this one may be our secret weapon, especially since Nahla does not appear like she would do any harm."
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Dice could not help but become aware once more of how different things were between them. Sure Hunter still acted intimidating, bossy and weird but... it was different. He actually listened to what . Dice had to say for the most part, engaged in conversation with a give and take, trusted some of what he had to say apparently...

It was nice. It gave Dice a certain confidence in himself.

“Maybe...” he said slowly, “Nahla could speak with Astrid... would be nice to know what is going on in that woman’s mind. She is kind of scary. Domineering. Hard to read... bet she would be your type if she wasn’t also your warden.”
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"Oh, even without her being my mistress...let me put it this way, if she one day announced she wanted to run the kingdom as my wife, I wouldn't even think. I'd have her." He shrugged. "As difficult as she is."

He sighed.

"We can try to get her to speak to Nahla...But I doubt Nahla is even that good. She's better working with lower class than higher class, or more experienced. She works by giving voices to the little people and filling their minds with wonder; Astrid has no need for that. All her wonders can be bought. She can try...But I doubt the success of it."
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“You are probably right, “ Dice said with a sigh, then added, “You would really marry her. I would have thought you would have sworn off marriage by now. Your last ended so badly... so sadly really,” he added, correcting himself. “You don’t strike me as the marrying sort at all. Not even the first time. Are you of Nathan’s mind? He is so old school about such things. And when I say old school I mean Dark Ages old.”

Dice shook his head, then said, “I will never marry. The thought has never even come into my head seriously, or towards anyone I have been with.”

That was almost the truth. He had made a random pact with Kyle once, after he had almost died... something about marrying him if they reached a certain age and were both single but... away from the drama of the moment he hadn’t really thought on that again except as a joke between friends.
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Hunter shrugged.

"Sometimes marriage is a great way to subtly change a name, great way to make an alibi, can sometimes get you that bit of extra money. Rosa was different...She was a calm in my life and I believe I genuinely loved her. But marrying Astrid would be great for the gringotts account is all I'm saying."

He shrugged.

"Just need to find someone likeminded. Would I seriously marry again? I don't think so anymore..."
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Dice laughed and said, "Ok, you've got me there. I would marry for money. For sure. But I have never managed to to catch the eye of some wealthy heiress. Would be nice though...”

He sighed a bit at the thought. He was quite jealous of Egan. Looking back at Hunter then he said,

“Are you sure you want Cecile? If it’s a blonde you want I could tell Perrine... You must miss her and she did do it to save your life... at least you are alive. I for one am glad you are.”